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Crafting with natural materials in summer – Have fun despite rainy weather with these ideas!

Autumn is known by all to offer enough material for crafts with its chestnuts, acorns , colorful leaves and other things. But if you think that other seasons have nothing to offer, you are very wrong. Even in summer, thanks to the many meadow flowers, you can find numerous opportunities for creative crafts. For crafting with natural materials in summer, we have collected some great ideas that you can also implement together with children. Is it supposed to rain in the coming days? Then quickly gather the necessary materials to pass the time even in bad weather. Create colorful and beautiful decorations and treat yourself to an exciting and fun craft afternoon!

Crafting with natural materials in summer – Weaving with flowers and plants

Crafting with natural material in the summer - weaving times differently with leaves and flowers in the frame from twigs

Admit it, these pretty specimens immediately captivated you! This is an extremely simple idea for crafting with natural materials in the summer, which you can try even with small children. All you need is a frame or a base, which you string with string, and then arrange flowers and plant parts between them. You have two options for this:

  • Use sticks to tie a frame.
  • Use cardboard.

Create beautiful pictures with cardboard and plants and flowers

Idea with cardboard

In both cases, of course, you can choose the size yourself and thus adapt the idea for crafting with natural materials in the summer to your ideas. If you use cardboard , cut it several times on two opposite sides. Then take string, tie a knot at its end and put the end through the first incision. The knot should be on the back side here. Stretch the string to the opposite slit and then on the back to the next, below the first. Continue like this until all the cardboard is covered. Feel free to change the colors of the string. This variation is best suited for younger children.

Build frames from twigs, string them with yarn and design them with flowers

Frame from sticks for crafting with natural materials in the summer.

String you also need for the variant with sticks . The perfect variant to craft with wood in the summer! Put two sticks together at right angles and then tie the string around both sticks in a cross shape to tie them together. Keep doing this until you get a square frame. Then, again, stretch string from one side to the other. It is important that the cord is stretched twice, once from the front and once from behind, so that you can clamp the plants between them.

Homemade natural weaving frame decorated with flowers and leaves.

Cool idea for crafting with natural materials in summer - weaving pictures with plants

And then the even greater fun can begin – you can create beautiful arrangements by clamping flowers, leaves and any other parts of plants. If the weather permits, just take a walk and collect flowers, grasses and leaves . If the idea for crafting with natural materials in the summer is for a rainy day, you can instead get artificial flowers in advance.

Colorful suncatchers

Suncatcher tinkering with natural material in summer from colorful petals and clover

Fresh and colorful flowers also decorate this homemade decoration , which the little ones will especially enjoy. By the way, this idea for crafting with natural materials in the summer would also be perfect for kindergarten! The weather outside is not really playing along and you can not go collect flowers? Then use artificial flowers or get dried flowers! You will need:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Acrylic or other craft paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Cling film or self-adhesive foil
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Plant parts

Make suncatchers from natural materials in summer – Here’s how:

Instructions for a colorful suncatcher with popsicle sticks, flowers, leaves and foil

Lay a mat on the table and let the kids paint the popsicle sticks in whatever colors they like. Then let them dry on the mat. Alternatively, you could buy colored sticks right away. Glue four of them together in a square. You will need two such frames per suncatcher. Apply glue to one of the frames and stretch a piece of foil over it (with self-adhesive foil, the sticky side up). Then spread the plant parts on it as you like. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, seal the whole thing with another layer of foil (adhesive side down if self-adhesive).

Summer decoration to hang up yourself - Suncatcher idea with flowers from the garden

Now glue a piece of twine to one of the sides so you can hang the suncatcher later (you will then cover the glue spot with an ice cream stick and it will not be visible). Glue the other frame at the same height as the first one and cut off the excess foil on the sides. Now you can hang the suncatcher. Isn’t it a real eye-catcher? Especially in groups, the Suncatchers will look very pretty with their bright colors.

Tip: Instead of using popsicle sticks for the frame, you can also cut out a frame from cardboard. Or how about sticks, which you can paint any way you like on top of that (see below)?

Crafting with natural materials in the summer – Colorful sticks

Colorful decoration with natural materials in summer - painting sticks or driftwood

So simple and yet so beautiful: Such colorful sticks can make even the smallest themselves. The colored sticks (wands?) can be designed in the most beautiful colors. And not only that: you are welcome to combine the colors with yarn or other natural materials such as flowers, leaves, grasses or even feathers. Moreover, since the theme is “summer”, you could also use driftwood, instead of the usual from the forest or park. But of course, you can decide that for yourself. Otherwise, you can be as creative as you like for crafting with natural materials in the summer.

Crafting with natural material in the summer – figures with shells.

Painting shells with acrylic paints and transforming them into fish or ladybugs

It’s raining and somehow the great summer mood is gone? You can change that as soon as possible by getting the shells from the last vacation out of the closet (or order some) and then paint them and turn them into cute figures – suitable for crafting with natural material in the summer, of course, summer motifs are best. Fish, crabs (the legs can be made from pipe cleaners or twigs), ladybugs and turtles are just a few of the possibilities.

You simply paint the shells with acrylic paint . Then you can add wiggle eyes and if needed other elements for fins, legs, etc. The finished decorations can adorn side tables, bowls, flower pots, and even flower beds, and are also great for gift giving. By the way, empty snail shells can also be colorfully painted.

Make a crown from leaves yourself

Crown of leaves for little princesses - Quick and easy gluing

What girl does not like to play princess ? But also our little boys are thrilled by the idea of wearing a crown like a mighty king. That’s where our next idea for crafting with natural materials in summer really comes in handy! Make a great crown from simple leaves and let the childish role-playing begin!

  • large leaves (if possible in two different colors/shades)
  • scissors
  • good craft glue
  • staples, clamps or paper clips

Cut out a square from one of the leaves. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Then use this square as a template to cut out more squares from the other leaves in the same color. Depending on the size of crown you want, you will need about 9 to 10 pieces. Then use it to cut out 4 to 5 pieces from the other leaf color as well.

Crown for fairies with squares of leaves and staples

Now you need to fold these squares, which, as you know, is not too easy with leaves. This is also why you need the clamps. So take two green squares and fold them diagonally to get triangles. Don’t fold them so much that they tear at the fold. Then you need another yellow triangle. Push two of the pointed corners of the green triangles into each other so that they overlap, whereupon you place the yellow sheet between them. Now apply glue here and there to stick all three elements together and fix them with clamps until the glue dries.

So now continue with the remaining leaves squares until you reach the desired length. You can always check in between whether the crown would already fit in the achieved length. The ends of the jagged leaves snake you then also glue together and once everything is well dried, the natural crown can be used. This idea for crafting with natural materials in the summer is good for all occasions, but also as a pastime without an occasion. And you could also try it once in autumn with colorful leaves!

Crown from twigs

Simple crafting with natural materials - crown for a king

Or how about instead of leaves made of twigs? You can make such a pretty crown not only in summer. Branches can also be found during the other seasons, of course. In addition, you will need the following things to make the crown with natural materials in the summer:

  • 1 strip of muslin (slightly longer than the child’s head to be able to tie it; in the example, 100 cm long and 10 cm wide).
  • 1 ribbon, about 2.5 cm wide and the same length as the muslin strip
  • hot glue and gun
  • scissors
  • Ruler

Crafting with natural materials in summer for children – instructions

Crafting instructions for accessories for costumes - Making crowns for children with sticks

And the crown is also really easy to craft with natural materials in summer: lay the muslin strip in front of you and arrange the branches on it side by side lengthwise and up to the middle of the strip. The group of branches (in this step about 38-40 cm long) should be in the middle area. Also, always leave enough space between two branches so that another one could fit in between (we’ll explain why in a moment). Don’t glue them down yet, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to take branches away, move them around, or replace them. Once you are happy with the arrangement, glue them down.

Make crown from twigs at any time of the year with and for children themselves

Now fold the bottom half of the ribbon up and glue it to the branches. On top of this, now attach more branches, always in the areas that you just left free between the branches, that is, offset from the previous row. After that, you can hide the ends of the branches with the other tape by gluing it over them. Let the glue dry well for a while and tie the finished crown around the head.

Make a raft yourself with natural materials

Natural raft building as a toy for children for the water

A raft like this is really a fun thing to make. With it, kids can play by a stream, pool, lake or just in a wash bowl. And it’s really not hard to make either. Just get enough sticks. These should be about the same size or cut accordingly. Then you’ll need a stick for the mast and two smaller ones to support it, as well as a large green leaf for the sail. Then you can already craft the raft with natural materials in the summer.

Make rafts from sticks and leaves or paper yourself

You can either tie the sticks for the raft together or glue them together with hot glue or tape. Both work very well, but you save time with the adhesive variant and it may be a little easier to implement for children. Glue the two short sticks diagonally to the stick for the mast, skewer the leaf for the sail and the homemade toy is ready! Of course, you can vary the materials used as you wish.

Crafting with natural materials in summer - Creative ideas with instructions for crowns, for weaving and for a raft