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Crafting with clothespins in spring is original and exciting: check out our suggestions!

Spring is definitely a time for creative ideas. There are many different materials that you can use to make something beautiful at home and refresh your house.
Crafting with clothespins in spring is an exciting idea and we will show you some simple and fresh crafts.

DIY necklace with clothespins and beads

Crafting a necklace with clothespins is simple


Beads (with big holes)
Necklace or ribbon

  • First, take apart the clothespins. Separate the feather part from the wood part.
  • Before you begin, make sure your bead is the same size or smaller than the feather and has a large hole.
  • Next, use pliers or your fingers to pry open the uncoiled end of the clothespin spring. Insert one side of the spring into one of the holes in the bead. Bend the other side so that it fits into the corresponding hole in the bead.
  • Wiggle the bead and the feather a little so that the ends of the feather line up. Even if they don’t match perfectly, it’s not a problem!
  • Thread the necklace or ribbon through the end of the feather and voila! You’ve made a cute spring ornament!

Crafting with clothespins in spring: flower wreath

Crafting with clothespins in the spring is original and fresh


Wooden clothespins
Wreath frame made of metal wire
Hot glue gun
Hot glue
Word correction fluid
Artificial flowers – daisies or other spring flowers
Plastic bowls

Choose for yourself what spring flowers you would like to have in your wreath, and also choose what color you would like to use for the clings to express your style and mood.

Crafting with clothespins in spring will freshen up your door

  • Start by disassembling the clothespins. To do this, you will need to remove the wire springs.
  • You will be left with two pieces per clip. On the backs, you will see a small wooden slot. Make sure that these slots face each other and glue the two pieces together with hot glue.
  • First, prepare the plastic containers and clothespins.
  • Make sure your containers are large enough to fit all of the clothespins inside so that the paint covers them completely.
  • Fill each of the containers with paint. Spray and acrylic paints work well. For 1 liter of water, you will need 150-180 ml of dye.
  • If you make a more concentrated solution, you will get a darker color.

Crafting spring wreath with clothespins to spice up your home

  • The clothespins need to stay in the containers for 24 hours to allow the dye to penetrate the wood and create an even color. Then let the staples dry for a few hours on paper plates or on a clothesline.
  • However, you may need to apply several coats to get a rich and even color, so you will need to wait until each coat is completely dry.
  • Once the clothespins are colored and dry, you can decorate them with small white dots using the white correction fluid applied with a brush.
  • The dots are applied only to the visible side of the clips.

Clothespins crafts can beautify your house

  • It will take you less than an hour to create all the parts of this gorgeous wreath.
  • Start by placing the clothespins on the wire frame until all the clips are placed and you have a perfect wreath.
  • The number of clips will also vary depending on how tightly you attach them together.
  • On the inner circle you can use only one color clothespins , the other color remains for the outer circle. (If you want the wreath to be one color, you can of course paint the clips one color). The clothespins are long enough to clamp two wire circles. This way you not only hide the wires, but you also make sure that the clamps are firmly attached to the frame.

Artificial flowers are suitable for a wreath made of clothespins

  • A tip: If you want to hang the wreath in a place where it might come into contact with rain, seal the clothespins with Polycrylic (water-based) or Polyeurthane (oil-based).
  • You can easily attach the artificial flowers to the wire by clamping them between the clothespins. There are many ways to arrange the flowers, and all of them will look very good.

Make glittery clothespin dragonflies

Dragonfly crafting is a good idea for springtime


Wooden clothespins
red paint
sponge brush
glitter shaker
glittery tulle
small black beads
Hot glue gun

  • First, paint your wooden clothespins with red paint. Set them aside to dry. Once the paint has dried, use a sponge brush to coat the tops of the clothespins with glue. Then sprinkle glitter on top of the glue. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Heat up your hot glue gun. Glue two small black beads as eyes on the sides of the clasp.
  • Cut a piece of glitter tulle from the roll that is about six inches long. Fold the tulle in half and then in half again. Crumple up the center of the tulle a bit. Open the clamp, put some hot glue on the inside, put the tulle on it and then close the clamp on the tulle.
  • Using scissors, cut a round shape around the bottom of the wings to make them look more like dragonfly wing shapes.
  • Your glittery clothespin dragonfly is ready! You can turn them into refrigerator magnets by gluing magnets to the back of the clothespins. Crafting with clothespins in spring can be really fun! Now you can hang this cute craft on the fridge in style.