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Canvas paint: With children conjure up cheerful paintings

Painting a large canvas is fun and a great pastime for children . We have compiled for you ideas for cheerful paintings and numerous creative painting techniques. The suggestions are perfect for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Painting canvas: What colors should you use with the kids?

Canvas painting with kids and decorating ideas

If you want to paint a land wall with the kids, then you can choose between oil paints, acrylic paints or gouache.

  • If you choose oil paints, then you need a canvas that has a rough texture. The advantage of this canvas is that the mistakes are less visible. Before you start painting, you should choose the appropriate base. Here you have a choice between a water-based primer and one based on turpentine basi. If you want to paint something with smaller children, then the water-based primer is suitable. Children nine years and older can also apply a turpentine primer.
  • Acrylic paints are also perfect for canvas. The advantage is that you do not need to apply a primer and can paint directly on the canvas.
  • Gouache is a special type of watercolor made from coarser ground pigments and chalk. These paints are quick and easy to apply.

You can draw the desired motifs with oil pastels and then paint them.

Painting canvas: Smear the paint with alcohol

Canvas painting ideas with alkochol smudge for kids

The first idea is suitable for children from 7 years old. Especially children in elementary school have the necessary skills to draw a spiral and then paint it. In doing so, let the child himself combine the colors as he likes. The picture should be painted completely, no empty spaces should be left on the canvas. For this purpose, use oil pastels to draw the details precisely and then watercolors or acrylics to fill them in. Meanwhile, you can fill an empty and clean spray bottle with alcohol. Spray the painting with alcohol while the colors are still wet. Then the child can smear them with a flat brush and create soft gradients.

Painting canvas with oil paints and decorate with buttons

Canvas painting with rainbow and buttons with kids

You want to paint something with the kids? Then the next idea is just for you. First apply a water-based primer, then the kids can paint the canvas blue. You can paint the nuances of the sky together with the help of different shades of light blue and white paint. Then paint a rainbow using a flat brush and pastel colors like pink, yellow, white, sky blue and purple. Also paint two clouds under the rainbow and let the colors dry completely, preferably overnight. Then select buttons tone-on-tone with the colors of the rainbow and glue them on the painting. You can use this idea for a three-dimensional painting in many ways. You can ask the kids to paint a tree and then glue red buttons (as fruit) on it.

Decorate canvas with superheroes and motifs from the comic books.

Canvas paint with kids superheroes template

Kids love superheroes and their adventures. With a template and the right gouache colors, you can conjure up exciting motifs on the canvas inspired by the comic books. First, apply a base tone and let it dry. For this purpose, you can use a brush or a sponge. In the meantime, you can make a template and cut it out. Most craft stores also have ready-made templates on the theme of “superheroes” that you can also use. Have the kids transfer the outlines of the template onto the canvas and fill in the city silhouettes and superhero motifs.

Painting canvas: Ideas for toddlers with acrylic paints

Canvas paint with acrylics with kids ideas

If your kids are between three and seven years old, then you can paint the canvas with acrylic paints. For the next craft idea, you will need a self-adhesive film and a pack of cling film. Cut out a template from the self-adhesive film. Children’s names work well, but you can of course use templates with animal silhouettes or other kid-friendly designs of your choice. After you fix the template on the canvas, add different colors to the canvas. You can choose shades from the same color family or create exciting contrasts with a colorful mix of colors. Then cover the canvas with cling film and let the children press on the film with both hands and smear the colors as they wish. Finally, carefully remove the cling film and let the colors dry. Then you can also remove the template with the children’s names.

Painting with the kids: Easter bunny on canvas

Canvas painting with easter bunny ideas for kids

Prepare for Easter with a creative and very beautiful spring decoration with Easter bunnies. Using a water-based primer and oil paints, you can first paint a background in soft lavender and then an Easter bunny silhouette in sky blue. Finally, glue a pom-pom to the bunny.

Painting canvas: paint colorful Pusterblume motifs with children.

Canvas paint with kids puster flower from fingerprints

If you are looking for a colorful and creative project, then the next suggestion is just for you. You can paint colorful dandelions together with the kids. For this purpose, use oil paints or preferably finger paints. Draw the flower stem with an oil pen and let the child dip his fingers into the colors. Then it can press its fingers on the picture and thus a colorful dandelion is created quickly and easily. By the way, you can also paint other motifs with finger paints.

Painting with children: paint beautiful motifs with bubble wrap

Canvas paint with kids with cling film

If you do not have water-based paints, then you can use a bubble wrap to create charming patterns. Bees and beeswax or cute dandelions: use the bubble wrap as a stamp to get the designs onto the canvas.

Painting canvas: Ideas for kids

Canvas paint ideas for kids with geometric motifs

Kids love to create geometric patterns. Brushes in different sizes and three colors can be used to put several squares on the canvas without much effort.

Canvas paint with kids ideas güt pattern

Optionally, you can ask the child to paint geometric shapes and then let them merge with a brush. The end result is an abstract picture that can decorate the wall in the living room.

Canvas painting with kids with hand and foot print

Preschool children love to paint with their hands and feet. In order to make a beautiful picture with hand or foot print, you will need finger paints. Here are some ideas of what designs you can paint with a handprint: a fish, an elephant, a bird. You can turn the footprints into a butterfly or a bee.

Canvas painting with children smearing colors with paper towel

There are numerous variations of what you can paint with watercolors, oil paints or gouache. The next idea is very similar to the idea with cling film and children’s names. But there are also numerous differences. Proceed as follows: Glue or paint a nice message on the canvas. Then you can add several blobs and then smear them with a dry tissue.

Canvas painting with kids ideas for washi tape

For the last idea, you will need paper tape. Tape the canvas so that geometric shapes are created in the process. The children can then paint or stamp these as they wish. Remove the tape only when the colors have dried. You can hang this modern art on the wall in the children’s room.

Painting beautiful pictures with the kids is fun for big and small. Get inspired by the ideas and implement them creatively.