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Crafting with egg carton for Easter: these cute craft ideas create Easter atmosphere in the house!

Are you also already in Easter craft fever? We are not surprised, because the first rays of sunshine let us dream of already the beautiful Easter and a garden full of blooming bushes and trees. There it tingles also in the fingers, which so gladly tinker decorations . Today we show you how incredibly creative you can get with simple egg cartons. After all, the egg cartons prove to be a wonderful basis for a wide variety of craft projects and you conveniently always have them at home. What can you craft with egg carton for Easter? You will be thrilled and want to get started right away! Would you like to craft with egg carton and children at Easter? This will not be a problem either.

Rooster or chicken with egg carton craft for Easter

Chickens from egg carton tinker to Easter - feathers and foam rubber as decoration

A typical Easter symbol are the chickens with your rooster. No wonder, after all, they give us the eggs, which we can then create beautiful. So how about making a chicken for Easter out of an egg carton? It’s really not difficult at all! The finished chickens can then serve as egg cups for the painted Easter eggs. Or how about using eggshells as vases, placing them inside a chicken and then adding a tiny bouquet?

Instructions for making your own hens and roosters from egg cardboards

DIY tutorial:

  • Egg box
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • additional decorations like feathers, foam rubber, wiggle eyes
  • scissors, glue, felt-tip pen

Painting cut out elements for Easter decoration

Cut out the right elements from the box. The long tips are the neck of the chickens. The picture above shows well which parts you need. However, you could also add two cups to each tip to be able to store two eggs per chicken at once.

Handicraft idea for children and adults - hens with wiggle eyes

After you have cut them out, you can paint them. Here you may play with the colors of course and create brown and white or even motley chickens. Then from the foam rubber cut out beak and rooster comb, which you glue to the top. Add eyes to the left and right and decorate the rear with a few feathers .

Chickens with egg carton tinker to Easter to store the Easter eggs

Make your own Easter bunnies from egg cartons

Funny bunnies made from egg cartons for filling

What would be an Easter decoration without the bunny ? He must not be missing on the table in any case and therefore we present you also for it craft ideas for Easter with egg carton. One option would be to put two egg carton cups on top of each other, creating a hollow space that can be filled with candy or other things.

Bunny with cups from egg cartons and ears from foam rubber

At the back, tape them together with a piece of paper tape so they don’t slip and the top part can be flipped open like a lid. Then you can paint the cardboard and add bunny ears (for example, made of foam rubber or foam, paper or bent from pipe cleaners).

Easter bunny from egg carton craft for Easter with ears from pipe cleaners

Make chicks themselves

Chicks make themselves in bright colors and with feathers

And in the same way you can make chicks with egg carton for Easter. Then instead of ears just make a beak and add a small feather on the head (or two for wings on the sides).

Craft an Easter nest or Easter basket from egg carton.

Easter nest with egg carton craft for Easter

Egg cartons are the perfect base if you want to craft an Easter nest. So if you didn’t have time to make a nest or buy one, this is a great last minute idea. All you need is an egg box that you fill with Easter grass. You can also make Easter grass yourself from paper by cutting it into strips. You can design the box itself any way you like – paint it, decorate it with stickers or glitter stones, glitter, ribbons or whatever else you can think of.

Nest with egg carton craft for Easter - chicken and artificial grass made of paper

Easter baskets

With egg carton tinker to Easter - Small Easter baskets with ring as a handle

Mini Easter baskets make a lovely gift idea. They look super cute and can hold a self-painted egg in addition to Easter grass. Use the egg carton cups and add wire handles or pipe cleaners to them . The craft idea is so simple that even children can participate when you make the baskets for Easter with egg carton.

Ideas with flowers

Arrangement with dried flowers and moss in egg cartons

Use dried flowers to create an arrangement like this. This works best if you add plugging foam to the cups of the carton and then cover them with artificial moss. After that, stick small sprigs of dried flowers into the plug-in foam and create small bouquets. Here, you could choose a different type of flower for each cup or create a motley mix.

Craft flowers with egg carton for Easter

Flowers with egg carton tinker at Easter as a decoration for table, window or Easter bouquet

Again, if you take apart the cardboard and cut it to size, you can create blossoms and then use them in different ways – for a 3D mural, a garland, a curtain, as pendants for the Easter bouquet or the window. In simple steps you can make a beautiful blossom:

  • For each flower, you first need three pieces – two with four petals and one with three.
  • Then glue the three-piece into a four-piece and then the last four-piece part in the same way.
  • Finally, cut out a strip, roll it up and glue it into the flower as well – as the center.
  • Then you can design the flower with colors.

With egg carton tinker to Easter - instruction for flowers from cardboard

For example, glue it on a piece of wood or bark and combine with moss to get a beautiful, natural-looking table decoration. Or come up with other creations when you craft these flowers with egg carton for Easter.