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Craft summer decorations: Children of daycare age will be thrilled by these ideas!

In the summer, toddlers love to spend time outdoors. When it gets too hot to play outside in the afternoon, it’s time for creative crafts. We’ll show you several ideas for making beautiful summer decorations. These DIY projects are perfect for daycare-aged kids who are on summer vacation.

Craft summer decorations: Paint cups with the kids

Offers for kindergarten in summer simple ideas

The nursery is full of toys and still the kids are bored? Even in summer, it’s a good idea to have a few craft projects ready. If bad weather or long periods of heat make you bored, you can make a nice decoration yourself together with the kids.

Our first suggestion: paint cups . You will need a porcelain cup, 2-3 drops of detergent, water, a fine brush, a base for the work surface and porcelain paints (skin-safe).

First, wash the children’s hands well. Line a plate with plastic wrap and put porcelain stains on it. Now have the children dip their index fingers and thumbs into the paints and dab first the butterfly’s body and then the wings. Then wash the children’s hands and let the butterfly dry for about half an hour. Finally, you can paint the butterfly’s antennae with the fine brush.

Summer decoration ideas for children of kindergarten age: making ice cream cones

Summer decoration with Kita children tinkering ice cream cone garland for the birthday table

Using craft cardboard and honeycomb balls, you can create a charming garland for the nursery. First, make a paper cone out of the clay cardboard and then a ball out of honeycomb paper. Glue them together to create an ice cream cone. If you wish, you can decorate the ice cream cones with stickers, rhinestones or glitter.

Crafting in July with the kids: Popsicle sticks

Cactus craft from craft cardboard and jam jar

You can make a colorful garland out of foam rolls (you can use the foam rolls of a paint roller, for example) and popsicle sticks. Simply cut the foam roll into several 15 cm long pieces. Then stick a wooden stick into each foam piece and glue it in place. Fix the string with Tesa tape and hang the garland.

Crafting with children in summer: ship made of wooden sticks

Table decoration for summer for kindergarten 4 years old children boat

For the next craft idea, you will need wooden stems, craft cardboard, straws, paint colors, scissors, a flat paintbrush, a hole punch, and glue or hot glue.

Offers kindergarten summer make your own table decoration from popsicle sticks

First, have the kids paint all the wooden stems. Then glue six wooden stems together. Turn them over and make a substructure of 5 more wooden stems. Then cut a straw to size. Cut out several triangles for the sails from the craft cardboard and punch two holes in each sail with the hole punch. Poke the straw through the holes. Glue the mast to the center of the wooden stick ship. Fill water in a bucket and let the children play with the ships.

Children’s activities in summer: make a ship

Fold ship from old world map crafting in summer with children

You can also make a ship out of paper. It looks especially nice if you use wrapping paper or an old world map. You still need a straw for the mast and a triangle of white craft cardboard for the sail. This craft idea is perfect for kids of kindergarten age.

Craft summer decorations: Make your own sun with kids in the daycare center

Sun craft with children during summer vacation

A simple DIY idea for kids of kindergarten age: make a sun out of clay paper and wooden sticks. You still need the following materials: yellow buttons, glue, yellow paint, a flat brush. As accessories you will also need a compass and scissors. Proceed as follows: First, cut out a circle with a diameter of 15 cm from the yellow clay paper. Then have the children paint eight wooden handles yellow. Then place the wooden stems on the clay paper as rays and glue them in place. Turn the sun over and attach the yellow buttons.

Summer decoration for children of kindergarten age: sun made of paper plates.

Crafting in the summer sun from paper plates make yourself

Children between 3 -4 years old will surely like the next craft idea as well. You can make a sun yourself from paper plates, craft cardboard and cling film. The decoration makes a good figure both in the children’s room, and as a window picture.

Crafting in summer ideas for Kita children sun

You will need the following materials: a paper plate, yellow paint, a flat brush, cling film, red and orange craft cardboard, a cutter knife or scissors and glue. Here’s how to craft the sun: Cut out the bottom of the plate first and glue cling wrap to the paper plate ring instead. Cut out many small squares and eight medium triangles from the craft cardstock. Glue the squares to the plastic wrap and attach the triangles to the ring as sun rays.

Table decoration for summer: make a birdhouse with children of kindergarten age

Pineapple crafting with kids during summer vacation in July

A cool idea for table decorations with summer flair: craft a “birdhouse”. This original decoration for the children’s table is guaranteed to provide a lot of fun. You will need the following materials: a template for foldable paper house (on the net there are many free templates), craft cardboard in yellow and green, a pencil, children’s glasses with flowers, self-adhesive rhinestones, glue, scissors.

Pineapple craft ideas for summer vacation in July for daycare children

First assemble the house, then cut out the leaves from green clay cardboard and attach them. Decorate the little house with rhinestones. Paint the eyes on the glasses and put the whole thing together. By the way, the colorful birdhouse is suitable not only as a decoration for the garden or dining table. You can also hang it on a tree and use it as a bird feeder.

Table decoration for the summer: make pineapple

The next craft idea is also very simple and perfect for crafting with children from 3-4 years. You will need craft cardboard in green and yellow, a brown marker, a green marker, a ruler, scissors, a craft knife and an empty kitchen paper roll. Cut the kitchen paper roll in half. Cut a strip from the yellow craft cardstock and use a ruler and the brown pencil to draw the pineapple designs on it. Draw the pineapple leaves freehand and cut them out.

Now you are ready to assemble the pineapple. With this colorful decoration on the table, the good mood is pre-programmed.

Table decoration for summer: make cactus from cardboard with the kids.

Cactus as a table decoration tinkering ideas for the summer vacations for children 3-4 years

The next decoration is also colorful and creative. Crafting a cactus out of cardboard is really easy as pie. You will need green craft cardboard, pink and pink tissue paper, a paper cup, river stones and a blue marker. Place the child’s hand on the craft cardstock and trace the outlines. Then cut out the handprint and decorate with patterns using the marker. Paint the paper cup gray and fill it with the river stones. Cut strips from the tissue paper and glue them on the craft card as “flowers”. Finally, put the handprint in the cup, between the stones.

Make a cactus out of modeling clay with the kids

Cactus from modeling clay as a table decoration for summer tinkering with children themselves

You can also make cool cacti out of modeling clay. Shape the cacti out of modeling clay and for the spines you can use pipe cleaners or toothpicks. Place the cacti in small plastic plant pots and decorate them with river stones.

Craft summer decorations: Koi fish from toilet paper rolls

Making fish out of toilet paper rolls with children ideas

Crafting with toilet paper rolls is enjoying increasing popularity. The empty rolls can be painted and decorated in any way you like and find numerous uses. Next, we’ll explain how you can craft koi fish from old toilet paper rolls.

Summer decoration with children craft fish from toilet paper rolls

Press the empty toilet paper rolls lightly from one side and paint them in a color of your choice. Let them dry and then paint the fish scales on them. On white clay cardboard, paint a tail fin and two belly fins and cut them out. You can slightly cut the ends of the fin. Then glue the tail fin to the pressed end of the fish. Cut the toilet paper roll. Then you can bend the other end of the roll up slightly. Attach the pelvic fins. Finally, you can glue on wiggle eyes.

Craft summer decorations: Make a colorful table runner yourself with children 3-4 years and older.

Crafting with toddlers for summer ideas for kindergarten table decoration from popsicle sticks

Are you planning a children’s birthday party and need a table runner? Then you can glue wooden stems together, paint them in different colors and decorate them with glitter and stickers. There are no limits to the imagination. For painting, by the way, you can use water – or even food coloring.

Crafting with children summer simple idea for table runner

The more colorful the end result, the better! This colorful table decoration is guaranteed to please guests. In addition, the table runner provides a set-up area for hot drinks.

Crafting with toddlers in the summer: stamp cloth napkins

Crafting with children in the summer simple ideas with stamps from natural materials

Stamping is especially fun for children of kindergarten age. Below we explain how to make your own stamps from natural materials such as potatoes or lemon and decorate cloth napkins with them. You will need white cloth napkins, fabric paints, a paintbrush, a lemon and a medium-sized potato.

Cut the lemon in half and apply plenty of color with a flat brush. Then you can stamp the napkin. Cut the potato in two as well and stamp pink designs on the napkin. Then paint the rest with a flat brush. The end result should be a watermelon motif.

Table decoration for the summer do it yourself: Maritime lantern

Crafting in July with children maritime summer decoration ideas

A children’s activity on hot afternoons: learn to tie knots together. With this you can then decorate lanterns.

In addition, you can decorate the lanterns with decorative ribbon in white and dark blue. Let your creativity run wild when designing the lantern.

Craft ideas for the summer: Decorate lanterns from glasses with Washi Tape

For this romantic lighting you will need jam jars, tissue paper in different colors and Mod Podge. Wash and rinse the jam jars thoroughly. Using a flat brush, apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the clean and dry surface. Cut the tissue paper into 5 cm long strips and stick them on the jam jar.