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Crafting for Christmas with children from 3 years: Try these creative and simple ideas!

A situation all parents are all too familiar with during the dreary season of the year: Your child is bored because the weather is not suitable for playing outside, but the toys at home are also no longer so tempting and so it eats away at your nerves, leaving you with nothing to do yourself. It urgently needs an interesting occupation that is not only fun, but preferably productive. After all, now is the best time for the first Christmas crafts! What could you craft for Christmas with children from 3 years old?

Simple Advent calendar made of paper

Handicrafts for Christmas with children from 3 years - Advent calendar with cotton balls

The Advent calendar is simply part of the Christmas season! But in addition to the variant with sweets or small gifts, you can also craft such a variant for Christmas with children from 3 years, with which the design after the craft even continues.

All you need to do is cut out a Santa Claus head along with a cap and beard. For this you can use templates from the Internet, but also freehand should not be a problem. The children can glue the individual parts together with your help. Then number the beard with the numbers from 1 to 24. Starting on the first of December, the child can then glue a cotton ball to the respective date every day to create a cuddly soft Santa beard.

Crafting for Christmas with children from 3 years – Santas with paper plates.

Funny Santa Claus to make with paper and cardboard

Such Santas as craft ideas for Christmas are easier to make than you might think at first glance. It’s even the case that 3-year-olds can help cut them out because they are simple figures. All you have to do is trace the shapes for you. You will need:

  • red and white construction paper
  • white paper plate
  • acrylic paint in a skin tone and brush
  • scissors, glue
  • pom poms (or red paper as well)
  • Wiggle eyes

Simple Christmas crafts for the little ones for the Advent season

From the red paper, cut out a triangle larger than the paper plate, and possibly a red circle for the nose if you are not using pom-poms. From the white paper, cut out two circles, cutting one in half, and a narrow strip. Cut the top of the plate and paint the inner part with the skin color. Then the kids can glue all the elements together, using the picture above as a guide.

Feel free to come up with other motifs as well. After all, with the same materials you can also make snowmen , reindeer and the like for Christmas with children from 3 years. Just adjust the colors!

Craft idea for a Santa Claus without cutting

Crafting for Christmas with children from 3 years - Make a Santa Claus with paper plate

You can also turn the paper plate into a Santa Claus without cutting out elements from paper. Simply draw the outlines on the plate with a pencil, creating a kind of coloring picture that the children can then color in. They then use absorbent cotton to create the hat and beard once the colors have dried. A pom-pom can also be used for the Santa hat.

Painting window pictures for Christmas itself

Handicrafts for Christmas with children from 3 years - Simple window picture with foil and acrylic colors

On a normal foil draw any picture with a sharpie. You can also print out a motif beforehand and use it as a stencil, if you are not so with drawing. Then comes the part that the children can do. Use acrylic paints to paint the picture. Once the colors are dry, you can hang the picture on the window (or tape it down). If you wish, you can also cut out the motif. By the way, Christmas balls are also simple motifs to color for children of this age.

Another way to create window pictures is to take regular paper and color it with crayons. Then paint it with cooking oil or baby oil, but do not overdo it with the amount. The oil will make the paper transparent, allowing light to shine through beautifully. Tape the picture to the window or punch holes in it and tie string to hang it up.

Spiral Christmas tree craft for Christmas with children from 3 years.

Handicrafts for Christmas with children from 3 years - Spiral as a Christmas tree from paper plates

You can also use a paper plate for this Christmas tree. It will turn into a cute Christmas decoration that you can use, for example, to decorate the children’s room. If you want to craft this idea for Christmas with children from 3 years, you can prepare the individual elements by drawing them on the paper so that the little ones can cut them out and punch them afterwards. Alternatively, you can also use punches. You will need:

  • Paper plates
  • construction paper in any color
  • green acrylic paint and brush
  • scissors
  • string

Paint the paper plate green and cut and shape it in a spiral shape

Paint the plate green from both sides. Several layers may be necessary. Then cut it in a spiral shape. If you now lift the plate at its center, the rest will automatically fall down and form a fir tree. Now cut out the Christmas tree balls (and other shapes if you like), punch holes in them as well as the spiral and tie them with string. Also at the top of the tree tie string for hanging. To this you can glue a Christmas tree top (for example, a star) by sticking the string between two identical motifs.