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Easter gift crafting with instructions: these simple Easter crafts can be done by kids too!

So slowly but surely you might start thinking about the gifts for Easter. Especially if you plan to make them yourself, you should plan enough time. Homemade gifts are also a wonderful idea if you want to get creative together with children. And they will present the finished gifts to the recipient with great pride. But what could you do? We have found a few nice ideas that you should definitely check out. Then you can quickly and easily craft Easter gifts with instructions.

Easter gifts crafting with instructions – flower sticks from craft clay

Easter gifts tinker with instruction - tulips -flower pins from craft clay

Giving spring flowers in pots is a great idea for those who like to take care of flowers and/or have a garden. After all, the bulbs can be planted later in the bed . However, if you would like to add something personal and homemade to the pot, flower pins are a wonderful idea – even if you are crafting the Easter gifts with children in kindergarten. Here’s how easy they are to make:

  • Self-hardening craft clay, salt dough or porcelain paste.
  • Cookie cutter or template and knife/toothpick
  • Shish kebabs

Easter gifts tinker with guidance - tulips cut out or cut

Roll out the chosen clay to a thickness of about 0.5 cm. Then you can cut out or cut out the tulip shapes. For young children, you can also print out a template for this purpose, cut it out and then place it on the clay. The kids then trace the outline with a toothpick. Not only tulip flowers are suitable, but also other arbitrary shapes. Tulips, however, seem especially easy for us to draw.

Then stick a shish kebab skewer into each flower from below and let the material set (about 12 hours). You can decorate the finished flowers with bows or even paint them. Insert the finished flower sticks into the soil of the pot, being careful not to damage the bulbs.

Simple Easter crafts: Bag to wrap the gifts

Make your own gift bag - Easter bunny and chicken with feathers

You have already bought gifts, but would like to wrap them appropriately? With a beautiful paper gift bag, it’s not a problem at all. You can use a ready-made bread bag or make one yourself out of paper. How exactly you will learn in this article . After that comes a suitable design of the gift bags. Chickens, bunnies and eggs are perfectly suitable. Here are a few ideas how to make the bags for Easter gifts with instructions:

Easter gifts tinker with instruction - bag from paper decorate

You can cut out the individual elements from paper and glue them on or use other materials (for example, wiggly eyes, feathers, ribbons). If you choose Easter egg shapes, you can have the children color them in. In general, there are no limits to your imagination here. Templates for bunnies to print out can be found here .

Bag with bunny ears and pom pom as tail

For this Easter bunny bag, cut only the edge as shown. Then tie the bag closed, which automatically creates the ears. A pom-pom is best suited as a tail. You can also create all other gift bags with an interesting edge. Zigzag scissors are ideal for this purpose and they come in different varieties.

Easter eggs or chicks as decoration for gift bags for Easter

Craft Easter bunnies with template

Easter bunnies on bags create with templates to print out

Crafting Easter gifts for grandparents – decorating cones from felt.

Cute Easter crafts for children made of felt - cones with chickens and roosters

With a little help, even toddlers can assist with this Easter craft for kids. For example, the very young ones could just glue the individual elements to the cone. By and large, all you need to do is shape a cone out of felt. At the opening, cut off the excess felt to make a straight edge to stand on. Now you can decorate the tops as you like:

Craft chicken heads, as in the example, and simply stick them on the top of the cone. Or how about making simple bunny ears out of felt for Easter gifts and gluing them to the cone? Depending on which animal you choose, you can also add additional elements – feathers and wings for the chickens, carrots and whiskers for the Easter bunny, or absorbent cotton for a lamb. Lace flower appliqués will make the Easter decoration especially romantic. Grandma is sure to be delighted!

Easter Gift Ideas: Quilling Easter eggs as a gift

Easter eggs with Quilling create - Colorful decoration for mom or grandma

Would you like to craft Easter gifts with instructions that are simple, such colorful Easter eggs are wonderful. They are designed with the quilling technique, that is, with rolled strips of paper. Even slightly older children can already twist in the simple spirals themselves. Paper strips are sold ready-made. But if you want, you can cut them yourself.

The Quilling technique is also fun for children

You still need a blank for the Easter egg . This can be made of styrofoam or even cardboard. With liquid craft glue or hot glue you then attach the individual elements to the eggs. Here you can create any color schemes. With a little experience, you can also form hearts or drops in addition to the round elements.

Easter gifts craft for adults – macramé bunny

Wooden ring with macramé design for Easter pendants

You can craft wooden Easter gifts, for example, with a simple wooden ring and macramé. The finished decoration can be used as a pendant (for example, for the window or for the Easter bouquet), so you can also make several per gift. The bunny ears are also wonderful as a keychain. Simply add a key ring. The ears are tied with the simple rib knot. You can learn how to tie this in this article . Of course, you can also opt for a different knot. Either way, this Easter idea is really easy to make.

Keychain or pendant for Easter bouquet made of macramé with bunny ears

If you want to make Easter gifts with photo, you can also use this idea. All you need is a photo of suitable size, which you cut out so that you can glue the ring on it. This would also be a wonderful idea for pendants and crafting for Easter.