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Craft star from sandwich paper and bread paper bags: Simple DIY ideas for Scandinavian Christmas decoration

Crafting at Christmas time is somehow especially fun, don’t you think? The weather outside isn’t particularly tempting anyway, and inside there’s this contemplative, romantic and cozy mood due to all the candles, fairy lights and Christmas decorations, so you just love spending time inside your own four walls. Are you in the mood for a productive afternoon? Then let’s make a star or two out of sandwich paper and bags!

Butter paper stars are a simple craft idea for young and old

Simple craft instructions for folding stars from brown or colored paper

Want to make poinsettias with kids, get started right away with this simple idea! All you have to do is fold, cut a bit and tie. Not even glue is necessary, but the following:

  • Bread paper in rectangular shape (twice as long as wide); in the example 50 x 25 cm.
  • string
  • scissors
  • stapler

Star from sandwich paper – instructions

DIY paper poinsettia to decorate for advent season

Place the paper in front of you and start folding from one of the shorter sides like an accordion. At the end, both ends should point in the same direction. If they do not, you can cut off the “wrong” strip. Then cut the ends round in two opposite directions to give the star its jagged shape, and tie the folded paper tightly in the middle.

DIY Advent decoration from baking paper or wrapping paper

Now you can pull the ends apart and watch the paper turn into a beautiful paper star. Staple the ends together still and tighten string for hanging.

Fold star from sandwich paper or wrapping paper for a garland

Decorate for Christmas with a garland of origami stars

Cut squares from the bread paper and start with the simple folding of these origami stars , from which you can then make a garland. How exactly you need to fold, you will learn in the following folding stars tutorial:

Tip: You can also use wrapping paper for this star decoration if you want to add a little color.

Simple, yet beautiful bread bag stars as a Christmas decoration.

Nordic traditional decorations for walls, tables and windows

For such a star made of sandwich bags, you need several copies, first cut them and then glue them together. All in all, a really very simple task that even children can help with.

Patterned stars to hang from paper bags as window decoration

Take the bread paper bags without unfolding them first and cut them according to any pattern on the sides. In our case, this is once the corners of the open side to get the pointed prongs, and triangles in the two sides in the middle of the bag to give the finished bread bag star a pretty pattern. You can also use a hole punch or puncher for more patterns. Then glue the bags together after applying glue to the surfaces.

The more bags you glue together, the more they will also pull apart to make a star shape. Here you can decide for yourself how many bread bags you want to string together, because the number also changes the look of the star.

Dye white bread bags with thinned paint for ombré

Note: In the picture you can also see white paper bags that have been dyed with watery paint to get this effective ombré look. So you can also craft a paper star with light colored paper and design it any way you want beforehand.

Create star from sandwich paper or bags with die cutters

Here you can see a romantic example of a star made of sandwich paper or paper bags , for the design of which snowflake punches were used. Also, the idea of hanging this in a glowing ring is really great and worth considering. This will make the homemade decoration stand out even better.

Star from buttered paper or bread bags tinker for Christmas

Brown paper gives the stars a rustic look, while white is particularly pure and wintry. The advantage of bread paper is that it is quite thin, making it easier to work with. Both folding and cutting require less force. In addition, the thin material gives the poinsettias a more delicate look, which is just perfect for the romantic Christmas mood.

Cutting templates for the bread bag variant.

Scandinavian paper stars easy to make yourself as a Christmas decoration

As already mentioned, you can always create new patterns just by cutting the bags and in this way make different models with once without much effort. Especially in groups, the Christmas stars look very pretty. Try best all the templates that we have compiled for you! With some, the stars will be more rounded, with others more jagged.

The top edges of the templates are the open sides of the bread bags.

Cut bread stars on the side for patterns

Star crafting made easy with paper and templates!

Cutting star from sandwich paper and sandwich bags with templates

Round shape for the paper Christmas star

Christmas star crafting with templates, tips and ideas

Make your own poinsettias from brown paper

Folding star from buttered paper with instructions

You can cut the ends of the folded paper fans in different ways – slanted for points or rounded for rounder stars that could pass for snowflakes. Experiment with your creations and let your and your kids’ imaginations run wild – just like you did with paper tablecloths back in the day. Do you still remember?