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Crafting window decorations for Christmas with children: Simple Christmas crafts with instructions for all ages

Can you also hardly wait to turn your home into that familiar heartwarming winter and Christmas wonderland? So slowly it’s time to prepare all those Christmas decorations and get them out of their storage! But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few novelties or replace the some old decorations. Christmas decorations are the perfect excuse to spend a fun afternoon crafting with the kids. And to make sure you don’t spend a lot of time wondering what you could create with the little ones, we’ll show you some ideas for making beautiful Christmas window decorations with kids.

Christmas decoration for windows – Large star made of cardboard with branches

Window decoration for Christmas craft with children - star from cardboard and twigs

This interesting Christmas window decoration you can just lean on the window or even hang it as you like. And depending on the age of the children, you can make the star yourself, or you can use the cardboard star pre-made by an adult and just add the twigs. Let’s get started:

  • Cardboard strips
  • Tree branches
  • Decorations like cones, orange slices, beads, snowflakes or whatever else you can get your hands on
  • hot glue
  • white and golden spray paint (or other colors if you like)

Window decoration for Christmas with children - Christmas star with white paint spray and decorate

First, glue the cardboard strips together like a star. For this you can fold or cut them as you like. To glue them together, the strips may overlap, of course. Then add the twigs crisscross. They not only have a decorative purpose, but also make the star more stable at the same time, because they serve as a support.

Then it’s time to spray! This is best done outdoors in the fresh air or with the window wide open. Spray the edge white and the center of the star gold (or come up with other combinations). Finally, add any decorations you like. You can glue these down or hang them from the branches.

Window decorations for Christmas crafting with children - hang the star or lean it on the window

Would you like to make a glowing star as a window decoration for Christmas with children? Then simply add a string of LED lights!

Window decoration for Christmas crafting with children – winter landscape from tissue paper

Window decorations for Christmas with children - Funny winter landscape made of tissue paper

Surely you know how kids love to paint on walls and doors, even though they know they’re not allowed to. At Christmas time, you can offer them a great alternative – namely, the window. This means not only chalk markers with which to paint the windows, but entire landscapes made of paper. Here’s how you can recreate the snowy landscape from the example:

  • white tissue paper (and other colors for other elements such as fir trees, for example).
  • optional blue cellophane for shimmering elements
  • highly diluted Mod Podge/napkin glue

Cut the paper and cellophane into large pieces (hand-sized, for example). Wet a spot on the window and then press a piece of paper to the window. Moisten it with the highly diluted glue using a brush. The paper would stick even with pure water, but it would fall off after drying. That’s why you add the napkin glue, which will be easy to wipe off the glass later. However, if you want to do the craft project just the moment and do not want a permanent decoration for the window, just leave out the glue.

You can then also add fir trees from tissue paper or craft some from other materials and glue them to the window. Other winter motifs such as deer, snowflakes or snowmen are also perfect for the landscape.

Frosty paper window picture as a window decoration for Christmas craft with children

Window decoration for Christmas craft with children - window picture with paper, tissue paper and cellophane

For this simple, yet pretty idea for window pictures Christmas you need few materials. The shape reminds of a church window, but you can also try other shapes. For example, how about a star or a fir tree? The procedure remains the same.

  • Construction paper
  • Tissue paper and cellophane in shades of blue (or you are welcome to use other colors)
  • Scissors
  • glue
  • Cookie cutters

Crafting instructions for window picture - Decorate the window pane for Christmas

For this design, fold a white sheet of paper in half lengthwise. Then cut it round as shown in the instructions and unfold it. Now use this shape as a template to trace for the construction paper. If you were to work directly with the construction paper, you would end up with an unsightly crease in the middle.

Once you have transferred your shape and cut it out, you can cut out holes inside. Again, these can be specific designs (stars in this example) or simple circles. Cookie cutters are perfect for transferring the shapes. Cut these out as well, turn the paper over and now glue snippets of the tissue paper and cellophane over the holes. Now you can stick, hang or lean the picture on the window. The light will shine through the tissue paper and look wonderful!

Window paints are the classic for designing the windows

Window decoration for Christmas crafting with children from window paints with Christmas motifs

A few printed Christmas motifs (for example, simple coloring pictures), transparent film and window paints – that’s all you need to make an interesting window decoration for Christmas with children. You place the selected motif under or inside the foil to use it as a stencil. The contours are then traced on the foil with special contour paint and once it dries, the remaining areas can be painted. A toothpick is very suitable for spreading the paint. The finished pictures stick to the window pane without any problems and can also be removed without any problems or residue after the festivities.

House in the snow with fir for the design of the window in winter

Tip: To ensure that the window pictures at Christmas really succeed, choose simple motifs with large coloring areas instead of complicated ones. We have provided a few Christmas motifs for you to print out below.

Craft snowflakes

Pictures for the windows are a popular Christmas crafts

Christmas template for window pictures to print

Window decoration at Christmas tinkering with children - template to print out for window pictures

Make window decorations for Christmas with kids – paint stickers for the window pane

Candy canes for children to color - As a stencil for window stickers

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Christmas wreath to color with special window paints

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Penguin as a decoration for Christmas to design with window paints

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