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Easter crafts in elementary school or at home with elementary school children – 7 ideas

One of the most popular festivals is approaching. With its beautiful motifs and themes, Easter delights young and old and, like many other festivals, encourages crafting, creating and decorating. Accordingly, Easter is also celebrated in the elementary school. And the possibilities for crafting something great with the kids are endless and the projects are all huge fun. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for Easter crafts in elementary school for all teachers, but also for parents with elementary school children, with which you can spend creative school hours or afternoons. With simple materials, the little ones can do great projects for a fun Easter craft in elementary school or at home.

Easter crafts in elementary school with children - using paper for crafts

Easter crafts in elementary school – garland made from carrots.

Easter crafts in elementary school - carrots from folded paper for a garland

We’ll start with a great idea for an Easter garland, because garlands are festive and can wonderfully decorate the window, the wall or the area between two lamps, spreading just the right mood. They are sympathetic carrots in accordion look, which are made quite simply from paper. Fans certainly every child has made at least once, so this is a familiar technique. So if you are looking for extra simple ideas for Easter crafts in elementary school, you can make the following Easter garland:

  • orange construction paper
  • Green construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick and hot glue
  • Yarn

Easter garland craft with construction paper - instructions for children at school

Cut the orange paper according to the carrot size you want (15 x 6 cm in the example). Then fold the paper from one of the two long sides to the other like an accordion. Then fold the obtained strip in the middle to get a “V”. Apply glue to one of the two inner sides of this “V”, after which you glue the two inner sides together. In this way, you will create a triangle that looks like a carrot.

Glue carrots to string and make an Easter garland yourself for decorating

Then you can craft the carrot greenery. Again, prepare a strip, for example, with the same size as for the orange paper. Then cut a zigzag pattern on one of the long sides. The zigzags here should be of different lengths and widths. Then roll the strip lengthwise and tape the end down so the paper doesn’t unroll again. Tape the greenery to the back of the carrot. Make several such carrots (for Easter crafts in elementary school, for example, each child can make one so that they all contribute to a garland together). Lay out yarn in front of you and spread the carrots on it at even intervals. Glue them down with hot glue.

Easter crafts in elementary school – Cool carrot with template

Easter crafts in elementary school - 3D carrot with templates for cutting and gluing

While we’re on the subject of carrots, we’d also like to offer you this great idea for Easter crafts in elementary school. So if you are looking for projects for Easter crafts with children with templates and instructions for free, opt for this. The template shows exactly how to close and cut the paper and then just glue. This Easter craft for kids is perfect to practice cutting, because cutting is abundant, as you will see.

Quick craft projects for children for carrots - Easter crafts with children for the window

Print the template on orange paper and cut out the design along the outline only at first. Then cut the strips along the dotted line and fold the ends to the marked areas (solid lines). These folded ends will become your glue tabs. Apply glue there, curve the strips to the other side and glue them to the base. After that, craft the greenery and glue it to the carrot from the back.

Craft templates for Easter – print carrot here .

Easter crafts in elementary school – make Easter pendants.

Decorating for Easter and spring - Easter bouquet with watercolor paper eggs

Great Easter ideas for kids are also pendants that can be used to decorate not only the Easter bouquet, but also the window or chandelier. If you want to make such Easter decorations, you have a wide variety of materials at your disposal, from craft clay to cardboard and even wood. We will show you how to make Easter pendants yourself from paper for Easter crafts at Aqaurell Elementary School.

  • Watercolors
  • Paper for watercolors (alternatively, thicker paper is also suitable, e.g. thin cardboard or cardboard)
  • Water
  • Cookie cutter for egg shaped cookies
  • Pencil
  • scissors
  • optional salt and brush with hard bristles
  • golden paint
  • beads
  • yarn
  • hole punch
  • pads and suitable clothing
  • Containers for the colors (cups, bowls) and an old baking pan or tray or something else to dry the eggs.

Easter eggs made of paper with children - combining watercolors and salt

Using the cookie cutter, transfer the egg shape to the paper and then cut out the eggs. Mix the watercolors with water according to package directions. You do not have to fill the containers to the top. Between 2.5 and 5 cm are sufficient for dipping. Some colors you can also add a little glitter. Then you can dip the prepared eggs in the different colors, creating new color patterns over and over again.

Then place the wet eggs in the prepared container to dry. While they are still wet, you can also sprinkle them with a little salt for additional interesting effects. This is because the grains of salt absorb the moisture, creating beautiful patterns. Once the colors have dried, you can remove the salt with a brush. Then poke holes in the top of the eggs and tie a piece of yarn in a knot. Then decorate the yarn with beads, if you like, and tie the ends together to make a loop for hanging.

Craft Easter decorations from paper – Cute chicks

Easter crafts in elementary school with paper strips - Small chicks to hang up

Paper and wiggle eyes – that’s all you need for these cute chicks. If you add a loop to them at the end, you can even use them as pendants. We’ll show you how to craft them for Easter with kids and implement the idea quite easily for Easter crafts in elementary school.

  • yellow construction paper
  • orange or red construction paper
  • wiggle eyes
  • glue
  • Scissors

First, you will need strips of the yellow paper (about the width of a finger and cut widthwise) that you trace with a ruler and then cut out. Alternatively, you can use a paper cutter. You could also prepare the strips at home and then bring them to school ready cut. You will need 4 strips per chick, folding each once in the middle very slightly (just to mark the middle). Then place one strip in front of you, apply a little glue in the middle and place a second one on top to form a cross. Repeat with the other two strips, whereupon you glue the two crosses on top of each other, offset from each other. You will get a snowflake shape.

Paper chicks as a simple craft idea for children for Easter

Now always glue two opposite ends of the strips together, creating rings. Finally, you will get a ball. Cut wings out of yellow paper and glue them to the ball. After that, make another beak, glue it to the ball as well and add the wiggle eyes. By the way, you can make any other typical Easter animals like a bunny or a sheep in this way. Thus, you are welcome to duplicate the Easter crafts in elementary school. The ball always forms the basis and its color as well as the other elements are adapted to the respective animal (e.g. white ball, black legs, ears and mouth for a sheep; brown, beige or white ball, long ears and whiskers if you are crafting an Easter bunny with children, etc.).

Craft ideas for Easter – Easter pictures craft with tissue paper.

Easter crafts in elementary school with templates for coloring - instead of colors use tissue paper

Print out coloring pictures with Easter eggs as motifs (or other Easter motifs) and set out tissue paper for the children. The elementary school children then tear small pieces out of the tissue paper, crumple them up and use them instead of paint to create the Easter egg. The children can get really creative and make beautiful Easter pictures. By the way, the idea is also very suitable if you make greeting cards with the children for Easter for the parents or grandparents.

Make a sheep with ear sticks

Easter decoration craft with children - sheep from cotton swabs to put up or hang up

Isn’t this little sheep really cute? It’s the perfect idea for Easter crafting in elementary school, where the sheep is also welcome to decorate a greeting card or be designed on both sides and used as a pendant. How to make it:

  • Cotton swab
  • glue
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • black felt-tip pen
  • pink crayon or wax crayon
  • clothespins (2 per sheep)
  • ribbon

DIY with ear sticks and clothespins for kids - make your own Easter sheep

From the white paper, cut an oval-shaped piece and a smaller one for the head. Then cut the cotton heads of the sticks. Apply glue in sections on the edge of the oval paper and arrange the cotton heads there next to each other. Then continue with the next section. You should work in sections so that the glue does not dry while you are still busy with another area. Once you have glued the edge, continue inside this first circle, each new row overlapping the previous one.

Simple instructions for elementary school children - sheep as craft ideas for Easter

Then make the head: create a fringe and the two ears with the sticks, then paint the face with the felt-tip pen on as well as pink wangles. You can additionally decorate the head with a pretty bow. Finally, glue the clothespins for the legs to the back. Here you have two options: If you want to be able to stand the sheep up like a figurine, point the top of the clips (the ones you squeeze to open) down. You can also attach the clamps the other way around and then use them to clamp the sheep somewhere and hang it up.

Craft marble eggs with shaving cream

Easter pictures make yourself with shaving foam and acrylic paints as craft ideas for Easter and children

We have already shown you how to make interesting pictures with shaving foam and paints. Of course, you can use this technique to make such marbled eggs. First, cut out large eggs from cardboard. Then put shaving foam in a shallow container and spread over it many blobs of color (for example, with acrylic paints). Then use a shish kebab skewer to make the marble pattern by dragging it back and forth through the colors.

Painting and crafting with children in spring - Large Easter egg with marble effect

Then place the sheet of paper over it and press it lightly into the foam. Take it out again and place it on a surface to let the colors soak in for a while. Then use a scraper, spatula or other suitable tool to pull the foam off the sheet. The color patterns should then be transferred to the paper. You can hole punch the finished eggs and hang them up or display them in a frame.