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Flowers from crepe paper tinker – Spring flowers, roses, poppies & water lilies make themselves

With paper you can really make the most beautiful flowers and blossoms that look confusingly similar to the real thing. And now that spring is approaching and with it the beautiful blooms everywhere in nature, surely a certain crafting mood comes up with you? Crepe flowers are a really great idea, don’t you think? You can make a variety of things from the finished flowers and blossoms from crepe paper – a pretty spring bouquet, a garland, a curtain or wreaths, as a decoration for glass bells and much more. So, in order for you to start decorating for spring soon, we offer you some simple instructions to make pretty flowers from crepe paper and use them as a basis for other projects. Roses, tree blossoms and spring flowers are just a few of the possible variations.

Craft flowers from crepe paper as decoration for spring

Make giant flowers from crepe paper

Making large flowers from crepe paper - poppies and other ideas

If you want real eye-catchers in your home that really no one can miss, you should craft giant flowers from crepe paper. Their impressive size will ensure that you don’t need any other decorations – attach them to a wall, let them hang down from the chandelier or place a flower on the table for a great table decoration. We’ll show you how to make an oversized flower yourself. If you use red paper, you will get a poppy flower, but other colors are possible, of course.

  • crepe paper in any color (for the poppy flower, for example, black and red)
  • green florist tape
  • wire
  • scissors

How to make flowers from crepe paper

Make the stamus in yellow color for an oversized flower

For the center of the flower (the stamen), you will need a strip of crepe paper that you finely cut lengthwise on both sides to create fringe. Usually this part of the flower is yellow because of the pollen. However, for a poppy flower, you will need to use a black color. You then roll up the fringed strip and fold it over in the middle. This will give you a loop through which you push a piece of wire and knot it. Since the wire is not pretty to look at and to turn it into a flower stem, wrap it with the tape. Start here already at the center of the flower, so that the two ends do not always open. Then you can go ahead and use the petals to make the flowers out of crepe paper.

Simple craft ideas for spring and Easter - paper flower petals

Cut out many petals in three different sizes (in the example 19, 15 and 11.5 cm long) from different colored crepe paper. It is always best to use the first of each size as a template for the rest. Be sure to cut the paper in the direction of its “veins”, otherwise you will not be able to bend the petals properly afterwards. After all, this is the next step: carefully pull apart each petal. Then glue them to the stems.

XXL flowers from crepe paper craft in bright colors - Simple instructions

Start with the smallest – fix the first petal with the tape on the stem, put the next and continue to wrap the tape. Each new row should be a little higher than the previous one. Then do the same with the medium petals and finally with the large ones.

Crafting roses from crepe paper – instructions

Rose crafting from crepe paper for pretty artificial bouquets

We are not surprised if you want to make roses yourself, because they are without question one of the most popular and beautiful flowers. You can make roses from paper of any kind. We will show you a beautiful variant, with which you can craft roses as flowers from crepe paper.

  • Crepe paper in any color for the flower and in green
  • wire
  • green florist tape
  • hot glue

Make your own paper roses

Homemade crepe flowers to decorate the apartment - Romantic roses

Basically, you craft the paper roses like the flowers above in the instructions, except that here you don’t need a yellow center, you can start directly with the petals. Again, prepare petals in three sizes. These can be heart-shaped as in this tutorial, but also have a simple trapezoid shape. The petals of the first row are best more elongated. In the picture above you can see an example of what the petals might look like. You will need about 12 petals per flower. Then you can make the flowers out of crepe paper:

Craft crepe roses in pink or other colors for wedding

Carefully pull the petals apart and roll them up a little on the sides. Wrap the wire with the tape. Then place each petal around the wire one by one, always offset from the previous ones. You can just hold each layer in place or always use a small dab of hot glue to hold them in place. Once you have glued the narrow and long petals, you can continue with the middle ones. With the help of a toothpick, bend the edges slightly outward before gluing them to the flower as well.

Once you are done and satisfied with the flower, cut out one or two more leaves and a strip of the green paper. Fringe the strip on one side and then use it to wrap around the flower (with the fringe facing up). Glue the leaves to the stem and the first rose is ready. By the way, you could also craft the flowers from crepe paper for the wedding as an alternative to the classic bridal bouquet .

Spring flowers with crepe paper – crocuses

Crocuses as flowers from crepe paper tinker in the spring in purple

Do you feel like bringing spring into the house with some homemade spring flowers, you definitely make a great choice with crocuses. Use white or yellow paper as you like, or dye white crepe paper in subtle shades of purple to get purple crocuses with their characteristic ombré. Here’s how to do it:

  • White paper
  • watercolors and brushes
  • paper wire
  • Glue

How to make this paper flower

Painting crepe to get the purple color of crocuses

First cut the paper into squares if you want to make the crocuses as flowers from crepe paper. Then you can paint the paper on one half with the watercolors. You will need about 5 petals per flower. Per square, which you simply fold four times, you get 4 petals. Then you will need the stamen, for which you will color one crepe square yellow. Let the colors dry and then cut out the petal shapes as well as the square on one side to the middle to get fringe.

Make your own crocus flower with crepe and tissue paper

Now roll the stamen tightly around a piece of paper wire and twist it in a bit so it doesn’t unroll again. Feel free to add a dab of glue as well. All around the stamen you then spread the petals. You can conceal the transition from flower to stem a little by wrapping a thin strip of crepe around it.

Daffodils craft

Make your own artificial spring flowers from paper - daffodils in a pot with gravel

Daffodils simply belong to spring and especially to Easter. So if you are making flowers out of crepe paper to decorate the house with them to match spring, you can also make a bunch of daffodils. Use as you like white, bright yellow or as in the example two bright shades of yellow for the paper for the flowers. By the way, this also makes a great gift idea! Here’s how easy it is:

  • green crepe paper as well as the desired flower colors
  • Wire
  • Florist tape
  • scissors
  • glue
  • white paper to make stencils

Crafting flowers from paper – Simply make daffodils.

Making flowers from crepe paper - crafting instructions for daffodils

Draw and cut out a white petal, a leaf and the two elements for the stamen. Now use the templates obtained as a template to get the elements from the colored crepe paper – per flower 1 leaf, 6 petals, 1 small rectangle with fluted edge and an even smaller one for the stamen. Glue the petals together in a pinwheel fashion. Cut the small rectangle on one of the shorter sides to create fringe and roll it up.

Spring flowers craft from crepe paper - daffodil in white or yellow daffodils

Around it, in turn, wrap the other small square, then put the wire through the flower and attach the stamen to the flower. Wrap the bottom end of the leaf around the wire (you can also wrap the wire with tape beforehand). You can arrange the finished flowers in a pot with styrofoam or stick foam and pebbles.

Making flowers – pretty cherry blossoms

Flowers from paper - make your own cherry blossoms and glue them to twigs

Not only flowers can be made from crepe paper, but also pretty tree blossoms that decorate fruit trees every spring. How about such pretty cherry blossoms ? You can choose between white and pink flowers. In turn, if you use pink paper instead of white, you will get the stunning peach blossoms instead. With such flowers you can decorate real or artificial tree branches and in this way create a spring or Easter bouquet that will last a long time. So you can make the flowers instead of the classic flowers from crepe paper:

  • light yellow, -pink and -green crepe paper.
  • Scissors
  • hot glue
  • green tissue paper

How to make flowers from crepe paper yourself – instructions

Quick and easy to make cherry blossoms from crepe paper

If you want to make the flowers from crepe paper, cut out small squares from the yellow paper, strips from the pink and strips from the green as well, but longer. Fold the strips in the middle and then cut pink ones in the shape of petals and green ones like leaves. If you now unfold them, you will get double leaves or petals, respectively, which you just need to fold once lengthwise to make them more voluminous. Fringe the yellow squares on one side by cutting them several times and roll them up.

Glue three double sheets together for each flower. Again, attach one double leaf to the back of each flower and the yellow rolls to the front and center. Glue together as many flowers as you need for your branches and then display them in a pretty vase. It’s a beautiful springtime decoration, isn’t it? Cut a green rectangle from the tissue paper, serrate one of the shorter sides and use the greenery to wrap around the flower. From this you can then create a pretty bouquet or artificial pot.

Make simple flowers from crepe paper – Bulgy cherry blossoms.

Making bulbous flowers or flowers from crepe paper

For a puffier version, fold a strip of crepe like an accordion, cut the obtained strip in the middle and tie string there. Then you can pull apart the individual layers, lightly crumple them and form them into the desired shape. By the way, you are welcome to use this technique if you want to make ordinary or large flowers from crepe paper. These flowers are so simple that you can choose them when making flowers from crepe paper crafts with children .

Water lily as crepe paper flower

Water lily in white, pink or pink for a romantic summer decoration

Although the water lily seems to have a complicated flower, it is actually easier to make than you might think. So, if you would like to make flowers from crepe paper, it is worth considering it once. Look how easy you can make such flowers yourself:

  • pink crepe paper (you are welcome to use two similar shades).
  • cream crepe paper
  • pink construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors

Paper flowers craft

Flowers from crepe paper tinker - Pretty and simple water lily in pink

From the darker shade, first cut out strips (the long sides should run parallel to the “veins” of the paper), and from the light shade cut out the classic flower shape. The latter cut a little in the bottom center to make it easier to curve. Then cut out a circle from the pink construction paper. This does not have to have an exact edge, as this will not be visible later. Along the edge of the circle, then glue the flowers that you have previously slightly arched. Then make a second row vesetzt to the first and repeat this with a third row of petals. Then cut a thin strip from the cream paper, fringe it on one of the long sides, roll it up and glue it to the center of the flower.