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Easter basket craft with template – 4 simple craft ideas for children & adults

Next month is already Easter, so it’s time to start preparing, decorating, crafting and planning Easter dinner . One thing that can’t be missed, especially for the kids, is of course the Easter basket, by displaying in a pretty way the painted and decorated Easter eggs. If you are looking for quick and easy craft ideas for Easter baskets, then printable templates are your best helper. If you also want to make Easter baskets with template, you may find just the right thing for you in the following ideas. Whether in the form of bunnies, other Easter motifs or quite unusual with alpaca – create a beautiful Easter decoration for the table by making Easter baskets with templates to print for free!

Easter basket making with paper template

Easter basket craft with template for a model from scrapbooking paper and with fake stitching

Would you like to make this original Easter basket with fake stitching by yourself? We are not surprised, because it is precisely this false seam that makes the Easter basket from plain paper so special. Use firmer paper such as scrapbooking paper or craft card when making an Easter basket with template. This is because it is easy to work with. But it is later more stable than normal paper.

If you have all the materials together, you can make the Easter basket with template. Print the template on the prepared paper and cut out the elements. Then fold them on the dotted lines and poke holes in the designated places (or punch them). Apply glue to the tabs and glue the elements together. Finally, add the handle, after which you can thread a ribbon through the holes to add the finishing touch to the basket. Fill with artificial grass and eggs or other decorations.

Easter basket craft with template in PDF format .

Make your own Easter basket from felt

Easter basket crafting with template to print free and easy

If you prefer to use felt instead of paper, you can choose this example and make a quick Easter basket with template. The templates are so simple that you could easily prepare them yourself with pencil and ruler and in the desired size. However, the printable template can save you additional time, making this felt basket a perfect last minute craft project.

Easter basket craft instructions

Simple craft instructions for Easter basket from felt

Print out the template on a regular sheet of paper and then roughly cut out the individual elements. Then take the large cross and place it on the felt. You can fix it with pins so that nothing slips. Then cut out the cross from the paper and at the same time from the felt. Repeat the same with the other elements. Alternatively, you can cut out the elements exactly at the same time, then transfer them to the felt with a pen, which will fade again over time, and then cut them out.

DIY fabric Easter basket without sewing with instructions

Then glue the egg together. For the cross, cut the corners diagonally a little to get the tab to glue together. Then fold up two abutting sides at a time, apply glue to one side, and glue the two sides together. Keep doing this until all sides of the basket are upright. Also attach the handle and then the Easter egg. Then you can start filling the basket.

You can find the template here for printing.

With craft template Easter basket make – Alpaca motif

Print alpaca with bunny ears for Easter and turn it into an Easter basket

Do you feel like something unusual this year and want to put something different on the table in addition to the usual Easter bunnies, chicks and spring flowers, so an alpaca might appeal to you. Don’t worry, spring mood will still come up when you make such alpaca Easter baskets with template to print. The alpaca wears bunny ears especially for the occasion and is surrounded by many Easter eggs. And what’s even better about this Easter basket craft template is that you or your kids can color and design it however you like.

Easter basket craft with template to color for an alpaca and Easter eggs

In the template you get once the base for the Easter basket and two handles to choose between. The middle square will be the bottom. Cut out the templates and fold the squares along the black lines. Then fold the glue tabs inward as well, apply glue there and attach the side panels to each other using the tabs. Finally, glue one of the two ends of the chosen handle to the inside of the basket and the other to the opposite side. Done!

The template for the alpaca Easter basket can be found here .

Easter bunny for finished containers

DIY Easter basket with templates - design bucket with Easter bunny

How about simplifying your crafting even further by using a ready-made container and simply designing it to match the holiday? A small metal bucket is perfect for this purpose and can be used and decorated every year. We offer you a cute bunny hugging the bucket. In turn, the bucket is best to have a handle, if the original basket will be carried around. However, if it serves only as a table decoration, a bucket without a handle is also suitable.

As an alternative to the metal bucket, of course, you can use another container. A small flower pot, a popcorn cup or drinking cup made of cardboard or plastic and even a jar of weck can be decorated with the Easter bunny in the same way. Just cut out the elements after you print them out and glue them to the chosen container (the bunny head and body from the back and the back paws in front). You are also welcome to craft this arrangement out of felt or foam rubber, using the template to cut out the elements from the felt.

Template for the Easter Bunny here .

Easter basket craft with template - ideas from felt and paper