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Feeding house from tetrapack: instructions for do-it-yourself and nice ideas to copy

Crafting with milk cartons (or juice cartons) has become a really popular variant. Not only because you get a perfect base for various projects without much effort, but also because you can recycle wonderfully in this way – as with the variant with plastic bottles . After we have already shown you some projects with milk carton, now follows another idea for the winter of 2021, with which you will not only spend a fun craft afternoon, but also make the many birds in the cold winter a joy: Feeding houses made of tetrapack! Whether colorful and particularly child-friendly or something more neutral – you can get really creative and let your imagination run wild when crafting a bird feeder from tetrapack. Here are instructions and ideas:

Bird feeder from tetrapack – instructions for a quick project

Feeding house from tetrapack tinker - instructions for simple birdhouses

Making a birdhouse could hardly be faster and easier. As already mentioned, you can design the feeder from milk cartons as you like. For example, our first model gets a roof made of sticks, which is more for decoration than protection from rain. This is how the feeder is made from tetrapack:

  • Milk carton
  • Acrylic paints
  • Hot glue
  • stick or wooden stick
  • string
  • sharp knife (e.g. cutter or box cutter); alternatively, scissors will work as well

Instructions for bird feeder from tetrapack

Cool ideas for a feeder from tetrapack in bright colors and designs

It is important that the bird feeder from tetrapack is completely clean and dry before you hang it later. So first of all, rinse out the milk carton. Then think about where you would like the opening of the house and cut it out with a sharp knife. Thanks to this opening, you can now clean the inside of the milk carton especially thoroughly, after which you let it dry.

Bird feeder house from tetrapack design with buttons or not paint

Poke a hole below the opening through the milk carton. There you will attach the stick on which the birds can sit. Then you can paint them as you like. It’s best to apply one or two coats of white paint as a base first, and once that dries, apply the color you want. Again, a second coat might be necessary. Once everything is dry, stick the stick/rod in the hole and fix it with hot glue.

Bird house from milk carton with bird food to hang in the garden

Now you can still create the roof for the feed house from tetrapack by sticking it with sticks (for this, you should of course remove the lid beforehand). At the top of the flap, you can now pierce two more holes where you tie the string to be able to hang the birdhouse from tetrapack. Then you can fill it with purchased or homemade birdseed.

Fun idea for tetra carton as bird feeder with summer flair - make straw roof for bird house

Tip: An alternative to the large openings for the feed house made of tetrapack is also the variant in which only smaller openings are cut into the vertical edges (see right in the first picture). Of course, you also place sticks underneath for clawing. Thus, the food is somewhat more protected, but still easily accessible to the birds.

Feeding house from tetrapack in the form of birds

Make your own bird feeder from tetra pack in the shape of birds with wiggle eyes and lids

Should several birds be able to eat at the same time at this feed house made of tetrapack? Then simply make several instead of just one opening! And that’s not all. You can even create a funny figure, such as a parrot. Simply glue wiggle eyes into two milk lids and these in turn onto the milk carton. Do not cut out the side openings completely, but instead design two protruding flaps that are also the wings.

The milk carton is waterproof and needs no additional protection. However, for the feather crown and beak, it is best to use foam rubber, felt or another weatherproof material when making the bird house yourself from milk cartons.

Idea for the summer – bird house from milk carton with drinker

Feeding house from tetrapack with drinking place from lids and roof from popsicle sticks

If you want to leave the bird feeder from milk carton in the garden during the summer, you can add an additional accessory to it. Make the seat sticks for the feeding house from tetrapack a little longer, glue a shorter one across it so that a cross is formed, and glue a lid on it with hot glue. You can then fill this with water and provide the birds with water on the hot days. Keep in mind that both the drinking and feeding stations need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of any diseases and germs.

Colorful tetrapack bird house with crepe paper

Bird feeder house from tetrapack with crepe paper and wooden spoons

If you want to do without letting each layer of acrylic paint dry, you can alternatively stick paper on the milk carton. This will be especially fun for children. To create the feed house from tetrapack in this way, you can use ordinary colored paper, which you cut or tear into snippets. Then, using glue, stick them to the surfaces until the whole cardboard is covered. This cottage is suitable for a sheltered area outdoors (for example, covered terrace).

Wooden spoons, which you can use instead of sticks, sticks and popsicle sticks, also make a convenient landing surface. Instead of sticking sticks, you can keep them from slipping out in another way: tie a rubber around the inner end. This will also make it easier to clean up later.

Crafting with tetrapack and paper

Feeding house from milk carton decorated with parchment paper and with roof