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Father’s Day crafts with kids: These simple and cool craft ideas will please any dad!

A few weeks after Mother’s Day comes Father’s Day and we honor another important person in our lives. Help your little ones give their dad a little joy by making Father’s Day gifts with the kids. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or complicated to express gratitude and show love to dad. Just homemade is a wonderful idea. So get started right away by first choosing an idea from our suggestions. What beautiful thing could you craft for Father’s Day with kids?

Father’s Day mural craft with kids

Father's day picture craft with children from pebbles

You can use simple pebbles to make a cute mural, but dad can also put it on his desk if he works in an office. In any case, the base must be sturdy, as the pebbles are quite heavy. You will need:

  • Pebbles (one smaller than the other and, if possible, with a flatter side).
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Hot glue
  • sharpie
  • Picture frame (you don’t need the glass)
  • Cardboard

Note: Instead of picture frames and cardboard, you can also use a canvas. If you wish, you can also paint the stones with clear varnish beforehand to give them a shine.

Paint the stones and glue them on

Picture in frame with wiggle eyes on stones

If you would like to make a Father’s Day gift like this, first prepare the stones by giving them wiggle eyes and drawing a smiling mouth on each with a sharpie. Then, using hot glue, stick the stones to the chosen base and allow the glue to dry thoroughly. Then draw only arms and legs with the sharpie, with the two stones best holding hands.

Father's day gift with the child from pebbles

Idea for fathers with green thumbs

Make your own bear pot for succulents with a bottle

Not only women like to take care of plants. If the dad also belongs to the plant lovers, the son or daughter can give him a new plant – from the heart. But of course, not in a boring bought planter, but in a homemade one.

Idea for lovers of plants and hobby gardeners for men's day

In principle, of course, you may choose any motif that you think suitable. In our example, you can see a simple bear that you can make from a plastic bottle. Just make sure that the diameter is large enough to accommodate the plant.

  • Plastic bottle
  • Plant with pot that will fit in the bottle
  • Carpet knife or cutter
  • Spray paint/acrylic paint

How to make the planter

Father's day planter craft with kids from plastic bottles

The cutting should definitely be done by an adult, as a sharp knife (such as a box cutter) is needed for this. Cut the upper part in the desired shape (with ears). After that, the background color is best applied with spray paint. Once this dries, the child can paint it as desired. Acrylic paints are good for this. Of course, you may also help here when making the planter for Father’s Day with children. Let the paints dry, put the plant inside and maybe add a nice card with greeting (how about “Dad, you’re strong as a bear!”?).

You can also use other elements to decorate the bottle – lids, buttons, plush wire. This will give you a unique gift for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day greeting card craft with children from paper.

Father's day card as a gift with hand print

A greeting card comes from the heart and is quickly and easily crafted even by a child, depending on age with help – especially if a handprint is used as a basis, as in this example. The print is transformed into a lion, but of course you may also choose other motifs here. Let your imagination run wild. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Cardboard for the card
  • Cardboard for the mane
  • orange and brown finger paint
  • black sharpie
  • glue
  • scissors

Father’s Day lion card craft with children – instructions.

Paint your child’s hand with the orange paint and make an impression on the craft cardstock for the card (or on regular paper that you will cut out and glue to the card later). Let the paint dry and then use a brush and brown paint to paint on the other accents – tail tip and toes.

Cut out a flower shape from the cardboard for the mane, on top of which you will then paint the head with ears in orange paint. Glue the head to the handprint and draw the face with the sharpie.

Father's day craft with children with template - card with lion

If you don’t want to paint the head separately, you can also use the template from the link below and print out a ready-made head, which you then only need to cut out and glue on. In this case, you will get a lion, as seen in the picture above.

By the way, this idea is also perfectly suitable for Father’s Day crafts in kindergarten.

For Father’s Day crafts with children – template for lion’s head .

Card for grill master

Cool Father's Day greeting card craft with kids for barbecue master

If dad is a passionate griller, you can use this theme to craft and give an original card. All you have to do is cut out a circle from black craft cardboard and glue a smaller one from white paper in its center. The white part is for writing on. Then fold the circle in half and add the legs made of plain gray strips.

Draw hand outlines on red and orange paper and cut them out – these will be the flames of the fire. Finally, add the spatula and the card is ready to be written on. Although the craft idea is very simple, you can also use the templates from the link below to help you.

Print template