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Crafting for Mother’s Day in elementary school – ideas for cards and gifts from different materials

And again a special occasion is approaching to do crafts with children – Mother’s Day. If you want to do something special with your class for Mother’s Day crafts in elementary school to honor mothers, you can take a look at our ideas. We have found simple and creative craft ideas for you that all children will surely master successfully, no matter how skilled they already are. In this way, you will help the little ones to say “thank you” to your mom once for everything and how much they love her.

Mother’s Day craft in elementary school – A wreath made of hearts

For Mother's Day crafts in elementary school - Loving wreath made of paper hearts

Simple paper hearts and a bit of glue – that’s all you need for this simple, yet beautiful idea. You can prepare the strips, but you can also let the kids cut them out themselves. It all depends on how old your kids are already. Instead of glue, you can also use a stapler. Craft the little hearts as follows and preferably in bright colors.

Take a strip and fold it in half. Then with the two ends form a heart shape and glue or staple them together. Make several such hearts and then place them together in a circle to make a wreath. At the points where the hearts touch, glue them together. Then tie some string or ribbon to hang them anywhere and the Mother’s Day wreath is ready. You can also punch holes for the ribbon.

Mother’s Day gift craft in elementary school – necklaces for mom.

Crafting for Mother's Day in elementary school - chains with pendants made of wood and beads.

What woman doesn’t love necklaces? So the perfect idea for a quick and above all simple craft project . The necklaces can also be alternatively transformed into key rings with the help of key rings. You will need the following materials:

  • String
  • round wooden plates with a hole
  • heart stickers (or other shapes)
  • felt pens
  • wooden beads
  • scissors

Craft instructions for a ladies necklace or keychain

First, glue the sticker onto the wooden pendant. Around it, the kids can then paint the wood and let the paint dry a bit. Then remove the sticker. The unpainted motif remains. Then tie string long enough for a chain. The knot here is best in the middle and the two ends of the cord stand out about the same length.

Instructions for a Mother's Day gift from the kids - necklace with heart

Now string beads in any color and sequence and tie the ends of the string together at the end. If you like, shorten the string and tie a key ring to make a keychain.

Greeting card with colorful pasta

For Mother's Day crafts in elementary school - greeting card with colorful pasta

Not only farfalle are best suited to craft greeting cards with spring character for Mother’s Day in elementary school. Also with other varieties succeed pretty flowers and other motifs. In any case , pasta is a wonderful idea to make original Mother’s Day cards. Here are a few creative ideas you can do with colored pasta (painted with food coloring or acrylic):

  • Frame the front of the card with farfalle.
  • Shell pasta (also called snail pasta) to create hyacinths.
  • Maccheroni for the petals of a daisy.

Use farfalle and snail pasta for DIY flowers

In principle, a wide variety of motifs can be crafted by dyeing or painting the pasta in the appropriate color. Woolen string is also a good material, because it can be used to make the flower stalks or blades of grass. Since the large amount of noodles make the card quite heavy, it is recommended to use cardboard instead of normal paper, which you can paint beforehand. The back, in turn, can be decorated with a greeting and thanks to mom.

Glue noodles on cardboard and write on card for mom

Frame from colorful noodles

Greeting card as a Mother's Day gift from school decorated with pasta

Cool Mother’s Day card with egg carton and tea bag as a gift

Make your own tea cup out of egg carton and fill it with tea bags

Actually, everyone likes to drink tea. Besides, it’s healthy and is associated with cozy moments – so it’s perfect for making a sentimental gift for Mother’s Day in elementary school. This greeting card with tea bag also has a great 3D effect , which is sure to impress mom. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Craft cardstock in white and any other color you want
  • Egg carton (one cup of each per card)
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Tea bag
  • glue
  • any decorations like flowers, sequins, stickers or others

For Mother's Day craft in elementary school - Mother's Day card with tea bag

If you would like to make this Mother’s Day card with children, cut a little cup out of the egg carton. One side should be cut straight so it will rest nicely on the card. Fold the white cardstock to make a hinged card and cut a rectangle out of colored cardstock to glue in the center of the front of the card. Now glue the cup to the center as well, form a handle out of the pipe cleaner and attach it as well. Place the bag in the obtained tea cup and glue the tag as well. Now you can design the card with any decorations around it.

If you now want to label the little cards with some nice words, you can provide the children with our ideas and make it easier for them to find the right words. Our sayings can also be printed out and then conveniently glued into the card.