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Crafting in the spring from 3 years to the beginning of spring: Simple craft ideas for home or daycare center.

The days are getting longer and longer and you can already enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine. Of course, this makes you want to go outside. Nevertheless, there will still be colder and rainy days, for which a few interesting ideas to keep the kids busy are needed. While older kids can already handle more challenging tasks, it should be easier for the little ones according to their age. We have collected some fun craft ideas for 3-year-olds for spring, with which you can wonderfully pass the time. You can do the following spring crafts instructions for ages 3 and up:

Crafting in spring from 3 years – Hyacinths with the Quilling technique

Tinkering in the spring from 3 years with paper strips - hyacinths themselves make

Quilling is a really interesting , beautiful and especially fun technique that not only children enjoy. But especially they find it interesting to roll up the paper strips and see how they turn into little rolls/spirals and it is so simple that it is perfect for spring crafting from 3 years old. With this technique you can beautifully imitate the flowers of the hyacinth. Here’s how you can make a little card like the one in the picture yourself:

  • Paper strips in matching colors (you can buy ready-made for quilling, but you can also cut them yourself).
  • Paper for the card and the other elements in any color you like
  • scissors
  • glue

Crafting with 3-4 year olds in spring – instructions

Spring crafting with quilling technique from 3 years old

First cut the background in any size and shape. On it you can then craft the pretty paper flowers with their pots in spring from 3 years:

All elements should be pre-drawn and cut out by an adult in pencil, as 3-year-olds probably can’t do this on their own yet. Four-year-olds may already be able to handle a pair of children’s scissors. Cut out the leaves, flower pot, and dots and glue the dots onto the pot (they can alternatively be painted on).

Hyacinths from paper to the beginning of spring make yourself

Meanwhile, the kids can make these rolls after you show them how it works. To do this, simply roll up a strip. You can also use a chopstick to help you wrap the strip around. Glue a long green strip on the paper as a stem, spread a few leaves on the left and right and glue the pot on top. Then spread out the “flowers”. Done!

You can also make simple rings out of plain paper strips and use them instead of the rolls.

Paper rings for spring flowers as greeting cards

Celebrate spring in kindergarten with little birds

Crafting in the spring from 3 years - colorful birds from paper

Such birds, a little reminiscent of blue tits, are perfect for spring crafts in the nursery or at home. All you need are paper hearts of different sizes, which you, as an adult, can prepare the three-year-olds, so that the children only need to glue them together. The finished birds will be a nice hanging decoration for the spring bouquet, window or chandelier. So if you want to make spring decorations with children, this idea is wonderful. You only need the following materials for spring crafting from 3 years:

  • black paper
  • blue paper
  • yellow paper
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • white marker
  • string for hanging

Tip: You are of course welcome to use other colors.

Pretty birds from paper hearts craft in the spring with children – How it’s done

Birds tinkering in the spring from 3 years - instruction with paper hearts

You make the hearts by folding rectangles once lengthwise in the middle and then cutting out half a heart at the fold. Now when you unfold it, you get a whole heart. The yellow body should be slightly larger than the wings, head and tail.

Black and red bird crafting in the spring from 3 years old

Glue the body into the tail element, fold upon fold, and repeat with the head. Apply glue to the outside of a wing element and glue it to the body. Repeat on the other side of the bird. Then cut out small elements for the beak, glue them down as well and draw the eyes. Now all you need are white cheeks. Attach the string and your first bird is ready to hang.

Blue tits and great tits design with 4-year-old children in the spring

By the way, you could also use the crafted birds for other spring craft ideas for children from 3 years. For example, how about a beautiful spring door wreath? Just glue them on a cardboard ring or use a Styrofoam ring and pin them in place.

Make your own storks from paper plates

Instructions for DIY storks from paper plates and tissue paper

All the migratory birds are coming back and among them are the storks. So it’s a perfect motif for spring crafts for ages 3 and up and to celebrate the start of spring. Simply cut out the details from the paper plate and the red legs and beak from paper. Glue these elements together. Then you just need some details from tissue paper : For the eye, crumple some black paper into a ball (you can also paint it on), then spread some more white and black tissue paper on the body to imitate wings.

Ideas for spring crafts with three or four year olds

Of course, you can also create flying storks. In this case, you also do not need tissue paper, just paint the black elements with black paint. Plastic cutlery is no longer sold, but if you still have some at home, you could use it for the head and legs. Otherwise, these elements can be easily cut out of craft cardboard.