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Craft owls from natural materials: enjoy autumn with your kids with these fun craft ideas!

Autumn is here! Colorful leaves decorate the trees and some now drop their fruits, which can be wonderfully used for crafts! Of course, we are talking about chestnuts and acorns. Even toddlers find them interesting. Pine cones also find their place in a number of craft ideas for kids in the fall. Here we show you how to craft owls from natural materials.

How to make chestnut owls with children

You will need to pick out the chestnuts and acorns and work on the acorn shell

This is what you need for these cute chestnut owls:

Horse chestnut
Acorns (with lid)
Plastic eyes for crafting (round)
Kitchen scissors and craft scissors
All-purpose glue or hot glue gun
Possibly cardboard (thick, black or brown paper)

You can make chestnut owls with children quite easily

How to make chestnut owls:

  • You will need to pick out the chestnuts and acorns and work on the acorn shell. For each chestnut owl you will need 1 chestnut, at least 1 acorn (fruiting body) and 3 acorn hats. The chestnut forms the body of the owl, it is best to choose a particularly nice and round shape for it.
  • Carefully cut the acorn body into two equal halves with kitchen scissors. For further processing it is better to use finer craft or paper scissors.
  • Now when you have 2 half acorn shells, use scissors to cut a strip of equal size lengthwise so that you have 2 wings left for the chestnut owl. If possible, use the scissors to cut out a triangular beak from the leftover acorn shell.

Carefully cut the acorn body into two equal halves with kitchen scissors

  • Now choose 2 especially nice, round acorn hats for the owl’s eye sockets. Make sure your plastic eyes fit inside, so use large eyes. You can then glue the plastic eyes into the eye sockets using all-purpose glue or a hot glue gun and let them dry. (It goes super fast with the hot glue gun).
  • Cut a third acorn hat in half with scissors and cut two sharp points in each to make little owl feet. This is the most difficult step because the acorn hats break easily. Children may need adult help here.
  • Now glue the chestnut owls together. A tip for gluing the wings: it’s better to glue them to the top end, where the acorn has its pointier end.
  • In our version of the chestnut owls, they can’t stand on their own feet. We added a satin ribbon to hang them up. However, you can also cut out a small piece of black or brown cardboard to use as a stand and glue the chestnut owls to it so they stand upright.

How to make owls from pine cones

How to make owls from pine cones and what you need to make them

You will need:

Pine cones
Different felt (red, blue, light orange and brown)
Brown or orange pipe cleaners
2 googly eyes
Glue gun

Owls craft from natural materials - Enjoy autumn with your children with these fun craft ideas.


  • To make these cute owls, first cut out the shapes you need for the owl: 1 eyebrow shape, 2 circles (slightly larger than the googly eyes), 2 wings, and 1 small beak.
  • Next, cut small slits in the eye circles, all the way around. This is completely optional. It’s perfectly fine if you want to skip this step.
  • Using a glue gun, glue the googly eyes to the blue felt eye circles. Then glue the blue felt eye circles onto the brown eyebrow shape.

To make these cute owls, cut out the shapes first

  • Put a small dab of hot glue on the bottom edge of the brown eyebrow, right in the middle, and then attach the beak shape.
  • Attach the owl face to the pine cone with the glue gun . You don’t need a lot of glue to attach it. Think about where you want the eyes to go on the pine cone, then put a few small blobs of glue on the tops of the pine cone pieces that stick out.

Finally, make the legs of the owl from a pipe cleaner

  • Next, attach the owl wings to the side of the pine cone.
  • Finally, make the legs of the owl out of a pipe cleaner. Fold the pipe cleaner in half. Then fold the ends back down to make an “M” shape. Bend one end of the “M” in and out about 2-5 inches to make 3 zigzags (these will become the claws). Bend each zigzag line closed to form it into a claw. Repeat for the other end so you have two owl claws. Pinch the end of each “claw” together and bend it down.
  • Use a glue gun to attach the feet to the bottom of the pine cone. Turn it right side up and you’re done! So easy and fun to craft owls from natural materials !

Use stone as a craft material

How to make owls from stone - It's very easy for an autumn decoration

What you need for crafting from stone:

White mini shells or large googly eyes.
Smooth stones for crafting
All-purpose craft glue or glue gun with glue sticks
Leaf tips – such as from Japanese maple leaves to create the owls’ beaks.
Mod Podge (optional)

Make sure all the stones, shells and other natural materials are clean

Here’s how to craft the cute owl:

  • Step 1 – Clean the stones and shells. Make sure the stones, shells and other natural materials are clean before using them for this owl craft.
  • Step 2 – Glue on eyes. Use mini shells or large googly eyes to make eyes for the owl . First, apply glue to the back of each shell or googly eye. Then glue the eyes to the stone so they look like large owl eyes peeking out. If you are using seashells, put small googly eyes in them.
  • Step 3 – Glue the beak onto the rock craft. You can glue the tip of a small Japanese maple leaf to the stone under the eyes to make a beak for your owl. You can use the end of another plant leaf, another type of shell, a seed to make a beak.
  • Step 4 – Apply Mod Podge to the owl (optional). Use a foam brush to apply Mod Podge to seal and protect the owl. This step is optional.