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Creative Easter packaging craft from fabric, paper & bags and Easter gifts pretty packaging

Easter is just around the corner and surely you have already procured one or the other gift . So time to finally wrap them pretty! A simple gift bag or wrapping paper is too boring for you? Then our themed packaging ideas are probably just right for you! After all, they are very creative and so pretty that there is a risk that they even outshine the gift. Do you still want to take a chance? Then take a look at our instructions, pick out your favorite ideas and you’re ready to craft pretty Easter packaging.

Easter packaging craft with fabric and bunny ears

Easter packaging craft from colorful fabric with bunny ears

The Easter bunny is together with the Easter eggs the classic among the Easter motifs . So it’s no wonder that we start our list for creative packaging for Easter gifts with him. If you are looking for a packaging option that is particularly environmentally friendly, fabric is the best alternative to paper. We will show you how to make such bunnies as Easter packaging.

  • Fabric (30 x 30 cm)
  • Felt (leftovers from other craft projects are perfectly sufficient)
  • fabric scissors, pencil, glue
  • pretty ribbon
  • possibly an iron to make your work a little easier

Easter packaging craft - folding and cutting fabric

Take the fabric and lay it in front of you with the pretty side down. Now fold over the top and right edge at about 1.2 cm. To prevent the fabric from folding back up, you can either pin this hem with pins or iron it. Now fold the right side to the left and glue the bottom and left sides closed. On the open side, draw bunny ears. Start at the corners and draw a curved line down to about the middle of the fabric. The widest part should be about 5 cm wide (in the picture you can see what is meant).

Easter packaging craft - sew or glue fabric and create small bunnies

Cut out the area between the two ears. Then you can cut out eyes and nose for the bunny face from the felt and glue them on. Fill the received bags with the gifts and tie them below the ears with the ribbon. Of course, you can also use paper when crafting these Easter packages. Or how about using coffee filters? The task will be even easier if you use bread bags , because the sides there are already closed and you only need to cut out the ears.

Idea with bags, envelope or coffee filter and rabbit ears

Sew or glue paper bunny packages.

Easter packaging in the form of bunnies made from bread wrapping paper

If you use a sewing machine to close these bunnies , the finished packets will look quite likeable thanks to the seam. You can still use threads in any color and in this way create great, colorful accents. But if you don’t feel like sewing or don’t have a sewing machine, you can of course use strong glue and use it to craft the Easter packages. Either way, you should keep in mind that the packaging is not too sturdy and thus no items that are too heavy should be packed. You will need:

  • Wrapping paper or bread wrapping paper
  • Sewing machine or strong glue
  • Pencil and felt-tip pen or fineliner
  • Scissors
  • Rabbit template to print

Template for bunny packages to print and enlarge

You can find the necessary template in the image above. Of course, you can adjust the size to your needs. After you print it, cut out the template, transfer its outlines to the selected paper and cut out the motifs. If you fold the paper beforehand and thus lay it twice, you can simplify the work, because then you cut out two bunnies at once.

Easter packaging craft with sewing machine or glue for small gifts

Then sew (or glue) two such layers together along the edges. But do not forget to leave an opening for filling. Then draw eyes and nose and close the opening. You can hang a label with an Easter greeting around the neck of the bunny.

Cardboard bunny gift box

Colorful boxes craft for Easter - pack chocolate eggs and give them as gifts

Since we’re on the topic of Easter bunnies anyway, let’s stick with it. Because we simply can not deprive you of this great idea for bunny boxes. This is a more stable packaging, which you can quickly and especially easily tinker with the help of the template. Have you also taken this model into your heart? Then you can craft such Easter packaging as follows:

Print out the template from paper and then cut out the shape. This you then transfer to firmer cardboard for the box (alternatively, you can also print the template directly on the cardboard). Now cut out the template for the box one more time. Don’t forget the gaps where the ears will be placed later. Then fold along the dotted lines. Fold up the sides with the ears, hold them together and tuck one of the other two sides (with the slits) over them. Now fill the box any way you want and pin the other side on top of the ears as well. Done!

Easter packaging do it yourself – 3D Easter egg in the shape of a bunny

Make cute egg bunnies with eyelashes to wrap small gifts

An Easter egg ? An Easter bunny? Both – combined in a creative 3D packaging, which you can craft pretty quickly using the template. One thing is guaranteed – this box will make a big impression! Do you want to give it a try? Here’s how you can craft Easter packaging like this:

  • printed template
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ruler
  • sticks
  • craft cardboard

Craft instructions for abstract 3D egg or Easter bunny with template

It is best to print the template directly onto the selected cardboard. Alternatively, of course, you can print it on regular paper, cut it out and then transfer it to the cardboard, but this will take more time because you will also need to transfer the fold lines. Either way, cut out each strip at the end and fold them on the dotted lines using the ruler. Each of the strips has a letter on it. Glue them together in alphabetical order. So take strip A and glue strip B to it, making sure to always glue the correct pairs of numbers together for the tabs. Work this way until almost the entire egg is sealed. Before you do that, you should fill it with the gift.

Hollow Easter eggs to fill from paper make yourself

Now cut out the ears and eyelashes, fold the ears along the dotted line and in half lengthwise using a chopstick. Glue the ears and eyelashes onto the egg and you’re done! Tip: You can also opt for plain eggs and leave out the ears and eyelashes.

3D Egg Template .

3D Rabbit

Print out folding template for small rabbit boxes with standing or folding tubes

We can’t help but introduce you to another model with rabbits. Again, you get a template that makes crafting a lot easier – so perfect for a last minute gift . However, you will need a color printer. Then you can craft the cute boxes as Easter packaging as follows:

  • Printed template
  • scissors
  • Glue

Cut out the templates and fold them on the dotted lines. Apply glue to the obtained tabs and glue all the sides together except one. Fill the box and glue it completely closed. Then glue on the ears – upright or hanging for folding ears, as you like. Since the project is so easy, you can make more of these Easter boxes right away and please several people.

Print Rabbit Template .

Easter packaging craft and decorate – bunnies and chicken.

Wrapping rectangular gifts with wrapping paper and making them Easter shaped

A normally wrapped gift doesn’t have to be boring. You can transform it into typical Easter animals with just a few elements . How about such a bunny or chicken? In the example you can see what elements you need to prepare. For the bunny, cut out the ears and nose, while the eyes, mouth and whiskers are simply painted with a felt-tip pen. For the chicken, you will need three wavy elements for the wings and comb, a beak and two dots for the eyes.

Make your own triangular paper packaging for Easter - chicken or white bunny

But even more interesting are the triangular 3D wrappers. They are a tiny bit trickier to make, but once you understand the principle, you can get even such packaging in large quantities in no time. The triangular Easter packages are made from two rectangles. Fold them both once lengthwise to about a third of the total length. Then glue the two rectangles on top of each other, so that the folds are on one and the same side (let’s say on top). Do not glue the short sides with the fold together, just the other three sides. Let the glue dry, fill the box and press the open end together as dictated by the folds. Viewed from above, the edge obtained should then form a cross, so to speak, with the opposite one. Finally, you can decorate the package in the same way for a bunny or a hen.

Craft decorations for Easter packaging

Craft Easter packaging decorations with chicks made of pom poms and eggshells

You have chosen the classic wrapping with wrapping paper after all, but would like to add an Easter accent? How about such a hatching chick? It’s really cute, isn’t it? And it exudes the perfect Easter spirit! You can craft the chick decoration for Easter wrapping by following these instructions:

  • Eggshells, cut in half
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • pom poms
  • black, flat beads or similar for the chicks’ eyes
  • Felt scraps (alternatively colored paper)
  • glue
  • ribbons/net etc. for tying the gift
  • small artificial flowers (or homemade paper flowers)

Painting eggshells with acrylic paints and making chicks out of a pom-pom

If you would like to make the pretty decoration for the Easter packaging, first paint the egg shells from the inside and outside in the desired colors. While the colors are drying, you can craft the chick by simply cutting out a small triangle from felt for the beak and gluing it to the pom-poms. On top of it, attach the eyes. Then you can wrap and knot ribbons around the gift, making any combination of ribbons, nets, yarn and other accessories. Then glue the egg shells on the ribbons, the chick in one of the shell halves and around it some flowers. Done!

Easter bag crafting with templates or without.

Redesign paper shopping bag for gift wrapping for Easter

You can make really great Easter packaging with a simple paper grocery bag or a bread bag. You can basically design the bag however you like. However, if you have decided on this bunny, you can take any template to help you craft a little easier. But even without a template, the project is really simple.

  • Paper bags
  • Colored or white paper or craft cardboard
  • Felt tip and pencil
  • Scissors
  • glue
  • any decorations
  • Pom-poms

Easter bag design with an Easter bunny made of paper or other animals

Take a white sheet of paper large enough to fit on the selected bag. Cut off the top corners so that you have a round top edge. Glue the sheet to the bag at the desired height and trim off the excess on the sides and bottom. Then craft two ears and glue them to the bunny head. Now glue a small pink pom-pom on the white circle for the nose and a larger white one on the back for the tail. Draw the face with a felt pen and decorate as you like with other things like paper butterflies, flowers, bows and the like.

By the way, you can make other animals for the Easter packages in the same way. For example, omit the ears and use yellow paper for a chick or make the edge of a white circle wavy to imitate a sheepskin. Add black ears and you have an Easter sheep.

Design paper bag with paper and create funny Easter animals