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Crafting with coffee capsules for Christmas: Simple decoration ideas with which you can reuse them

Whether you consume Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Tassimo or any other brand of coffee, it can accumulate a lot of waste. This is why the capsules are so controversial, because the bottom line is that coffee capsules harm the environment and should be avoided. However, another option would be to reuse them. Maybe you have even seen jewelry made from coffee capsules? Today we present you a few ideas with instructions that fit perfectly for Christmas. Whether Christmas decoration or homemade gift – crafting with coffee capsules can be really varied!

Small angels to hang

Crafting with coffee capsules for Christmas - Make your own angel with template for wings

These pendants can decorate the Christmas tree or decorate other areas and look quite authentic because of the metallic look of the capsules. Here’s how you can craft angels with coffee capsules:

Per angel you need:

  • 2 capsules
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • Fur wool in any color
  • 3 wooden beads or foam balls
  • wings (you can cut them out of cardboard yourself using our template)
  • self-adhesive glitter stones
  • glue
  • thin wire (approx. 25 cm per angel)
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • needle
  • felt-tip pen/ding

Crafting with coffee capsules Instructions and template for Christmas angels.

Crafting instructions for aluminum capsules - Stringing beads

Take the first coffee capsule and press its edge in at equal intervals with the pliers to create a wavy edge. Repeat with the other one. Then, using the needle, thread the thin wire alternately through a bead, then through a capsule, through a bead again, then through the second coffee capsule, and finally through the third bead. The beads ensure that the capsules are spaced apart and also to create a head (start with the head when threading through).

Christmas angel craft with coffee capsules - Simple tutorial

Once you are through all the elements, you need to return the wire. When doing this, leave out the bottom bead and put the wire directly through the bottom coffee capsule. This will create a loop around the bead so that everything is fixed. Alternatively, you can tie a knot and feed the wire back through the bead. Then glue a piece of wool around the neck as a scarf. Cut a small piece from the pipe cleaner and shape it into a ring slightly smaller than the head. Glue it in place as a halo.

Template to print

Angel wings - Free templates to print out

Now print and cut out the template for the wings, and then transfer the outlines to the cardstock you want to use to make the final angel wings. Then glue the wings to the back. Then draw the face on the head bead and glue the glitter stones as buttons to the front of the angel. Now tie the ends of the wire together to make a loop for hanging and you are done is the Christmas angel !

Crafting with coffee capsules for Christmas – Christmas tree ornaments.

Christmas tree balls crafting with coffee capsules from Nespresso

For a small Christmas tree, you can craft such Christmas tree ornaments if you have leftover Vertuo Nespresso capsules. These have a rounder shape and can quickly turn into baubles if you glue them together. They can also be embellished and personalized with stickers or patterns you paint yourself.

Make Christmas bells yourself

Make bells yourself from capsules of machine coffee

You can also make such bells as tree ornaments from coffee capsules and recycle them in this way. Knot one end of the wire and then put the wire through the first capsule from below. Thread on two beads and form a loop by twisting the wire in. Thread two beads again and put the wire end through the two capsule. Knot the end. Tie a bow of pipe cleaners around the wire loop as a decoration.

Idea for a cute Christmas gift – mini flower pot for the refrigerator.

Gift idea for Christmas - Mini plant in pot with magnet for the fridge

Plant little plants such as succulents in the capsules after sticking a small magnet to the outside. This is a really cute gift that everyone will surely be happy about. Once the plants run out of space, the gift recipient can simply transplant them. Again, you can design the capsules any way you want beforehand. More elongated models are recommended when you craft this idea with coffee capsules. On the one hand, you get a more even surface to attach the magnet. On the other hand, these also have more space than, for example, Vertuo and a flat installation surface.

Reuse coffee capsules – ideas for crafting Christmas decorations.

Crafting with coffee capsules - Christmas wreath, Advent wreath and nativity scene with Mary, Joseph and Jesus

If you craft the above angels with coffee capsules, you can also make Mary and Joseph out of two of them and create a nativity scene. For the baby Jesus, all you have to do is squeeze a coffee capsule like a wrap. In the opening at the top, glue a bead for the baby’s head. Joseph gets another cap and Mary gets a capsule hood and both of them a halo each by cutting out just the outer ring of the capsule.

Make a door wreath yourself

To make a wreath, press the aluminum capsules together in a similar way to the baby Jesus, creating petal shapes into which you then glue red beads. Spread these “leaves” onto a wreath blank made of foam or straw with hot glue (if you use Styrofoam, don’t use hot glue or use a low-temperature gun).

An Advent wreath made from recycled materials.

You can also make an Advent wreath next year with coffee capsules. To do this, simply flatten them and then arrange them in a scale-like fashion on a blank. Start with the inside and work them forward row by row to the outside, always overlapping the previous row so that the entire blank is covered. Then poke candle holders into the wreath and decorate as desired.