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Craft ideas for preschoolers: how to encourage 5-year-olds and 6-year-olds!

With coloring paints, paper plates, colored paper and modeling clay, parents and children can conjure up true works of art. With these craft ideas for preschoolers, you can encourage the creativity, curiosity and inquisitiveness of the little ones. Because crafting is not only a lot of fun, but also contributes to the development of fine motor skills at preschool age. It also teaches kids to solve problems and work together on a project.

Craft ideas for preschoolers: how to encourage the development of 5-year-olds.

Craft ideas for preschool children 5 and 6 years old

Crafting is fun for young and old alike. For children, however, crafting serves several functions:

1. crafting helps teach children core competencies and skills through play.

2. it promotes fine motor skills.

3. it promotes the ability to learn.

4. through crafting, the child learns to communicate and cooperate with others.

Crafting with preschoolers: Encouraging color understanding in 5-year-olds

Painting with fingers ideas for 5 year old kids

Every child is different. While some already know all the colors at age three , others continue to confuse certain colors at age four. You can help your children learn the basic colors and also distinguish the individual shades. For this purpose, you can choose a craft idea with rainbow colors. For example – paint a rainbow with watercolors and fingers.

Crafting with preschoolers encourage color understanding in 5 year old kids

But you can also cut out a cloud from white clay cardboard and glue six wooden sticks to it. Wood is perfect to paint with watercolors , markers and various crayons. Mix the basic colors to get new colors or shades. By experimenting , the child can get to know the variety of colors better and recognize different shades of colors.

Learning rainbow colors with washi tape idea

To help children learn to distinguish different shades of color, various projects with washi tape come to the rescue. The tape is available in all kinds of colors and shades. With a little skill, you can use washi tape to create a rainbow background for creative pictures.

Craft projects for 5 year old children that will help their development.

Craft ideas for preschoolers 5 years with clothespins

At the age of 5, children can’t concentrate long enough to learn a lesson. Even reading fairy tales and short poems is constantly interrupted by questions. One variation on teaching preschoolers new knowledge is to choose a craft project based on a particular theme. For example, craft different insects with the little ones using clothespins , pipe cleaners and rhinestones. While crafting, you can tell the kids how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Crafting with 5 year old children butterflies

And then you can make colorful butterflies from plastic plates, flowers, wooden stems and pipe cleaners. This craft idea will make the anticipation of the coming spring even greater.

Seasons 5 year old children explain with pictures

To explain the change of seasons to the children, you can make a stencil with the children’s hand silhouette and then transfer it four times on brown clay cardboard. Then have the kids paint, or decorate the hand according to the season. For winter, decorate it with self-adhesive snowflakes and stamp it with white fingerprints. For spring, stamp them in all sorts of colors with flower stamps. For summer, cut green leaves out of clay cardstock and glue them to the image. For fall, decorate the hand silhouette with autumn leaves made from salt dough or modeling clay.

Crafting with preschoolers practicing fine motor skills

The next craft idea promotes concentration, fine motor skills and trains the imagination. Make a cloud and raindrops from a white paper plate, white crepe paper and decorative beads.

Painting and decorating flower pots ideas for preschoolers 5 years old

You can also tell the children about the flowers, seeds and care of houseplants, and then together “plant” beautiful flowers from colored paper in disposable cups. To make it more exciting, you can glue a photo of one of your children on each flower and then label the flowers with their names.

Encourage child development with children 5 years old Painting flower pots

Alternatively, you can sow seeds directly into a plant pot and decorate the pot with paint colors.

Crafting for preschoolers: painting paper plates

Crafting for preschoolers ideas for 5 years old parrot from paper plates

You can make all sorts of things out of paper plates. All you need is a disposable plate, feathers, crayons and a black marker to make a parrot.

Crafting for preschoolers pirate from paper plates

A pirate can also be quickly crafted. In this case, kids first need to paint the paper plate with yellow crayon and let it dry. Then paint the mouth, eye, an eye patch and the beard. For the nose you need a button, for the headdress – blue paint and two details of blue clay cardboard.

Crafting with paper plates paint ideas for preschoolers to promote development

Without much effort, you can also make a mermaid. You will need clay cardboard, a marker, coloring paint and yellow knitting yarn. Cut out all the details and let the kids assemble the mermaid and glue everything in place.

Crafting with paper plates Ship from paper plates and colored paper

You can also make a ship out of paper plates. For this purpose, you can cut out the details from clay cardboard and glue them to a wooden handle.

Craft ideas for 5 year old children: ideas with shells.

Butterfly with 5 year olds craft from shells

You may have collected seashells after a long walk on the coast and want to make a beautiful decoration for the nursery? The next craft ideas are just for you. We offer you several ideas for which you paint shells and effectively set the scene.

Crafting for preschoolers 5 years old with shells

From string, a wooden handle and shells you can make a beautiful wall decoration for the children’s room or perhaps a charming wind chime for the terrace itself. Painting seashells is not an easy task. The children have to work very precisely. Therefore, this craft idea exercises fine motor skills

Craft ideas for preschoolers: pictures with buttons

Craft ideas for preschoolers 5 years Encourage development with modeling clay

Not only shells, but also buttons offer a creative freedom. You can make a sheet of modeling clay and glue on it several buttons in yellow and brown. A pom-pom, two wiggle eyes and the caterpillar is ready!

Snail from colored paper and buttons craft ideas for preschoolers 5 years old

To make a cute snail, you will need a paper plate, purple clay cardboard, a wiggle eye and a 10 cm piece of pipe cleaner. Have the kids glue the buttons onto the plate. To make it easier, you can use a crayon to pre-draw a spiral.

Make your own flowers from buttons craft ideas for preschoolers

You can make numerous charming pictures from buttons. The next idea is very simple and is well suited for children aged 5 years. Craft a meadow with field flowers. For this purpose, you will need plain plastic buttons in green, pink, yellow and purple.

Craft ideas for preschoolers sun from wooden sticks and buttons

A circle of yellow clay cardboard, eight wooden sticks, yellow paint and yellow buttons are all you need to make a beautiful sun.

Craft ideas for preschoolers: here’s how to encourage 6-year-olds

Airplanes folding origami art for 6 years old children

We dedicated the second part of our article to craft ideas for children aged 6. Here come several suggestions on what you can do with preschoolers on rainy days.

Crafting for preschoolers learning to fold airplanes

A good idea is to fold origami animals and figures. You can make them into colorful mobiles, or maybe organize a zoo of origami animals.

Craft ideas for preschoolers: this is what six-year-olds can learn to do

Crafting with children making insects out of paper rolls and colored paper

Children who are already six years old are interested in the world. From toilet paper rolls and colored paper you can make various insects such as wasps, butterflies, beetles and so on.

Explaining the solar system to preschoolers from papier mache

The solar system explained simply – glue plastic balls with papier-mâché to create the planets. The children can paint them.

Making rockets for space travel out of toilet paper rolls and modeling clay

Every little astronaut needs his spaceship. You can make cute rockets yourself from toilet paper rolls and modeling clay, and of course then explain to the kids what a spaceship is made of and where it can fly.

solar system mobile for the nursery make

From white clay cardboard and colorful paper clips, you can make a mobilé with the solar system. You can print out templates for the planets for this purpose (the templates should be to scale) and the children can cut them out and paint them.

Craft ideas for preschoolers: painting Kandinsky circles

Crafting with children for spring Kandinski circles

Wassily Kandinsky is a painter famous for his painting “square color study”. His artwork provides the perfect opportunity to explore the effect of different colors together with children. For preschoolers, watercolors are suitable for this purpose. The first thing the children do is paint circles of different sizes inside each other. Then the circles are arranged on a pin board. In doing so, they can not only discuss the color effect, but also explain the differences between the shapes square and circle once again.

Painting with wax and watercolors for children 6 years old

Painting with wax and watercolors is a lot of fun for preschoolers. Simply draw a picture with a wax crayon first, then apply watercolor over the picture. Children can watch as the wax lines remain unchanged and only the blank areas on the page change color.

Craft ideas for preschoolers: 6 year olds learn to sew

learning to sew preschoolers making flowers from paper plates and colored paper

From the age of six, you can start to teach children to sew through play. The next craft idea lends itself as the perfect skill exercise. You will need a disposable plate, a wooden handle, sewing thread, clay cardboard, scissors, a thick needle and a sewing pattern.

Making lollipops from paper plates and sewing thread with 6 years old kids

Let your imagination run wild and try out different craft ideas. Once you poke the holes in the plate, the kids can pull the needle through and create colorful patterns. You can also decorate the paper plates with bows, clay cardboard or cotton.

Making skies from cardboard and sewing thread and wool

This quickly creates a sky with clouds and rainbow, a snail, a flower, a sun or maybe a sugary sweet lollipop.

Make and sew snail from paper plates ideas

Craft ideas for 6 year old children: decoration with shells

Making ships with 6 year olds ideas

At six years old, children also enjoy crafting with natural materials. Seashells offer numerous possibilities. For example, you can build ships out of large seashells. Cut out the sail from colored paper and glue a drinking straw as a mast. The children can additionally paint the shells with fineliners and markers.

Decorating with shells and modelling clay with 6 year old children

Modeling clay and seashells can be used to make various decorations for the children’s room. This craft idea helps children better appreciate the size and shape of materials and exercises dexterity.

Crafting with felt fabric

Valentine's day crafts for preschoolers ideas

Preschoolers really like cutting out details from felt fabric. For this purpose, you can use a cookie cutter or draw designs on the felt fabric and then ask the children to cut them out with scissors.

Valentine's Day crafts with kids ideas