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Crackers craft for the guests on New Year’s Eve: 3 ideas with instructions & tips for the Christmas Cracker Strips

Everyone has seen them in American or British movies: the funny Christmas crackers. What is a popular tradition there, especially at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, many Germans have adopted especially for New Year’s Eve. We call them fun crackers, and you can make them yourself really easily to put your troops in a good mood during your party. We’ll show you some instructions that you can use to make a firecracker.

Craft ideas for New Year’s Eve – Surprise guests with popping crackers

Make your own hostess gifts out of paper or fabric - cool packaging

We have three variations for you to craft popping candy with. For the first one you use a template to print out, for the second one simple toilet paper rolls and for the third one fabric, for reusable popping candy. You can fill the crackers with a wide variety of things. Common are sweets and small

Christmas Cracker self make for New Year’s Eve with template

Crackers craft with free template for New Year's Eve

By simply printing out our template and then transferring it to cardstock, you can make a cracker in a quick and easy way. These instructions are for a non-popping model, which means you don’t need Christmas Cracker Strips, just pull the cracker apart with someone. If you want to make it pop, we’ll show you how to incorporate the strip below. You will need:

  • Cardstock in any color or pattern
  • printed template
  • Scissors, ruler, glue
  • ribbon or string
  • any decorations to design

Print out the template for free and cut out the kite shaped elements with the “X”. Then transfer the template to the cardstock color you want and cut everything out again. Then use the template to orient where you need to fold the pop candy shape, which is on the dashed lines: the normal ones you fold down, the ones with the “O” you fold up. You will get straight folds by taking a ruler to help you.

Crackers craft with template to print out

Apply glue to the tabs provided (K) and glue the candy together. Tie the cracker closed on one side and fill it with whatever you want. Then tie the other side closed as well. If you like, you can decorate the outside of the cracker with glitter stones, stickers, something painted on it or a label, for example.

Make a pop candy with cardboard rolls

Crackers craft for New Year's Eve - ideas and tutorials for hostess gifts

Another option is to use several toilet paper rolls or kitchen paper rolls. This variant works even faster and can also be made both with popping strips and without. Proceed as follows:

  • Cardboard rolls (one kitchen paper roll or two to three toilet paper rolls per popping candy).
  • tissue paper, bread wrapping paper, wrapping paper or crepe paper
  • String or ribbon
  • Glue, scissors

Crackers with cardboard rolls - Quick and easy tutorial

Note: If you are working with wrapping paper, remember that it is very thin and will tear quickly. So when you tie it together at the ends later, don’t pull the string too tight. Tissue paper and crepe paper may therefore be a better choice. For example, gold crepe paper would be perfect for New Year’s Eve !

You can choose different arrangements if you decided to use rolls. Either way, however, you will need three sections so that per candy so that the DIY Christmas Crackers can actually be pulled apart afterwards. So if you are using a paper towel roll, cut it into three pieces. For smaller pops of candy, you can also use a single toilet roll.

Crafts firecracker from fabric with simple sewing or felt without sewing

Place the rolls on the selected paper and cut it large enough to fit around the rolls, creating an excess to glue together. You should also make sure that the length is correct. The paper needs to protrude a bit so that it can be tied together.

At the outermost edge of the paper, then glue the rolls. Roll them up along with the paper and tape the outer edge to the cardboard rolls as well. Using ribbon or string, then tie the paper sticking out at one of the ends of the rolls, fill the roll with any gifts and tie the other side closed as well.

Crafting pop candy – Sustainable from fabric or felt

Sew hem and fill crackers with gifts

As with the paper for the cardboard roll variation, cut a large enough piece of fabric here. Remember the seam allowance to be able to sew the hem. About 0.5 extra inches should be enough for this. So sew a hem all the way around so the fabric doesn’t fray, and then proceed as you did with the second tutorial. With felt, sewing is unnecessary.

If you’re crafting a pop of fabric, the point is not to rip it as you would the classic. Rather, it serves as an interesting package for small hostess gifts , which is then simply tied on. The advantage is that you can reuse the fabric next year, so you’re crafting something truly sustainable for New Year’s Eve.

Incorporate Christmas Cracker Strips

If you want it to pop when you pull it (only possible with the paper versions), you can incorporate a popping strip into the New Year’s Eve cracker. To do this, always place it lengthwise in the cracker. The ends of the strip must therefore extend beyond the tied areas, so that you can grab them later and pull the cracker apart together with the strip. This tearing then causes the bang.

For the model with the template, this means the following:

Christmas Cracker Strips insert correctly

If you are making a popping candy out of cardboard rolls, do not place the popping strip inside the roll, but outside, between the roll and the paper. Start rolling the cardboard rolls in the paper and when you get to about the middle of the paper, for example, add the popping strip before wrapping everything completely:

Divide toilet rolls or kitchen rolls into three parts