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Garden decoration with children tinker – 7 handicraft instructions for creative leisure activities

Even though right now in the summer probably numerous flowers adorn your garden , it does not hurt to take a little time with the kids and implement great DIY garden decoration ideas. The children will not only have a lot of fun while tinkering, but afterwards they can also proudly admire your works in the garden. From flower plugs, to wind chimes, to pinwheels, there really are plenty of ways to create something decorative. We’ve searched and found a few such ideas for you, so you can get started right away and make wonderful garden decorations with kids.

Garden decoration DIY with children – recycle crown caps for flower pins

Garden decoration with children tinker - colorful flower sticks from crown caps

Since our first idea may involve pointed and sharp metal edges, it is more suitable for the older children as they can work more carefully. So toddlers should better try their hand at another project. Especially the painting will be great fun for the little ones, while the cutting can also be done by an adult, depending on the age of the children. If you would like to craft these plugs as garden decorations with children, you will need these things and proceed as follows:

  • Crown corks
  • Pliers for cutting metal (e.g. side cutters)
  • Pinch pliers
  • spray or other paints (suitable for outdoor use)
  • sturdy wire
  • strong glue

Cut metal lids with pliers for petals

Clean the crown caps well with soapy water and let them dry. Then use pliers to cut the edge several times – always where there is a crease or every two creases. Then, using a pair of pliers, you can bend the obtained petals in any direction. After that, each crown cork can be sprayed or painted as desired.

Once the colors are well dried, cut from the wire pieces of any length, which you glue to the back (both sides of the crown cork are suitable for the front – the choice is yours). Once the glue has also dried, you can put the plugs in the flower bed or in a flower pot.

You can also make a flower from an incised and an intact crown cork as a garden decoration with children. For this, simply paint them as desired and simply glue the intact crown cork to the other, as shown in the picture above.

Garden decoration with children tinker – plug from plastic flowers

Cut plastic cups, bake them and attach a shish kebab to them

You can also make pretty plugs out of plastic. For this, simply use plastic cups. This is a great way to recycle the cups after you wash them off after a party. How can you make these garden decorations with kids? We will now explain!

  • clear plastic cups
  • Felt tip pens
  • skewers
  • hot glue
  • Scissors

If you want to make this garden decoration with children, first preheat the oven to 180 degrees and then paint the cups with the felt pens (don’t forget the bottom). As always, the children are free to use your imagination in the process. To keep the kids from getting their hands dirty, it’s also a good idea to paint the inside of the mug, but you can decide that yourself. Once the cups are painted, use the scissors to cut off the hard top edge. Follow this by cutting each mug at roughly equal intervals.

Flowers as garden decoration with children tinker from plastic cups and with felt pens

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and spread the prepared mugs on it. Place the tray in the oven for 2 to 5 minutes, watching the cups closely during this time so you don’t leave them in too long. The edges should now slowly soften and begin to turn inward. Remove the mugs from the oven and let them cool thoroughly. Then you can use the hot glue to attach the skewers to the back and decorate the garden with the finished plugs.

Note: Make sure there is good ventilation throughout the baking time, as plastic gives off fumes that are not particularly healthy. So it’s best to open the windows and ask the kids to leave the room during this time, or at least not be present for too long.

DIY garden decoration upcycling with old pictures.

Wind wheel from self-painted pictures as garden decoration with children tinker

Are your kids also insanely creative and have already collected a big pile of great, self-painted pictures? After all, they’re much too good to just lie in the closet and there’s not that much room on the fridge either. How about just using them and make a beautiful garden decoration with children? Of course, you can also paint brand new pictures especially for the project or just use colored paper if the others are too precious for you. Either way, the little ones will have great fun crafting!

  • Pictures
  • Scissors
  • Tacks
  • Wooden stick or wire
  • optionally a hole punch

Craft instructions for colorful paper pinwheels to decorate the garden

If you want to make the garden decoration with children, first prepare the paper. Paint it as you like, or cut it directly if it is already designed. You will need paper squares with a size of 10 or 12 cm. Then fold each square once diagonally in the middle and another time in the other direction. These lines should now help you cut in. Along the folds you now cut the paper, not cutting to the center, but to a distance of about 1 to 1.5 cm.

Then take one of the loose left corners and bend it to the center point (do not fold!). Once you have brought all the corners together in the center, punch a hole in the center through all the layers and put a thumbtack through the hole. Turn the pinwheel over, place the wooden stick or wire between the ends of the thumbtack and bend around the stick. You are ready to display the work of art in the garden. You can make this garden decoration with children when there is just bad weather or on a children’s birthday party.

Cool wind chime with clay pots and beads

Use flower pots for wind chimes - craft idea for small and big children

Lots of scribbling with paints and stringing beads – there’s just nothing about this project that won’t excite the kids. The clay pots will get a great marble look, while the strings of beads will later make pleasant sounds in the wind. How to make the wind chime ? The design can vary according to your taste. However, we will show you a variant with a marble effect, so that you can subsequently make such a garden decoration yourself with children.

  • clay pot
  • waterproof string (e.g. made of imitation leather)
  • beads
  • acrylic or other suitable paints (perfect for using up leftovers)
  • 2 sealing rings
  • optional waterproof spray for sealing
  • baking tray or flat tray with a base
  • Scissors

Wind chimes as garden decoration with children from clay pot and beads

Cut as many pieces of string as you like and tie a knot at one end of each. Now the children can string the beads. However, there should still be space left for tying. Set the finished necklaces aside. Line a sheet or tray with a backing and place the pot upside down on it. Take the first color and let it spill over the pot. Then you can apply the next one and as many more as you like. Once you are satisfied with the look, let the colors dry thoroughly. Feel free to seal them afterwards and let that layer dry as well.

Now tie the string to the first ring, then thread it through the draining hole of the pot and on the other side tie a knot again to the second ring. This will prevent the strings of beads from slipping through. Now tie the remaining end of the chains to a loop to hang the wind chime in the garden.

Make a windsock as a garden decoration with children

Make your own wind socks with cans and fabric strips or ribbons

A DIY garden decoration for kids couldn’t be easier! All you need is an empty can, from which you also remove the bottom, as well as many colorful ribbons or strips of fabric in equal lengths, colors and glue. Once you have everything together, you can already make garden decorations with children.

Paint tin cans with acrylic and recycle fabric scraps

Paint the can in any colors and with any patterns and motifs. Once the colors are dry, you can also craft the tail for the garden decoration with children. For this, simply glue the ribbons or strips of fabric along the inside of the can. Leave a ribbon here, the ends of which you glue in the other can opening to get a handle for hanging. Finished is the decoration for the garden!

Garden decoration DIY – planters from milk carton

Paint white milk cartons and draw motifs and patterns with felt pens

Another cute idea for a garden decoration DIY for kids are such planters, which can be designed quite differently. Your kids are guaranteed to come up with some great ideas like this. Whether it’s animals like a frog, a face with a cap or a simple zigzag or wavy edge doesn’t matter – the planters as DIY garden decorations will not only catch everyone’s eye, but also make a wonderful gift. Does your child have his own plant that he takes care of? Then put them in the homemade planter as well ! So you can craft the patio and garden decorations with kids:

  • Milk carton
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paints
  • Pencil, felt-tip pen and/or other drawing utensils.

Cachepots from milk cartons for the balcony, garden or terrace with funny motifs

Open the milk carton by cutting it open at the top. Then clean it thoroughly with dish soap and detergent. It is important to remove any milk residue, otherwise it will begin to smell after a short time. After that, the milk carton can be cut any way you like, depending on what kind of motif you have chosen. For example, for the frog, cut three sides straight, while adding two half circles for the eyes to the fourth. Come up with something beautiful!

Plastic bottles and milk cartons for homemade and painted planters

After that, you can apply a base coat of white paint (maybe a second one once the first one dries). Then you can paint all the surface with bright colors. Remember to give the colors a little time to dry after each layer before continuing over it with another. Let everything dry well overnight and place any plant in the planter.

Plastic bottles are also suitable if you want to make planters as garden decorations with children.

DIY garden decoration make yourself – Christmas tree balls times differently.

Christmas tree balls to decorate in summer with flowers and decorative stones

Do you still have a few of these transparent Christmas tree balls left over for crafting from the winter? They are perfect for absolutely every season, because you can fill them with a variety of things. So, of course, you can use them to make summer garden decorations with kids. If you don’t have any left, just buy new ones, collect suitable materials and let your kids get creative. Colorful stones, self-painted pebbles, flowers (real or artificial), beads, glitter stones and basically everything that is nice and colorful and reminiscent of summer is best suited for filling the balls. After that, they can be hung on a tree, canopy, pergola or other areas.

Garden decoration with children tinker - great and simple craft ideas for the little ones