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Crafting with toilet rolls in spring: make beautiful spring decorations with children and welcome the new season

The beginning of spring is the perfect opportunity to make atmospheric decorations with children ! For this you do not need expensive materials or complicated techniques, because even from some empty toilet paper rolls can create beautiful crafts. Today we give you some tips and ideas for crafting with toilet rolls in spring, which will be fun for children of all ages and will keep them busy in the weeks leading up to Easter.

Spring crafts with toilet rolls: Making cute insects with children

Spring crafts with toilet rolls ideas for kids

At the beginning of spring, insects wake up and fill the air with delicate buzzing and humming. Toddlers will surely love to make such cute bees, ladybugs and butterflies out of clorolls. To craft the wings, you can use other things from the household, such as muffin tins and coffee filters, or classically use colored clay paper and paints.

Making butterflies with toilet rolls in springtime

Colorful butterflies craft with children

Apart from toilet rolls, paint and pipe cleaners, you don’t really need anything else for these wonderfully pretty butterflies. This craft idea would also delight older craft fans because it goes beyond the classic round shape of the toilet roll. Below are the instructions.

How to make butterfly from toilet rolls

  • First, paint the toilet paper rolls – inside and out – and let the paint dry.
  • Press each cardboard roll flat with your hand and along the folds to draw on it more easily.
  • Use a pencil to mark the outline of the butterfly. For the butterfly body, leave about 3 inches along the crease on the left side.
  • Cut out the butterfly by cutting through the double cardboard. Cut away a small portion of the top wing fold at a slight angle.
  • Open up the butterfly. The natural curve of the cardboard roll makes a nice shape.
  • Use a pipe cleaner in matching color to create body and antennae.

Cute ladybugs from toilet paper rolls

Turn simple toilet rolls into fun ladybugs

For crafting with toilet rolls in spring, these cute ladybugs are also super. For this, you should cut out wings, heads and antennae from colorful paper and decorate them appropriately with the kids. Then simply glue them to a black painted cardboard roll and the spring craft is ready.

Craft flowering tree with toilet paper rolls in the spring

Spring tree craft with children imt toilet roll and paper

Spring is the season when trees and shrubs bloom in beautiful colors. To make a blooming spring tree, you can use a toilet roll as a tree trunk. First, paint some brown horizontal strokes along the roll to imitate tree bark. Then cut two slits at the top of the roll to stick the tree top in. You can make the tree topper out of a round piece of clay cardstock, for example, and decorate it with paper scraps as flowers. A really simple craft project for spring that kids will love!

Crafting with kids in spring: flowers from toilet paper rolls

Beautiful flowers craft with toilet rolls in springtime

One of the best things to craft with kids in the spring is, of course, flowers. Do you have a favorite spring flower? If so, take some empty toilet rolls and some clay paper and help your child with the creative task. To do this, you can first paint the toilet rolls and then stick them with homemade leaves made of paper. Then cut out the flowers from clay paper and put them in pre-cut slots on the upper part of the toilet rolls. The finished flowers will make a beautiful decoration for a windowsill, mantel or table.

Spring flowers from toilet paper rolls paint cut out

Another option for crafting beautiful spring flowers would be to first draw the outline of the flower on the toilet roll, and then cut out the excess part. Then provide paints and brushes for the child to paint the stems, leaves and blossoms of the flowers themselves.

Craft spring pictures with toilet paper rolls

Butterfly picture with children crafts in spring with loo rolls

You can also use the toilet paper rolls to create pretty pictures for the wall. Such a wall decoration can spread some spring mood in any area of your home.

For this craft idea, you don’t need to paint the toilet rolls or wrap them with paper. All you need to do is flatten each roll and cut it into pieces of equal width. You can then craft your butterfly from the resulting strips. Proceed as follows:

  • Set aside 5 loo roll “rings” and take one in your hand. Cut it along the crease at one end. Fold over and glue the bottom part together to form the antenna. Hold together briefly to make sure the glue sticks.
  • Prepare the canvas (or cardboard). Then dip one side of the mini cardboard roll in glue and glue it to the center of the canvas. This will create the body of the butterfly.
  • Dip the other rolls in glue as well and glue them to the canvas to create the butterfly wings.
  • Glue the antenna above the body.
  • Let the glue dry and then paint the inside of the toilet paper rolls.

Picture with flower craft with children with toilet paper rolls

In a similar way, you can also craft a beautiful flower. To make the flower petals, lay the 1-cm-wide cut roll flat, fold it at one end (about a finger’s width from the corner) and unfold it again. Then press the fold inward to make a triangular shape. Repeat with 5 more cardboard rolls.

For the middle part of the flower, take another strip of paper roll and shape it into a circle. Then glue the pieces to the canvas to create the flower, paint a stem and glue two more rolls for the leaves. Let the child paint the inside of the cardboard rolls and the spring-like picture is ready.

This idea also works well as an interesting craft project for kindergarten or elementary school . Decorate the classroom with the finished pictures to welcome spring.