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Father’s Day gift craft with children: Simple ideas for loving surprises that bring joy to dad

This year we celebrate Father’s Day on May 26. This is a very special celebration that gives us the opportunity to say “Thanks, Dad!”. For children, the occasion is even more important because they just love to please their parents. If you want to make a Father’s Day gift with kids this year, we have some great ideas for simple gifts that the little ones can help make. Take a look at our suggestions and get to work. But beware, dad should not be there so that the gift is a real surprise.

What kind of Father’s Day gift can you craft with kids?

Happy Father's Day with card

Father’s Day is one of the most important days of the year – both for the child and for his dad. But what can the little one give to express love for the most important man in his life? We think that there is nothing better than a homemade gift . Whether large or small, it does not matter. The main thing is that the child (usually together with mom, grandma or teacher) takes the time to make something with his hands. Let’s see some ideas for children of different ages.

The classic – make a greeting card for Father’s Day.

Father's Day gift cards crafting with kids

It doesn’t always have to be a big gift. In fact, it does not have to be a gift. Because even a handmade greeting card can say ‘I love you’ to dad and make him smile. Be creative with it and make the card like a shirt, a boat, a car, a toolbox or whatever the dad who gets it as a gift likes.

Simple and fast from paper – medal ‘Best Dad’.

Award best dad DIY gift from child for father's day

Children of preschool or elementary school age will surely enjoy this craft idea. Crafting with paper is easy and besides cards, the little ones can also make such simple awards as medals and medals. All you need is:

2 sheets of colored paper
1 sheet of yellow paper
black pen

  • Start by folding a sheet of paper in half (along the longer side). Now cut along the middle to make two long strips of paper.
  • Start folding the sheet of paper (the strip) by making accordion folds all the way to the end. Do the same with the other strip of paper.
  • Press the “accordion” together (close it). Fold them in half and tape them together on one side. This will make the paper look like a fan.
  • Repeat these steps with the second strip of paper. Now you have two fans that need to be glued together.
  • Then cut out a circle from the yellow paper. It must be smaller than the rosette of the order. On it you can write ‘Best dad in the world’.
  • Add some glue to the back of the yellow circle and press it onto the rosette.
  • Cut two ribbons from red paper and glue them on the back of the medal rosette. Finished is the award for the best dad in the world.

Father’s Day gift craft with kids: Superman from ironing beads

Crafting for Father's Day cards with iron-on beads Superman

For many children, the dad is like a real superhero . And with this craft idea, they can show him too. All you need are ironing beads, a pencil plate and possibly a template. Below you will find a template for the Superman motif, which is perfect for Father’s Day. The child can then either stick the finished iron-on bead craft to a card or make it into a keychain or other small gift.

Ironing beads template Superman to print out

Father’s Day gift craft with baby – is it possible?

Materials for interesting father's day gift

You want to prepare a loving gift for your husband’s first Father’s Day, but then the child (in this case baby) can not. Or? Actually, there are also great craft ideas that require the help of the little one. Among other things, they mean crafts that require the child’s handprint, fingerprint or footprint.

Father's day gift craft with baby cool idea

To craft this Father’s Day gift, all you need is a large white clay cardboard (or white canvas), paintbrushes, paint, a pair of dad’s shoes (preferably with a cool, textured sole) and the baby or child’s footprints. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Prepare the clay cardboard and paint the soles of the shoes with a thick layer of black paint. Important: The soles must be clean!
  • Gently press each shoe onto the cardboard without shaking it.
  • Once the shoe print has set, it’s time for the footprints. Paint the desired color on the little one’s feet and then gently press on the shoe print. Then quickly and thoroughly wash out the feet.
  • It remains only to write the desired text. For this you can again use paint and brush or a suitable pen.
  • The gift for dad would look even nicer with a matching frame. Add this and the surprise for Father’s Day is ready.

Cool father's day gift craft with kids with prints

This idea can work well with either one or two children. Simply print one child’s foot on the left sole print and the other’s foot on the right sole print. After all, every child wants to walk in the footsteps of their hero.

Make portrait of dad out of paper cutouts as Father’s Day gift with kids

Craft picture of dad with kids for father's day

If you want to make a Father’s Day gift with kids in elementary school, check out this idea. Artistic kids can draw a beautiful picture of dad or even better – make it themselves. From colorful scraps of paper will turn out really great creations that will surely make dad smile.

Nice gift for dad from the child

Ideas for father's day gift from child painting cups with hand and foot prints

Even if this is not a real craft, these personalized cups will bring joy to the father of your child. To make such a Father’s Day gift with children, you just need to buy a white cup and decorate it with fingerprints, footprints or handprints. To do this, you can also write any message. Then put the cup in the oven to harden the paint and the gift for dad is ready.