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Craft ideas for winter fun for kids & adults: Decorate winter after Christmas!

All the euphoria around Christmas is over, possibly you have already taken down the Christmas decorations. In this case, you certainly need one or two suitable replacement decorations, right? And since the weather isn’t exactly wintry, you have the opportunity to simply bring the romance of snow and winter landscapes into your home – while also spending some creative craft time with the kids. These winter craft ideas are beautiful, simple, and perfect for young and old alike!

Making snowmen with children

Snowmen craft ideas for winter for kids - lantern with artificial snow or coconut flakes

Cute lanterns can be made out of simple jars of wake-up candles and artificial snow, which radiate pleasant light in the evening hours, but are also pretty to look at without candles. These snowmen are also wonderful if you want to make something wintery with children in elementary school.

  • coarse artificial snow or coconut flakes
  • jars, preferably in an oblong shape
  • pom-poms
  • pipe cleaners
  • wiggle eyes
  • orange beads
  • paintbrush
  • Napkin glue (or other that will turn translucent).

Instructions for snowman lantern from preserving jar and wiggle eyes

Coat the outside of the jar generously with the glue. Glue the wiggle eyes in place and the orange bead for the carrot nose underneath, and immediately sprinkle fake snow or coconut flakes over the exposed areas. Let the glue dry. Then you can cut a mouth out of red pipe cleaner and glue it in place (you could also use black like charcoal or small black buttons for the mouth).

Crafting in elementary school with artificial snow or coconut shavings

Twist in two pipe cleaners of different colors and bend them into a U shape, then attach a pom-pom to each end. You will get the earmuffs that you glue to the top of the jar. Place an LED candle in the designed jar of wakes .

Snowmen with children tinker as a winter decoration in kindergarten

Craft ideas for winter – make snowflakes from toilet paper rolls for the windows.

Craft ideas for winter - snowflakes from toilet paper rolls and glitter

From the simple toilet paper rolls you can conjure up beautiful snowflakes , decorate them and then use them for decorative purposes. They are pretty to look at the window if you decorate them on both sides, but can also be easily spread on the table. So perfect if you want to make a window decoration with the kids in winter. These craft ideas for winter are also ideal for kindergarten.

  • Cloth rolls cut into rings of equal width
  • Glue
  • Materials for decorating (e.g. spray paints in winter colors or with glitter, glitter stones)
  • String for hanging

Cutting and folding toilet rolls and kitchen rolls for winter stars and snowflakes

After you cut the rings, you can put them together in countless different ways. To do this, press them together to make ovals. Especially children can get really creative here and experiment with the composition. You can see a few examples in the pictures. Finally, just glue the individual elements together.

Cut rings from toilet paper rolls and turn them into snowflakes

Afterwards, you can design the snowflakes as you like. If you are working with spray paint, it is best to go outside or work with the window wide open because of the fumes. Children should not work with it at all or be present if you are spraying indoors. Alternatively, you can work with acrylic paints or glue that you sprinkle with glitter.

Recycling craft ideas for winter for adults – Creative planter.

Craft ideas for winter - flower pot with wood design as a gift

Whether you want to craft a decoration for your own use in January or are looking for a gift for a winter birthday girl, such a planter is perfect, especially if you give it with a matching winter flower. You can recycle wood for this idea or buy new. Bark is also suitable.

  • Wood or laminate scraps in elongated pieces or bark (preferably artificial), preferably in gray or white color to match the winter
  • flower pot/pot
  • hot glue
  • any other decorations

All you need to do is glue the wooden pieces around the pot so that it is completely covered. Then, you can wrap pretty twine around the flower pot several times for extra support. You can also add other matching decorations. The beautiful Christmas roses would look really great in it, don’t you think?

Craft window from sticks as a winter decoration – idea for children and adults.

Craft ideas for winter - window decoration with natural materials

Craft a classic window from sticks and dab it with white acrylic paint here and there to create a vintage effect. Once the paint and hot glue have dried, you can start decorating. If decorating with fir greenery, red berries and cones seems too Christmasy, you can use white berries instead, for example, or snowflakes from the craft store.

Hanging windows are also great for kids as easy winter craft ideas. Just let them decorate the prepared window according to their ideas. Ribbons, colorful yarn to wrap around the sticks, glitter stones reminiscent of ice and even small winter figures like snowmen or sleds can all be attached to the small window.

Or how about cutting paper the size of the window and then letting the kids paint a winter wonderland on it? Glue the frame onto the finished picture and it’s like looking at a beautiful landscape through the window. That makes these creative craft ideas super for kindergarten and even toddlers. If you use tracing paper, you will also get interesting winter window pictures this way.

Make winter picture yourself with small children

Crafting winter pictures with absorbent cotton, cotton pads and paper

Absorbent cotton and construction paper, as well as glue and scissors – that’s all you need to create a beautiful winter picture with children and toddlers. You can use cotton pads to make clouds and a snowman, while loose cotton can be used for a snowy landscape or, shaped as beads, for snowflakes. Paper can then be used to add additional elements such as fir trees, the snowman’s accessories and so on.