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Crown corks upcycling for home and garden: How to use them for decorations and against snails

The nondescript crown caps that usually just end up in the trash have the potential to be transformed into great things. Yes, really! Whether coasters, earrings or decorations for the garden, with the lids you can make so some creative accessories yourself, with which you can enhance your household and outdoor space. You can even keep pests away from the flower bed with their help! We have compiled some useful ideas for crown cork upcycling that might interest you.

Make your own wind chimes in bright colors

Wind chime from crown corks and cans or sieve tinker

Wind chimes are a classic decoration for the garden. That’s why we start with this interesting idea, which any craft enthusiast can quickly and easily make yourself. For the wind chime from crown caps, of course, you need the lids. Here you can stick to a single color, use several shades of one color, or create a motley design.

Then you need a base, which can be a simple stick or a can, wire basket, strainer, metal ring or whatever else you have available and suits your taste. You can also color this base with varnish or spray paint. Poke holes in the base and crown caps and connect them together with the help of string or tie rings so that they can hang loosely down and swing. Now you are ready to hang your DIY wind chime.

Design the roof of a birdhouse

Crown cork upcycling - Decorate birdhouse for the garden

Whether you buy a ready-made birdhouse in stores or build one yourself , the crown caps make the perfect “roof tiles”. You can glue them down just as they are, or hammer them flat beforehand. If you flatten them, it’s a good idea to put a cloth between the hammer and the cap so the paint doesn’t chip off from the blows, or at least not as much. Then glue them to the roof of the cottage with strong superglue or hot glue.

Use crown corks against snails with simple DIY.

Kronkorken against snails use - a protection fence tinker

Snails are not an uncommon nuisance in gardens and everyone is trying to get rid of them. While there are plenty of remedies available, including nature-friendly home remedies, some snail species are protected and thus may only be scared away at most, not killed. That’s where these handy lids come in! But what can you make out of bottle caps that will scare away snails, of all things ?

And it is the sharp edges that make it impossible for the mollusks to cross the metal corks. But how exactly do you use them? For this crown cork upcycling, stick double-sided tape along the edges of the bed (also suitable for flower pots and tubs) and on top of that, in turn, the lids, with the edges facing up.

Crown corks upcycling to decorate with flower plugs.

Crown corks upcycling ideas for flowerbeds and flower pots - make flower sticks

There’s really nothing complicated about this idea for crafting with crown caps, so even kids can help out. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll be using a hot glue gun, which younger kids can’t handle yet without possibly burning themselves. However, they can fold the lids, for example, while an adult just glues them together. Finally, glue a stick to the back of the flower, which can be made of wood (shish kebab, for example) or metal, as you like. Already you can put the plugs in your flower beds or pots .

Craft magnets with collected lids

Turning lids from all over the world into magnets

The metal lids of bottles can turn into real collectors’ items. Especially if you like to travel often, you have the opportunity to collect lids with interesting designs and motifs and keep them as souvenirs. But just storing them in some box is kind of a pity. Magnets are a great option there ! Buy round models and easily stick them in the lids with a blob of hot glue. Let the glue dry and decorate the fridge with your souvenirs!

Magnets design for the refrigerator as a craft idea for children

If the lids don’t have an interesting outside, you can also glue the magnet there instead and design the inside. For example, cut circles out of pretty paper and glue them inside. Or put a few drops of acrylic paint or nail polish inside and create a nice marble pattern with the help of a toothpick.

Crazy earrings upcycling with crown caps

Crown cork upcycling idea for jewelry - make your own earrings

We admit, such earrings are not for everyone, but those who like crazy accessories and jewelry , will certainly like them immediately. To do this, you simply get the necessary individual parts in a craft store for jewelry, such as binding rings, hooks and, who wants, a few beads or other decorative elements. You then simply punch the crown caps in the desired places to create a design of your choice.

Crown corks upcycling – coasters tinker as table decoration

Coasters for glasses, cups and pots from cork and metal lids

Coasters feel unnecessary to many – until they own some themselves. So how about making some and using the metal lids for them? All you need is a thin sheet of cork or, alternatively, cardboard, on which you arrange the lids and glue them down. Then simply cut off the protruding excess of the base. You can come up with any shapes you like. Coasters don’t always have to be round or square!

Craft wreaths for any occasion.

Make your own wreaths with cardboard and lids for festivities

In a similar way to the coasters, you also craft such wreaths. For this crown cork recycling you need rings as a base of any material (cardboard, cork), but since it is easy to cut. On this base, first arrange the crown corks in a ring shape. The size of the ring, of course, you decide. Then glue them and cut off the excess of the base. Now you can still tie string or ribbon for hanging and decorate the wreath in any way with bows or other decorations.