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Autumn pictures for children – mosaic craft with legumes & seeds

It doesn’t always have to be paints and crayons! Especially in autumn you can find plenty of colorful natural materials that you can use for beautiful pictures. Don’t your children also want to replace the usual painting materials with natural ones? How about making beautiful autumn pictures for children together? Legumes, seeds and glue as well as few other materials are all you need for great autumn crafts.

Autumn pictures for kids with legumes

Autumn pictures for children craft with natural materials from the kitchen

The mosaic look is best if you want to craft pictures for kids in autumn with legumes and seeds. These are not only available during this time of year, however, they just fit wonderfully in terms of color. So, get the dried peas, beans and lentils out of the cupboard and make such 3D-like mosaic pictures!

Autumn pictures for kids with autumn themes like leaves, acorns and pumpkins made from beans and lentils

If you want to make the mosaic craft for children, first of all draw the outlines of typical autumn motifs on cardboard or cardboard. For example, leaves, pumpkins, carrots and even an umbrella fit very well. If you want, you can print out templates for pre-drawing and crafting autumn to help. Then the kids can use any legumes and seeds to fill in the designs. Then let the glue dry and then cut out your designs if you like.

Cut out flowers from cardboard and create with legumes

If you prefer fall pictures for kids, simply create several such designs on a sheet of cardstock without cutting them out afterwards. So you can put together a great autumn collage .

Tip: Always use as a basis craft cardboard in a similar color to the fruit you want to design, because when gluing will always remain gaps through which the cardboard is visible.

Halloween pumpkin made of corn, peas and black beans

Of course, since Halloween is celebrated in the fall to the delight of many, the Halloween pumpkin with grimace is also a great idea if you are looking for ideas for fall pictures for kids. If you then cut out the pumpkin and glue a loop on the back, you can even use the pumpkin as a pendant and decorate, for example, the window or the pane of a door with this image.

Autumn pictures for kids to use as pendants for Halloween - Funny pumpkins

Trees from seeds, seeds, dried fruit and nuts

Autumn pictures for kids craft with tree template and tree top from legumes and nuts

The colorful foliage of the trees is a popular motif for paintings and autumn craft ideas for children. And this uses not only paints, but a wide variety of materials from paper to fabric to snippets of autumn leaves. How about taking seeds, nuts and other edible things for fall paintings for kids? The result is a beautifully natural-looking picture, which is not only super for crafting with children, but also an attractive craft idea for adults. How to make such a tree?

Prepare seeds, raisins and oatmeal for crafting

On a plate or wooden board, place various seeds, kernels, dried fruits, nuts and gladly legumes together in heaps. Then draw a tree trunk on a piece of paper or print one out. You can also use our templates from this article for this. Now put glue on one area of the tree trunk and have the child spread out any materials. Then spread glue on the next area and so on. Therefore, you should not add glue to the entire crown right away, because it might dry before the child has managed to create the tree completely.

Autumn crafts with kids and tree template to print out

This craft idea for autumn and children is best suited for spontaneous crafting, because you usually always have the necessary materials at home and handy.

Autumn trees design with natural materials - seeds, seeds and raisins for a colorful tree crown

Craft picture with children in autumn – legumes and pipe cleaners on linen.

Mosaic autumn pictures for kids on canvas with lentils in different colors

You can create autumn pictures for children not only on paper or cardboard, but also on canvas . First of all, you can use pipe cleaners to form the outlines. Then put them together on the canvas until you are satisfied with the shape. Then you can glue them down. Apply glue to each area (one at a time) and then spread the selected legumes. Of course, you can also use nuts, seeds and dried fruit if you like. Napkin glue (Mod Podge, for example) works very well as a glue.

Framed mosaic autumn picture.

Mosaic flower in black and white in frame to give as a gift

Get a picture frame and remove the glass. Print out any template and cut out the design. Place it on the cardboard of the frame and transfer it to the cardboard with a pencil or felt-tip pen. Then apply glue little by little to attach the selected legumes. This idea for fall pictures for kids is again great for gift giving. Thanks to the frame, the picture is easy to hang on the wall.

Do-it-yourself gift idea in frame - make flower with beans

Craft ideas for autumn for children

Autumn pictures for children make your own with templates for sticking

Sunset or sunrise with beans and rice

Cool idea with beans in different colors - sunrise or sunset

Beautiful motifs in autumn craft with children

Autumn pictures for children - mosaic of legumes, seeds, nuts and more