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Craft pixies for outside – instructions for beautiful door wreath alternatives as decoration for autumn

Decorative gnomes are no longer a novelty. Already a few years ago, the friendly little guys from the Scandinavian countries have conquered our hearts and gather not only in the house, but also in the garden, where gnomes made of pine greenery are very popular. Moreover, by using matching colors and patterns for clothing, they can be used for any season. So also for autumn and today we have just for this some examples with instructions for you. But instead of the classic pixie figure, we would like to offer you a cute door wreath alternative to decorate your front door in a fun autumnal way. See how to make such pixies for outside!

Autumn beard made from leaves

Pendant for the front door with rustic charm

It’s the materials you use that give off the mood of the Secret Santa. For example, you can create the perfect hat with rustic fabrics like linen or plaid, while the beard can be made of straw or colorful leaves. Here’s an example made of linen fabric and artificial foliage:

  • Linen fabric
  • Textile scissors and rotary cutter (if necessary, normal scissors, but it is easier to cut with them)
  • artificial leaves (you can also use self-made ones)
  • Styrofoam ball
  • hot glue
  • cardboard
  • acrylic paint for the nose and brush
  • optional further decorations like ribbons, glitter stones/brooches, lettering, bows
  • for hanging: Yarn or cable ties

Secret Santa instructions – This is how it’s done

Secret Santa for outside - Instructions with cardboard, linen and Styrofoam ball

Draw the triangular shape of the hat on the cardboard. You can determine the size yourself, but it should already correspond to the rest and have, for example, a good relationship to the nose. Then cut out the triangle, cut the Styrofoam ball in half and paint it in the color you want for the nose. While the paint dries, dress the cardboard triangle with the fabric to make the hat. To do this, simply wrap the fabric around the cardboard so that everything is covered at the end. Add a drop of hot glue here and there to hold the fabric in place well.

Decorations for autumn do it yourself - Funny door decoration with autumn leaves

Now glue a row of leaves to the hem of the hat. After one or two more rows, gluing each one to the previous one, let each row get a little shorter to get the typical triangular shape of a long full beard. Now apply hot glue to the cut side of the hemisphere and glue the nose partially under the hem of the hat. On the back, glue a loop of string or cable ties to hang the decorative gnome. If you like, you can decorate the cap with other decorations.

Craft gnome for outside – The door wreath alternative with felt, rope and straw.

Secret Santa hat made of felt and beard made of rope and straw

As already mentioned, you can also craft great pixies for outside from other materials. You can get an equally interesting Secret Santa beard if you use straw and/or rope. In this case, it is recommended to cut out not only a triangle from the cardboard, but also part of the part of the bar, so that you have a base on which you can glue the material, thus obtaining a thicker beard. Otherwise, the space under the cap will be limited. Cut the materials for the beard into pieces and glue them so that later they are partially covered by the cap. In contrast to the example above, the cap is added after the beard. Then add the other elements like nose and decorations as well as string for hanging and you’re done!

Cool idea in contrasting colors

Secret Santa for outside - The front door decorate with Scandinavian Secret Santa

If you would like it not too rustic, when you craft pixies for outside, then use for cap, for example, a contrasting color, which is actually not typical for autumn. In this case, for example, it is a light blue knitted hat. But in order to still create autumnal charm (after all, it should still fit the season), make sure to create the rest in matching colors – a beard of yellow, orange and red autumn leaves, for example. This way, the two color schemes will highlight each other and the Scandinavian Secret Santa will stand out even more.

Outdoor Secret Santa with plaid hat and beard made of wool

Secret Santa for outside - Door wreath alternative with wool and plaid fabric

This last of our Secret Santa ideas is also very nice – a combo of white wool and a warm plaid pattern for the hat, which you can opt for when crafting Secret Santa yourself. You can either cut out just the hat shape from cardboard and let the wool threads hang down freely. Or you can cut out a teardrop shape to glue the threads completely onto cardboard. We also really like the little accents of parcel string for the top of the hat and above the hem. The nose is again made from a mini ornamental pumpkin.

Wichtel tinkering for outside - Autumn decoration with foliage leaves