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Christmas arrangements for outside – 2 instructions for decoration in the bucket or hanging basket

In winter, when the garden is gray and bare, need a few decorations to spice up the dreary atmosphere. Decorative figures, plugs and hanging decorations from the shops are one way. But the whole thing looks even better and, above all, more natural with a beautiful flower arrangement. And this one you can even create all by yourself! We’ve put together two pretty and wintry outdoor flower arrangements that you can use to decorate your outdoor space throughout the winter season, including Christmas 2021. And the staking is not only great fun, but will fill you with pride. Let’s just get started!

Winter flower arrangements for outside to make yourself - instructions for plants in a tub or hanging

The plants and flowers used in the instructions are only meant as suggestions and you are welcome to replace them with other variations if you have ideas that are more to your liking. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to use real plants either. Artificial materials are very suitable for a floral arrangement that will last a particularly long time and can also be used in the coming year.

Winter flower arrangements for outside in the tub

Christmas arrangement for the entrance in a tall modern tub

The first flower arrangement combines two seasons in terms of color: autumn and winter. For this reason, the example is perfect for the transitional period between the two seasons. However, if you want to do without the autumnal accent and attach importance to completely winter arrangements for outside, simply replace the red branches with those with silver-gray leaves. In the example, the following plants and materials were used:

  • Tub of winter-proof material
  • Plug-in foam
  • bark or other filling material
  • various evergreen branches (in the example spruce and blue-green Arizona cypress)
  • boxwood branches with leaves
  • thuja branches
  • citrus fruits (e.g. lemons and tangerines)
  • pine cones
  • bare branches and those with red leaves (e.g. oaks and beeches keep their leaves even if they are dry)
  • floral wire
  • shish kebab skewers or flower sticks

Red beech leaves as an autumnal and warm accent in winter floral arrangement

Winter outdoor flower arrangements like this one look complicated, but they’re quick and easy to make: fill a layer of bark or other material into the container. This way, you’ll reduce the amount of cutting foam. Then, on top of that, spread the plug foam up to the edge of the pot or a little deeper, after cutting it into suitable pieces. Make absolutely sure that the plug foam is firmly in place and does not move, so that the plants have a stable base.

Tangerines and oranges in Christmas flower arrangement as accent

Insert the bare and red branches into the center of the cutting foam. Around them and so that they hang over the edge of the pot, stick the evergreen branches . Feel free to use those in different shades. Between these two levels, stick a few more boxwood branches and thuja branches as a transition. Wrap florist wire around the base of the pine cones, twirl the ends and tuck them here and there through the evergreen branches into the tuck foam.

Winter arrangements for outside in tubs with fir greenery, pine cones and citrus fruits

Now stick skewers in some lemons and tangerines and spread them here and there in the flower arrangement and at different heights. The floral arrangement should last a long time as it is. You can also moisten the plug foam regularly, but you don’t have to. Only the fruits are perishable quickly and need to be replaced regularly. You can also use artificial fruits instead or take cherry tree balls for winter outdoor flower arrangements during the Christmas season as Advent decoration.

Arrangement as a Christmas decoration for outside to hang.

Winter outdoor hanging arrangements with ornamental cabbage and Christmas balls

Would you rather have a hanging Christmas arrangement instead of a standing one? How about this idea? Especially eye-catching is the ornamental cabbage , which was chosen for the center of the flower arrangement. It gives the winter arrangement an interesting accent that perfectly complements the Christmas balls and evergreens. It is best to soak the plants in water for a few hours before sticking them. This way, you won’t need to water them for the first few days. Hanging Christmas arrangements for outside you can make, for example, like this:

  • Hanging basket with a diameter of about 35 cm made of coconut fiber.
  • Ornamental cabbage in a 12 cm pot
  • skimmia in a 10 cm pot
  • white-green scented flower in a 12 cm vase
  • pine cone
  • evergreen twigs in different colors
  • red plastic Christmas balls
  • florist’s wire and plant sticks
  • plastic foil
  • sticking foam
  • Filling material (e.g. sticking foam or paper)

Instructions for hanging winter flower arrangement - decorate hanging basket of coconut fiber with ornamental cabbage

Line the basket with foil to protect it from moisture when pouring the arrangement. Make sure the foil ends slightly below the rim so that it is not visible later. First, place the ornamental cabbage along with the pot in the basket. Make sure that it is slightly tilted forward (45°) so that it is visible. You can achieve this with the help of the listed filling material.

Combine skimmia and scented flower with ornamental cabbage and evergreen branches

Behind the cabbage, place the skimmia and the scented flower. Between these three pots spread plug foam so that nothing wobbles. Now you can spread the evergreen branches around the pots. Then tie floral wire around the bottom of the pine cones, twirl the ends and stick them here and there in the arrangement. Now stick a few more sticks into the arrangement and hang Christmas tree balls from them. You can fix them with wire if necessary. It is best to use baubles made of plastic, because glass balls can break if the basket should ever fall.

Christmas arrangements for outside with fir branches and Christmas tree balls tinker