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Craft or print an invitation card for the first day of school: We have ideas and instructions for both variants!

A new milestone, a new excitement in the life of the child: the very first day of school is coming! And of course this must be celebrated appropriately. The whole family gathers, friends come and, to the delight of the schoolchild, the party goes on for all it’s worth. But so that all guests can appear, they must first be invited. Sit down with your child and make a nice invitation card for the first day of school yourself. We have collected a few ideas, instructions and templates for you.

An invitation in the shape of a sugar cone

School cone as a motif for the invitation cards

The sugar cone is probably the symbol of school enrollment in general. After all, it is a gift that should not be missing. Packed with sweets and important utensils for the coming school years, it ensures great joy for the child. And that, of course, makes it the perfect motif for the invitation card for the first day of school. We have prepared a template for you that you can easily print out.

Template as a stencil for an invitation to the first day of school party

Use white or colored cardstock as you like, and either print it directly or print the template on white paper, cut out the school cone and use it as a template to transfer it to the cardstock (but then you’ll have to label it completely yourself). Either way, cut out the shape – preferably inside the dotted line. Now label it some more with the necessary information.

If you like, you can also design the white template for the sugar cone yourself in addition. Let the child paint patterns and motifs on it or even glue decorations such as glitter stones, net or lace, foam rubber, string or whatever else you can think of. Stickers, mini pencils or books are also suitable. Also, come up with some text for the first day of school invitation that is funny or interesting.

3D pencil shaped school enrollment invitation card.

Invitation card to the first day of school in 3D format - pencil make your own from paper

Isn’t this a really cool idea for a school enrollment invitation card? If the classic rectangular shape is too boring for you, the pencil as a motif is the perfect alternative after all! Here’s how to craft this simple idea:

  • white paper
  • yellow, red and gray/black craft cardboard
  • scissors
  • glue
  • removable glue dot

DIY School Invitation Card - Pencil Printable Instructions and Template

Print out the template on white paper, cut out the shapes and transfer them to the respective cardboard colors. Cut out the elements. Fold the pencil shape with the strip in the middle on the lines (or use the other template and fold it once in the middle), after which you glue the eraser, lead and such to their respective spots. You can now design the top with lines, as seen below, or use it for lettering.

Print and fold pencil shape for an original invitation

Another variation is to write the information inside the pencil. Write directly on the yellow cardstock or glue on a different color background and label it. Leave the tip of the pencil blank and stick a glue dot there to be able to close the invitation card for school enrollment. It is important that the glue dots do not stick too tightly so that the card can be opened again without any problems.

Print the template here.

Invitation card to the first day of school – Cool crayons from paper strips

Cool first day of school invitation card - crayon craft with colorful craft cardstock

Alternatively, you can also choose this idea, which is the classic version of a greeting card to open. The craft idea is easy as pie and a perfect project to do together with your child. This is how to make this invitation card to the first day of school:

  • white, skin color or beige craft cardboard
  • craft cardboard in any colors for the stripes and the lead
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Take the craft card and fold it in half. Place the card in front of you so that the open side is on the right and cut the top two corners at an angle to make a point. Now it’s time to design. You’ll need four strips in any color, ending with the card at the bottom and extending to the points at the top where the card begins to taper. Also, on this side, the stripes don’t end straight, but rounded down, like sharpened crayons do.

Then use the tip of your crayon as a template to trace and cut out triangles for the tip (lead). The long sides of the triangles are curled. Glue all the elements onto the invitation. Now you can glue a regular strip of paper on which you write (or print) the word “invitation”, or you can make it a little more interesting, as in the example, by curling the sides of the strip (just wrap them around a pencil).

You can write down cool first day of school sayings or appropriate first day of school quotes on the left inner card sides and write down all the information about the upcoming celebration on the right sides.

Ready to print invitation card to the first day of school

DIY or print out invitation card for first day of school with templates

Of course, you can make it especially easy for yourself by simply printing out school enrollment invitation cards using ready-made templates and then just adding the necessary information. If you don’t feel like crafting or simply lack the talent, you can choose from our variations instead of crafting a school enrollment invitation.

Invite guests with a DIY card to print out

Free printable template

Print and write your own invitation card to the first day of school

Print out invitation and write on it

Make your own invitations without crafting with print templates

Ready to fill out printable invitation card

Print template for last minute invitation for school enrollment party