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Halloween Bag Craft: Simple instructions for bag, basket & bag that you can make last minute

In a few days, the popular candy hunt will start again, in which especially the children have great joy. But in order to be able to reliably transport all the sweet stuff, you naturally need the right container. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bag, basket or pocket – it should be robust and as large as possible, and of course it should also fit the occasion. Equipped with this, it can then go off! We have collected a few ideas with which you can craft the perfect Halloween bag. But not only that! Bags and baskets are also included. And the best part? They’re so easy to make that you’ll still make it in time for the parade this weekend.

Halloween bag craft for the candy – Simple transformation

Halloween bag crafting - shopping bag makeover with black parcel tape and ghost

In principle, yes, a simple shopping bag is perfectly suitable – it is large and durable. But, unfortunately, he visually so does not fit the occasion and thus somehow also ruins the costume. But you can easily transform it with simple means and make the perfect Halloween bag! How about this:

  • wide adhesive tape in black, neon yellow and orange (or other colors depending on the motif you choose)
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Templates to print out

Halloween bag making with pumpkin motif from a shopping bag and tape

First of all, prepare the Halloween bag. It doesn’t matter if it is made of fabric or plastic and what color it is, because you simply cover it with the black tape. The strips should overlap a little on the sides, but you can stick them horizontally or vertically as you like. The vertical option is more recommended in this regard, because it allows you to fold the tape strips over to the inside of the bag so that the edge is also well covered.

Craft stickers for Halloween bag from wax paper and tape

Print out the templates and cut them out. Then glue a few strips of the desired tape color next to each other on the wax paper. The strips should overlap slightly and there should be an area large enough for the design. Place the stencil on top and trace the outline, then cut out the design. You will end up with homemade stickers! Peel them off the wax paper and you are ready to stick the motif on the bag. Add eyes and mouth – done!

Templates: Jack O’ Lantern and funny ghost

Create colored fabric bags with felt

Funny Halloween bags craft from fabric and felt in bright colors

Instead of paper, you can also use felt – a really popular craft material! And it will get you through trick-or-treating just fine, even in the rain. The crafting itself isn’t necessarily any less simple, as felt is easy to cut and glue on with hot glue or other liquid adhesive. It’s best to get fabric bags in matching colors to save yourself the trouble of coloring or taping them. Then you can craft the faces and other elements.

Simple Halloween bag craft

Decorate paper bags with spooky motifs made of paper or paint

For a bag, you can also easily use a ready-made model, which you simply transform. And the children can wonderfully help with this. Paper shopping bags, despite the material, are usually made so that they can carry a good weight without tearing. And they have practical handles that make them especially comfortable to carry.

Instructions for cutting a spider web from paper

You can use paper bags as they are, or you can paint them with acrylic paints first. Either way, it comes down to the motifs afterwards. You can paint these on as well, or you can make them out of paper. For example, you can paint the ghosts with white paint and a fork on black paper and then cut them out. For a simple spider web, use paper that you fold several times and then cut into it. How exactly, you can see in the instructions.

Halloween bags for candy - mummy, Frankenstein's monster, vampire, cat

The little ones can also make their own pumpkins with grimaces or monsters out of paper for the Halloween bags and then glue them on the surface. You can use the template on which there are different eyes and mouths.

Make a pumpkin basket

Idea for baskets for spooky parade and candy hunt

You could also make a Halloween basket that you can then use to go collect the Halloween candy. For this, you can use simple cardboard bowls that you just need to cut, paint and glue together. Here’s how you can make an alternative to the Halloween bag:

  • two cardboard bowls
  • green pipe cleaner
  • black and orange poster paint
  • paintbrush
  • glue
  • hole punch
  • scissors

Make your own candy basket from cardboard bowls

Cut the bottom out of one of the two bowls. Then glue the edges of both together, creating a hollow space. Once the glue is thoroughly dry, you can punch holes in two facing each other and paint the Halloween bucket. The pumpkin is just an example. Feel free to try it with Frankenstein’s monster or a simple ghost that only needs a black face. Be creative.

After the paint has dried, tie on the pipe cleaner or a ribbon as a handle and you’re done.

Paint cardboard bowl with package color as you like

You can also craft a beautiful pumpkin-look basket instead of a Halloween bag by gluing orange paper strips to a paper cup. It’s a simple project that even the most crafty will do just fine. Again, add two holes for a handle.

Halloween bag making - printable stencils for faces