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Father’s day card shirt craft with small surprise inside: DIY instruction for origami and super dad cards

Father’s Day is coming in a few days and if you have children, then they certainly want to give their dad a gift or at least a card. Instead of buying them, you can get to work yourself and conjure up handmade gifts together with the little ones. Today we give you a few ideas and tips on how to craft the classic Father’s Day card shirt and hide a lovely message inside as a surprise. Let’s get started!

Father’s Day card shirt with kids craft – Two simple ideas

Craft father's day card shirt with message inside

Greeting cards designed in the shape of a shirt have become a Father’s Day classic. Children craft them in kindergarten and elementary school to please their fathers on Ascension Day (when Father’s Day is celebrated in Germany). Usually these cards are made with a tie and under it or on the back there is a dear message.

In this article, we offer you two craft ideas for Father’s Day shirt cards with the writing stuck in the middle as a surprise.

Origami Father’s Day Shirt Card Crafting

DIY origami card shirts for father's day

This Father’s Day origami card can be made with any sheet of paper, so you can have a finished card in just 5 minutes. You can craft it both at home and at elementary school to please the dads.

What you need:

Patterned photo cardboard (A4)
Solid cardboard in any color
Decoration, optional

Origami father's day card shirt craft tutorial


  • Fold the paper in half lengthwise so the patterned side is facing out.
  • Open. Fold each side of the paper so it meets the center fold.
  • Turn the paper over and fold the bottom up no more than two inches.
  • Turn the paper over again. At the end where you folded the paper over, fold the corners inward so that they meet in the middle, about 2 inches from the top edge. This will create the “collar” of the shirt.
  • On the opposite side, unfold both sides of the paper so that the white side is showing. Both sides should mirror each other.
  • Fold the bottom side up and tuck it under the folded collar to complete the origami shirt card.

Father's day card shirt with surprise inside craft

  • Then cut a small piece of solid cardstock about 5 x 7 inches or a size that will fit inside the card. Unfold the top and glue the paper as a background for a message.
  • Write your saying or congratulations on the cardstock or add another surprise if you like!
  • Decorate the card with pom-pom buttons, a tie, bow, stickers or paper patterns. Make the card unique and personal to the dad receiving it as a gift!

Photo of the child as a surprise in the card

Simple father's day card shirt craft with photo inside

In the middle of the shirt card you can hide not only a congratulation, but also a small surprise. This can be, for example, a photo of the child or a small candy. The little kids duplo bars are a great choice because you can leave the “you…” and stick a message above the “plo”, such as “…until the best!” Find out more about this idea and other cool Father’s Day candy gifts here .

Super dad card to make for Father’s Day

Step by step tutorial father's day card SuperDad

For many children, dad is a real superhero . With this homemade Father’s Day card shirt they can show it too. The exact steps to craft and a matching template, can be found below.

List of materials:

Thick construction paper or cardstock in a “shirt” pattern, like checks or stripes
White construction paper
Ruler and pencil
Scissors and glue

Here’s how:

  • Fold the patterned card in half first, then unfold it to create a crease in the center.
  • Turn the card over and fold the two edges inward so that they meet at the crease formed in step 1. You can trace this inside with a pencil to make it easier.
  • Print out the template and cut it out.
  • Glue a T-shaped strip of construction paper to the center of the top edge of the card, as shown in the image above.
  • Glue the super dad template into the center flap of the card so that it is just below the blue collar.
  • Fold both ends of the collar down.
  • Fold the two open ends of the card inward and cut a V in the center for the neckline. Make sure the ends of the collar are on the outside.
  • Attach the buttons to the left side of the folded card. Be careful not to glue the whole card together!
  • Cut small rectangles from the same patterned paper and attach them to the sides to make sleeves. Finished is the beautiful card for Father’s Day!

And here is the template you can print out and glue in the center of your shirt card. Just make sure you get the right size.

SuperPapa Card Template Printable