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Craft wreath from pine cones: Beautiful craft ideas for autumn decoration from natural materials

Autumn is the best time to go for a walk in the forest and collect beautiful natural materials. If you have made bags full of cones after a walk, then you already have the material ready for the next round of crafts. We will show you how to make a wreath from pine cones and use it to decorate the door or table in autumn.

The wreath of pine cones: autumnal decoration for indoors and outdoors

Autumn wreath from natural materials

A pretty door wreath made of pine cones is one of the best ideas to decorate the front door in autumn. And the best part? You can easily make the wreath yourself!

Materials needed:

  • Wreath ring made of foam or wire
  • Pine cones in different sizes, washed and dried
  • decorative acorns
  • dried wheat stalks, trimmed
  • Glue gun
  • scissors

* The amount of pine cones needed depends on how big your wreath is and how big the pine cones are.

* Of course, you can buy the cones for this project instead of collecting them. This will save you some work, because cones offered in stores are already cleaned and dried. In addition, they are sorted in similar sizes, so you can use as uniform as possible cones for the wreath.

Crafting instructions:

  1. Attach the larger pine cones to the top of the wreath by applying glue either directly to the wreath or to the bottom of each pine cone.
  2. Hold each pine cone for a few seconds to ensure it adheres well to the wreath before moving on to the next. Repeat this process all around the wreath. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  3. Hold the wreath on its side and attach the smaller pine cones to the inside of the wreath. The pinecones should be glued to the wreath on their side and pointy side up. Place them as close together as possible.
  4. Lay the wreath down again and this time attach the pine cones all around the outside of the wreath. Attach each pine cone at its bottom end, touching the top pine cones at more of an angle.
  5. Fill in any empty spaces on the outside of the wreath by attaching the wheat stalks between the pine cones. This will prevent the wreath ring from showing through. Then, close the empty spaces in the center of the wreath with acorns.
  6. Allow the wreath to dry completely before hanging.

A trick for better holding of the cones

How to make door wreath with cones yourself

If your cones aren’t sticking well to the wreath form, you can try a simple trick. Wrap jute twine around the form first, then glue the pine cones to the jute instead of directly to the form.

How to make a pine cone wreath without wire or glue

Make a wreath from pine cones without glue

You can make a pine cone wreath without any glue or craft wire at all. This is because cones change shape when they are wet. All you actually need are the cones (and lots of them) and a wire wreath form made of several rings.


  • Wire wreath frame, 35 cm in diameter.
  • Pine cones, approx. 150-175
  • Large bowl or bucket filled with water

Large wreath from pine cones without gluing and wrapping


  1. Clean and bake the pine cones (if you collected them in the forest).
  2. Soak the cones in a bucket of water for 30 minutes. This will cause them to close up and be easy to work with.
  3. Sort the pine cones by size. Use the smaller cones for the inner ring and the larger ones for the two outer rings.
  4. Insert the bottom of a large cone between the two outer wires. Push the pinecone to about the 3rd or 4th scale and pull back slightly to hold it in place.
  5. Add more tenons to the wire frame, working one section at a time.
  6. As you near the end of the section, squeeze the pine cones together as much as possible and insert another pine cone.
  7. Continue doing this all around the wire wreath form.
  8. Allow the wreath to dry completely, the pine cones will open on their own over the course of a few days to form an opulent wreath.

Make your own pine cone wreath for table decoration

Pine cone wreath with candles for table decoration

With pine cones you can not only make a beautiful door wreath, but also round off the autumn table decoration. The wreath is a beautiful decorative piece for the center of the table and can also decorate your dining table in everyday life. Combined with a few pillar candles in the center, the pinecone wreath gets a nice update.

Make wreath for the table from cones berries and greenery

Would you like to make your own wreath for Advent this year after all, then take a look at our ideas for homemade Advent wreaths from cones . Whether you use fir, pine or spruce cones, all ideas look great and are great for a natural decoration for your home.

Quick and easy: decorate a ready-made wreath with cones.

Willow wreath autumnal decorate with cones pumpkins and leaves

Even if you’re not crafty enough to make your own door wreath from pine cones, you can put the natural materials you’ve collected to work by embellishing a ready-made door wreath. Purchase a simple willow wreath and various decorative items of your choice, and glue them to the wreath along with the collected cones. A small hot glue gun will serve you well for this project.

Paint pine cones and make a colorful wreath

Painting pine cones and making a wreath

Autumn is known for its beautiful colors, so of course the decorations can be colorful too. For a colorful fall decoration, you can paint the brown cones with any colors you like before crafting your wreath. After the paint dries, the cones can be attached to the wreath form to make a beautiful, colorful wreath.

Make your own door wreath from dyed pine cones

To color the whole pine cones, we recommend that you first spray them with white paint and only then paint them with the color you want.

The painted cones will look like pretty fall flowers and will beautify your front door in no time. If you want your cones to look even more like flowers, you can make flowers out of pine cones following these instructions . The method is simple and requires only sharp secateurs and a little strength in hand. From the finished cones flowers you can make yourself not only wreaths, but also flower arrangements, pictures and wall decorations.