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Crafting with muffin tins in winter, for Valentine’s Day or carnival: ideas for children and adults

You can conjure up wintry decorations with the most diverse materials and thus bring the beautiful winter atmosphere into your own four walls. Especially with paper you can create so much and we would like to show you a few ideas for crafting with muffin tins. Whether snowflakes for winter, door wreaths for Valentine’s Day, pictures or but the Chinese dragon suitable for the Chinese New Year, which begins this weekend, you will certainly have a lot of fun!

Winter ideas for crafting

Crafting with muffin tins in winter - Cutting out simple snowflakes

In keeping with winter, you can implement the following craft ideas with the kids:

Make your own snowflakes from white muffin tins.

Make winter motifs with muffin molds or coffee filters

Fold a few, then cut in at the fold as you like, unfold again and you have a quick and beautiful snowflake that you can use for garlands, curtains or simple pendants. You could also make a table runner out of it or how about using it to create a greeting card?

Create fabric with paper snowflakes for a curtain

You can use regular and also mini muffin tins as well as coffee filters and make snowflakes in different sizes this way. This is a great project for kids too, because they can experiment with the incisions and keep making new designs. It stimulates creativity and is huge fun in the process.

Sticking pictures with paper molds

Making pictures with muffin tins - igloo, polar bears or snowmen

Paper shapes are the perfect shape for snowmen. All you have to do is flatten them and glue them on like this. Then you can add the rest of the elements like arms, hat and face from any materials. The shapes are also great for an igloo and your kids can come up with quite a few ideas.

Cut snowflakes from colorful muffin paper and glue them on paper

As mentioned above, pictures can also be created from the cut out snowflakes. Feel free to use patterned paper and make something beautiful for Valentine’s Day, for example.

A Chinese dragon

Make Chinese dragon yourself with colored paper cups for cupcakes

Between January 22 and February 7, China celebrates the New Year and the Chinese dragon is part of the festive decorations. That’s why it fits perfectly as a motif for winter crafts. The body is made quickly and easily: cut the paper shapes in half and glue them in a curved line on a sheet of paper or cardboard. The muffin shapes should overlap a bit.

The head is a tiny bit more complicated: fold two shapes in half and cut off the corners so you have two folded squares. Glue them together (they overlap a little). Add teeth, horns, wiggly eyes, whiskers and flames made of tissue paper.

Of course, this is just an example that you can modify as you like. Play with the colors and materials!

For carnival balloons craft with muffin tins or decorate.

Crafting with muffin tins for carnival - gluing colorful balloons or decorating string

Also perfect for carnival are these two craft ideas: Use colorful shapes to create a picture and, more specifically, balloons or decorate the string of real, inflated balloons for a carnival party.

You can create the balloon string for the picture with gift ribbons or wool, but also with pipe cleaners. If you like, cut out the balloon bouquet after you glue it on. This way you can make an interesting greeting or invitation card with muffin tins. How to do the other idea is probably obvious: poke holes through the muffin molds and thread the balloon string through them, sometimes turning the molds upside down, sometimes the right way around.

Crafting with muffin tins for Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day can craft with gifts, Valentine’s cards and also gift tags with muffin tins:

Valentine cards or tags for the gift craft with muffin tins.

Crafting with muffin tins - Make your own Valentine's Day cards or labels as a gift

Create little cards for your valentine or a tag that you can hang on the valentine gift with some lovely words. You can create hearts from the paper muffin tins, make a cupcake as a motif for a card or even tulips and other flowers or a white dove of peace. There are no limits to your creativity.

Paper tulip and cupcake making from paper shapes

In the picture above you can see how to fold the paper for a simple tulip. For the cupcake, you will need the flat round side of the ramekin and a small fluted part.

Valentine’s wreath as decoration or gift

Crafting with muffin tins for Valentine's Day - Wreath for door or window in red, pink, white

A nice gift idea for someone you love (this does not necessarily have to be the partner, but gladly the girlfriend or mother), you can choose a homemade gift. Such a door wreath is a nice idea after all. He can also decorate your own door .

Instructions for a Valentine's wreath or winter wreath in white

You pinch the ramekins together in the middle, so that a kind of flower is formed. You can then glue the top onto a wreath blank made of any material. Alternatively, you can use pins instead and simply poke them through the paper and then into a suitable wreath (made of Styrofoam or foam). Stick the individual paper flowers tightly together in the blank, so that there is no free space and it is well covered.

Crafting door wreaths with muffin tins for winter and carnival

If you craft the wreath with muffin tins in white or with shades of blue, you can also create a wintry model that can decorate your home until spring. It’s best to hang it indoors, as the thin paper is quickly ruined by winter humidity.

Or how about a colorful carnival wreath? Thread beads and cupcake paper onto a simple metal ring. Add pom poms or pieces of felt as desired.