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DIY embroidery hoop decoration – Crafting with dried flowers or fresh cut flowers & plants

If you like romantic decorations with a touch of vintage nostalgia, you will just fall in love with this breath-taking dried flower decoration, for which fresh flowers are also suitable! Dried flowers and plants are currently a popular decoration for the home and the embroidery hoop is also used in a wide variety of decorating and craft ideas – not only for embroidery, but also as a base for wreaths . How about combining the two to create a beautiful embroidery hoop decoration with dried flowers. The flowers and plant parts seem to float weightlessly in the frame and set, depending on the flower, pretty color accents on the wall. Today we will show you how easy it is to make the embroidery hoop deco with fresh and dried flowers yourself, and afterwards we have compiled a gallery of beautiful examples by Olga Prinku to serve as inspiration.

Embroidery hoop decoration with fresh or dried flowers as wall decoration

Creative craft idea with natural materials for spring and summer

You can buy the dried flowers or you can dry them yourself . If you buy dried flowers, you save a lot of time, so this is the better option for a spontaneous craft afternoon for an embroidery hoop deco. But if you’re regularly out in nature anyway and collect flowers and plants, you can also preserve them yourself to always have some on hand when craft fever overcomes you and you want to make a dried flower decoration.

Embroidery hoop deco with dried flowers and net do it yourself

Dried flowers are best for a durable embroidery hoop decoration, but of course you may also use fresh plant parts and change them regularly for new compositions. Some people also like to combine both: dry flowers and green plants, which in turn are fresh, as сомит still have their strong green color, but it is lost during drying. You have a choice for the decoration in the embroidery frame!

Decorate embroidery hoop with dried plants and flowers – instructions.

Embroidery hoop decoration with dried flowers in bright colors

If you think that the craft project is complicated, you are wrong! Because in just a few steps and without fancy materials, the decoration of dried flowers is made quickly. In addition to the embroidery hoop, you will also need a net as a base and this can be fine or coarse mesh as you like. If you want to attach only isolated flowers and plants, coarse mesh is no problem. If instead you would rather have a lush arrangement as an embroidery hoop decoration, where deм all plant parts are close together, finer meshes prove to be the better choice. Just experiment with different materials to find out what suits you best. This is how you can craft the dried flowers deco then:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Net or coarse mesh fabric (e.g. linen or tulle)
  • dried plants and/or flowers
  • possibly hot glue, if you use large plant parts and need to fix them additionally

Make decoration with embroidery hoop yourself

Embroidery hoop decorate - DIY tutorial with dried plants

All you need to do is stretch the fabric in the embroidery hoop, cut off the excess on the sides and then start decorating. To do this, prepare your plant parts. Cut them to the desired size (for branches) or shorten the stems if necessary. Be careful not to cut the stems all the way off. There should be a longer piece left to put through the mesh. It’s best to attach the largest flowers first, while the smallest ones serve as gap fillers and accents and are distributed at the end.

DIY tutorial for embroidery hoop deco with dried flowers and leaves

Push the stems through the meshes. Heavier blooms will not hold well by poking through once, so poke the stem through a mesh from the top, then through a mesh again from the bottom at a small distance, and a third time from the top so that the end of the stem is not visible on the “pretty” side. If the flower doesn’t hold well even then, you can apply a blob of hot glue to the back of it and glue it to the netting/fabric. Keep doing this until you’re happy with your floral arrangement and your embroidery hoop decoration is ready. Perfect for crafting beginners!

Combine two embroidery hoops

Combine two frames for an embroidery hoop deco and design with flowers

Don’t you think this idea of combining a large and a smaller embroidery hoop is really original? In this case, the net is between the two frames, while the inside of the small ring remains free and can be decorated with a clockwork, for example. Wouldn’t that really be a wall clock of a special kind? How to stretch the fabric/net to get such a ring for a fancy embroidery hoop decoration with dried flowers?

Embroidery hoop deco with two rings for floral designs and wall clock

In the instructions above, the steps are shown once with normal fabric, so they are easier to see. First, stretch a large piece of fabric (the large ring should have room on it) into the small ring. Make sure that the hoop is in the center of the piece of fabric. Then hoop the fabric that is sticking out of the small hoop into the large hoop as well. Here it is again important to make sure that there is an equal distance between the rings everywhere (of course, you can also try them out once to see if you like them offset just as much). Now you can cut out the fabric inside the small ring or leave it there and decorate it with fresh or dried flowers as well.

DIY Embroidery hoop decoration – Create a monogram to give as a gift

Embroidery frame decoration for each season tinker - letter J in the frame

A monogram is the perfect idea if you want to make a personalized gift yourself. You can either draw the selected letter freehand on a sheet of paper or print it out and use it as a template. Place it under the fabric and pin the sheet to the fabric. Then, first transfer the outline of the letter and only then fill it with other flowers and plants. In this way, you can make the most diverse models for this embroidery hoop decoration and give it as a gift.

For letters use a template and stick flowers into the fabric

Letter “M” with meadow flowers in neutral colors

Design letter M with flowers on tulle to give as a gift

Beautiful spring decoration with tree flowers in pink and white

Embroidery hoop deco with fresh tree branches and tree blossoms in pink and white

Colorful spring bouquet in a wooden ring

Colorful spring bouquet in wooden ring for floral decorations

Embroidery frame deco with dried flowers to give as a gift

Spring gift making with dried plants and flowers in wooden ring

Oval embroidery hoop

Use oval frames made of wood for even more vintage feel

Colorful floral arrangements in small rings

Colorful embroidery hoop deco for the wall or to stand on with net

Decorate the wooden ring with wooden beads

Embroidery hoop deco with dried flowers and wooden beads

Craft idea for decorations at any time of the year

Gorgeous embroidery hoop deco with dried flowers by Olga Prinku

Make your own flowers from small blossoms

Arrange flowers and leaves in a ring ung on net, grommet or linen

Dried flowers decoration in autumn colors

Embroidery hoop deco in yellow and dark red with black tulle

Spring decoration to hang up or put on the wall

Embroidery hoop decorations in any size for beginners

Wild and meadow flowers for crafting with natural materials

Stylish decoration with a touch of vintage and romance

DIY decoration with fir greenery for Christmas and winter

Embroidery hoop deco for Christmas with dried oranges, fir greenery and flowers

Spring flowers as a bouquet tie and attach to the frame

Black tulle in wooden ring decorate with fresh spring flowers

Spring wreaths design different with flowers and blossoms in the net and decorated with glitter stones

Door wreaths design different in spring and summer with wooden frame and dried flowers

Dried flowers decoration for the letter “A

Embroidery hoop decoration with letters - floral monograms crafting

Romantic idea with lilac

Romantic DIY spring decoration from purple lilacs

Use wild flowers for embroidery hoop deco

Meadow flowers and wildflowers to create rings use as wall decorations

Fresh flowers and tulle in black

Embroidery hoop decoration with fresh flowers in pink and green leaves

More great ideas & designs by Olga Prinku can be found here .