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Craft figures from chestnuts: Make cute little men and animals with children from 3 years old

In autumn, chestnuts are plentiful. Children’s favorite natural material can be found in the forest, in the park and wherever chestnut trees grow. Even from the age of 2, collecting chestnuts is one of the little ones’ favorite fall activities. That’s because the brown, ball-like fruits are great material to play with and get creative with. In this article, we’ve collected several cute ideas on how you can make animals and figures out of chestnuts with the kids. Try out these great craft projects this weekend!

Making figures from chestnuts: what should you look out for?

Making figures from chestnuts and acorns

For chestnut animals and figures it is better to use chestnuts when they are still fresh, because their skin is easier to pierce as well as cut. Chestnut gathering in itself is a lot of fun. Involve your children and enjoy an autumn walk together in the forest or park. In addition to chestnuts, look for other natural materials and fruits that you can think of. It will be all the more fun to create interesting figures from different materials.

From chestnuts and natural materials adults can also make an interesting decoration – such as an autumn wreath. Instructions for this can be found in this article .

For crafting with chestnuts, you will need a chestnut drill (or hand drill or graver) and possibly also a chestnut holder. These are also offered in special craft kits. If the chestnuts are fresh, they can also be drilled directly with toothpicks or skewers.

What can children craft with chestnuts? Great ideas to try out

The finished figures from chestnuts, children can use both to play and decorate the nursery. The main thing is to spend quality time with your offspring and have fun. And now for the ideas!

Cute little men craft

Chestnut men in autumn crafting

It doesn’t get more classic and simple than this! Chestnut men are a great craft project that was made by several generations in the childhood years. For this you need only a few materials and the little ones are always happy about the result. Another benefit: this craft idea is a great exercise for fine motor skills!

Simple figures from chestnuts and toothpicks

For crafting you need: chestnuts, toothpicks or matches, hand drill.

  • Take a closer look at your chestnuts and pick out matching parts for the head, body, hands and feet. Ideally, you should have collected chestnuts of different sizes and shapes.
  • A simple chestnut man consists of 5 chestnuts: the largest for the body, the middle one for the head, and four small ones for the hands and feet.
  • Drill holes in the appropriate places and insert the timbers into the holes. Then connect the individual parts of the manikin to finish it off.

If the classic chestnut men are too boring for you, you can use other natural materials and decorations and decorate the figures as you like. Hats, clothes, shoes and even small accessories – with a good idea in mind, everything is possible.

For animals, the natural material is super

Funny figures from chestnuts craft ideas for children

In addition to the little men, animals are also great ideas for interesting figures from chestnuts. Depending on the shape and size, you can apply the brown fruit to create a head, body or feet. Sometimes even a single chestnut is enough to craft an animal. Such is the case, for example, hedgehogs or owls, which you can simply paint and turn into your child’s favorite animal.

Chestnut animals cute craft ideas for kids

Otherwise, several chestnuts can be used to make larger animals such as horses, caterpillars and even moose. If you have a bag full of the natural material, you can create a whole collection that will guarantee long hours of fun for your children.

Craft cute animals and figures with toddlers from plasticine and chestnuts.

Making cute animals from chestnuts and colored plasticine with children

Another material that can bring your chestnut figures to life is modeling clay. Colorful modeling clay is perfect for creating different features and details. Whether it’s little ears, legs, a tail, a mane or whatever characterizes the animal, modeling clay is sure to leave no child’s wishes unfulfilled.

Cute caterpillars

Caterpillars from chestnuts and modeling clay

The caterpillar is perfect as a craft idea for the youngest children, because you can craft it without drilling. The individual chestnuts are simply glued to each other, either with hot glue or even better with all-purpose glue, and then decorated as desired with colorful plasticine.

Colorful snails

Craft ideas for children snails from plasticine and natural materials

These colorful snails succeed without drilling, making them a great choice for toddlers. First , you should paint the chestnuts to make the snail shells . Then knead some modeling clay to shape them like the snail body. Use something sharp to carve a smile, stick two leaf stems in the head as antennae and glue wiggle eyes. You’re done with cute snails!

Craft with chestnuts for Halloween

Halloween crafts with chestnuts mini pumpkin lanterns DIY

You didn’t really think we forgot about Halloween, did you? In preparation for the spooky holiday, you can paint some chestnuts with the kids and make spooky and beautiful characters. Let your creativity run wild – pumpkin faces, ghosts, spiders or skulls, all these ideas reflect the spirit of Halloween.