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Easter crafts with toddler for a colorful and exciting Easter for the whole family!

We are all excited about the coming of spring. It is such a welcome time of year after being cooped up inside for far too long. Whenever we think of spring, we also think of Easter. And when we think of Easter, we think of crafts: Easter eggs, wreaths, candy, and of course, Easter bunnies! If you have a toddler in the house, it can be very interesting to do crafts with him. Here are some tips for Easter crafts with toddler that can make Easter a joyful and colorful celebration.

Tips for Easter crafts with toddler

Prepare the craft materials for your toddler and if he needs your help, then craft together.
Don’t expect it to turn out exactly as you imagined it in your head.
Let your toddler get up and leave and come back. Assume that he will only tinker for 5-10 minutes at a time.

Child crafts Easter decorations by himself

Be clear beforehand about what your child can already do and what you can do for them. Not all crafts are done 100% of the time by young children. Let’s get started with our ideas!

Easter crafts with toddler: Easter egg window crafts

Easter crafts with toddler - Easter egg window art

These Easter egg window decals can be made in minutes and can be used over and over again! Foam rubber makes a great reusable “window sticker” – and best of all, it leaves no residue!

Materials for making window stickers:

Sponge rubber
Shallow container with water

  • Cut out eggs and various other shapes from the craft foam.
  • Then place the foam shapes in front of a window along with a shallow container of water. (Use only a small amount of water so you don’t have to keep cleaning up spills!)
  • Dip the eggs into the water so that one side is wet, then tape them to the window.
  • Dip the molds in the water and place them on the eggs as decorations. These crafts can be used over and over again – and even the older kids will love them !

Marbled Easter egg art can be exciting for toddlers!

Marble Easter eggs painting together with toddler

Making pretty paper Easter eggs with colored marbles is a fun alternative to traditional egg decorating – or just a fun pre-Easter art project. This simple craft is perfect for toddlers through school-aged children!
With art projects like this, kids can be creative without the pressure of making everything look the way it should. They can just enjoy the artistic process! This project is SO easy and fun, it’s sure to become a new favorite Easter tradition!

You will need:

Paper (we recommend heavier cardstock for painting projects, but any type of paper will do!).
A box large enough for the paper to fit inside
Several colors
Marbles (you can also use flummis or even plastic Easter eggs!)

Marble Easter egg craft art with toddler


  • Draw an egg shape on the paper (we would use light pastel colors, but anything goes!).
  • Place the paper on the bottom of your box.
  • Roll each marble in a different color until it is completely covered.
  • Drop your marbles into the box and roll them, make them bounce, move them around!
  • Experiment with different colors, movements, and marbles!
  • Once the paint dries, you can practice a little more with the scissors by following the line to cut out the egg.

Easter crafts with toddler: Easter egg craft

Easter crafts with toddler - colored decoration on Easter eggs

Here’s a last-minute craft idea for kids. Since all the materials are probably lying around the house, this is a great way to recycle materials. Total craft time is 5 minutes.


Tissue paper – various colors

Remember that this is an upcycling project. A cereal box is perfect for this. You can use cardboard packaging from a board game. Any cardboard will work, but if you don’t have any on hand, just use paper.

Paper decoration for Easter eggs craft with toddler

  • Cut the tissue paper into small squares.
  • Crumple your squares together.
  • Apply glue to the egg and have the kids place the tissue paper balls on the egg. (Hint: glue the top first and then work your way down).

The best part about this craft, besides upcycling things from around the house, is that it’s totally kid-friendly. With a little supervision, toddlers can make them 100% themselves. Happy Easter!

Spring decorations with Easter crafts for kids