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Craft Easter decorations from paper: how to make simple wreaths, eggs and pendants with children

What material is guaranteed to have every craft fan always at home? Paper, of course, and usually in all colors and shades. So if you spontaneously feel like creating something for Easter, this material is perfectly suitable as a basis. Especially children find it easier to work with this simple material, because it is easy to handle. So get paper, glue and scissors out of the cupboard and try our Easter crafts. Thanks to the simple instructions, you can make beautiful Easter decorations out of paper together with the kids!

Easter decorations made of paper – wreath made of Easter eggs

Easter decoration craft from paper - door wreath for Easter with rabbit

As simple as this wreath looks, as simple it is to make. All you need are paper eggs in different colors. You can draw the first one freehand on white paper, cut it out and then use it as a template for the others or print out a template. You then arrange the cut out Easter eggs in a circle to make a wreath shape. However, you can choose a different shape if you like.

Easter decoration tinker from paper - with eggs a wreath make itself

The white egg that you used as a template for the others, you then turn into a bunny head, which you still provide with bunny ears , a face and possibly a pretty bow. On the back glue a piece of string in the form of a loop, so you can hang the Easter wreath.

Tip: The whole thing will be more stable if you cut out a circular or other-shaped frame from cardboard and use it as a base on which you glue the eggs.

Hanger as Easter decoration from paper tinker

Easter decoration craft from paper - fan with Easter bunny, Easter egg or carrot

If you want to make this Easter decoration out of paper, take paper of any color (white in the example) and fold it like an accordion. Tie the strip in the middle. Now take the top two edges, pull the fans apart and glue the edges together. Repeat on the bottom side. You should get a circle this way. On the center, then glue typical Easter motifs that you can also quickly and easily craft for paper Easter decorations – bunnies, eggs, carrots or spring flowers.

Fold construction paper and form a circle

Decorate table – design Easter eggs with beads or glitter stones.

Easter decoration tinker from paper - Easter eggs decorate and distribute on the table

Super simple and yet very pretty and perfect if you are crafting Easter decorations out of paper with toddlers: you can cut out such colorful Easter eggs yourself and then design them as desired by the children. Especially easy this works with stickers or self-adhesive rhinestones and beads. If you are crafting with very young children, do not let them out of your sight, because they can swallow the small parts. Older children can also paint patterns with paints.

Easy crafts with toddlers - cut out eggs and create with little stones

You can then scatter the finished eggs all over the table like confetti or decorate the plates on the festive table with one paper egg each. A great idea would also be to write on the back with congratulations, greetings, sayings or whatever else comes to mind. If you design the eggs again on both sides, they can be used wonderfully as pendants for the Easter bouquet, a chandelier or the window. Or how about Easter garlands , which you can make into a curtain?

Easter crafts with silhouettes in bright spring colors

Or how about this alternative for Easter decoration made of paper? For this, cut out two egg shapes of the same size per egg – one in white and the other colored. Then punch out another Easter motif from the center of the white egg (or draw and cut it out). Then glue a loop of yarn onto the colored egg and over it the white one. The color is now visible through the motif.

Easter decorations craft from paper - Easter egg pendant with silk and other decorations

Wreath as Easter decoration craft from paper – instructions for adults.

Beautiful spring wreath for Easter with folded flowers and leaves

With paper flowers of any kind, you can tinker such a pretty door wreath for the interior as an Easter decoration from paper. Since making flowers is a bit more difficult, this idea is more suitable for adults. You can use the flowers from our instructions or fold from the templates in the link below such models as in the example picture for Easter decoration from paper. As a base, it is best to use a wooden ring, but you can also make a ring from craft cardboard.

DIY Daffodils and Leaves for Easter Template

To craft with paper for Easter, proceed as follows: The first template is for the daffodils. Per flower you need four of these elements, which you then fold accordion-like and glue together (for example, with double-sided tape). From yellow paper you then make another small roll and glue it in the center of the flower. The other two templates are for the leaves. You will need two per leaf. Once you have made the desired number of flowers and leaves, you can arrange them as you like on the ring. Tie a ribbon to hang them and you are done with Easter wreath crafting !

Craft ideas for children and adults for Easter

Templates print