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Father’s Day gift craft with sweets: These creative ideas are guaranteed to sweeten dad’s day!

Does dad have a sweet tooth? No matter whether you as an adult want to please him with something homemade or help your child with handicrafts – a sweet gift is of course ideal in this case. Since the sweets are ready-made and even packaged, such a gift is also particularly quick and easy to conjure up – so perfect for a last-minute gift or if you just don’t have the time and nerves for complicated DIY projects. So get the necessary goodies at the supermarket, roll up your sleeves and get started on your chosen gift idea! We’ll show you cool ideas on how to craft a Father’s Day gift with candy!

Make your own Father’s Day poster with sweets

Creative sayings for a poster as an alternative to a greeting card

This idea is really popular, because it is very easy to craft even by children. You will need specific snacks and candy tokens when you craft this Father’s Day gift with candy, the names of which you will then use to write a message to dad. Of course, this is where a little creativity is needed. There are several ways to put together such a poster. If the spelling of what is actually meant to be a little different from the brand name, it is not a problem at all, but makes it even funnier.

Make your own Father's Day poster with candy

You can even use a sharpie to cross out unnecessary letters or add missing ones. You have the freedom to design your poster the way you want. And the kids are guaranteed to be energetic and happy to help. Here are a few text ideas with the candy stamps in parentheses:

  • We love you all the way to (Mars) and back across the (MilkyWay).
  • We (kids)…
  • Have a break, have a (KitKat). (Instead of “Take a break”).
  • We want to say (Merci) to you.
  • You are as brave as a (Lion/Ritter Sport). Or: Even though we sometimes roar like a (Lion)….
  • Lots and lots of (kisses).
  • We give you a few (chocolate thaler).
  • You are simply (Wonderful).
  • Even today you’re still a hot (milk slice).
  • We share not only our (Twix) with you, but also our mom.
  • (Daim)ler
  • Even though we can be really exhausting sometimes, don’t become a diva, eat a (Snickers).

Milka chocolates are offered with sayings such as “All the love” or “Small thank you”, which you can also integrate into your text on the poster.

Father’s Day gift craft with sweets “Duplo”.

Redesign the longest chocolate in the world and give it as a Father's Day gift

The first two letters of “the world’s longest candy” are the best basis for crafting something quick, simple and yet creative. All you need is plenty of Duplo, paper, glue and a nice pen. You then simply glue the paper around the chocolate, covering the “plo” part so that only “you” is visible. You can make this crafting step easier by using white tape.

Father's Day gift craft with candy - templates to print for Duplo

And now before you craft the Father’s Day gift with candy, think of all the things that describe the best dad in the world and write them next to the “you”:

  • You rock.
  • You’re the best.
  • You’re always there for us.
  • You believe in us.
  • You are a role model.
  • You are our hero.
  • You are our king.

Printing template for DIY Father's Day gift

Candy gift making – beer mug

Father's day gift craft with candy - Cool beer mug with candies

Do you want your Father’s Day 2022 gift to be extra sophisticated? Then this fake beer is perfect both for beer lovers among fathers, and those who are not a fan of this drink. And do you know what you need when crafting this Father’s Day gift with candy? Just a nice jar of glass, yellow or yellow wrapped candy and marshmallows. After that, it only depends on the correct arrangement:

Simple craft idea for children - beer mug with marshmallows

Fill the pitcher about three-quarters full with the candies – this is to represent the beer. Then fill it up to the top with mini marshmallows, which can quietly protrude a little over the edge – this is the beer foam. You can now tie a label with a greeting to the handle if you like. If you still need to carry the gift somewhere, you can wrap it with foil. This will keep the marshmallows from falling out of the jar without covering the gift itself.

Filled bottles – give candy instead of beer as a gift.

Father's day gift craft with sweets - beer bottles times differently

If you want to craft this cool Father’s Day gift with candy, all you need is a set of a cardboard bottle carrier, matching bottles with lids, and various things to design the box: Acrylic paints, stickers and other decorations. Tip: If you want to get creative with wood , you can also buy a wooden bottle carrier.

Snacks and sweets to fill glass bottles

Start by painting the cardboard box. Once the paint is dry, apply a second coat. If this is still not opaque after that, repeat. In the meantime, so while the paint dries, you can fill the bottles with suitable sweets. Already when buying the glass bottles, make sure that the neck is sufficiently large. After all, the sweets should not only fit inside, but also come out easily. Close with the lids and, if necessary, decorate the carrier as desired. After that, place the filled bottles and the original gift is ready and just waiting to be eaten. And the bottles can be conveniently reused later.

Father's day gift craft with sweets and dear messages and compliments