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Autumn decorations to hang: Craft simple accessories for indoors and outdoors with our tutorials

To the sadness of all summer lovers, the beginning of autumn is already in a few weeks. But this should not make you too sad, because apart from the fact that even this season will still bring a few sunny days (and without the terrible heat), it will also spoil us with its beautiful colors. So time to start thinking about the right autumn decorations. After all, the house should also radiate the warm side of autumn. How about some beautiful autumn decorations to hang up, which you can even make yourself? We have collected a few creative and simple ideas.

Craft idea with natural materials to hang – mobile with pine cones

Autumn decoration to hang - mobile with pine cones and macramé leaves

Crafting with autumn nuts such as chestnuts, acorns and beechnuts is simply part of autumn. If you are crafting the classic animals from these materials, you can also try this wonderful idea at the same time: a mobile with acorns, pine cones or chestnuts, just as you prefer. For this simple autumn decoration to hang, all you need are the following natural materials:

  • Branch or twig
  • pine cones with stems
  • Yarn

Instructions for making autumn decoration with natural materials

If the cones you use still have stems, your work will be easier because you can tie the yarn there. And this is also the first step. What distance the pine cones are from each other, you decide. The finished garland you can now use so or tie it around a branch or twig and let it hang here sometimes more, sometimes less.

Autumn decoration to hang - garland made of parcel string and acorns

The mobile also looks very nice if you also add a garland of acorns. The easiest way to attach them to the yarn is with hot glue, preferably in pairs. You can also paint the acorns beforehand. Metallic colors in typical autumn shades (copper or rosé, for example) look especially beautiful here.

How you can make a macramé leaf as in the picture itself, you will learn in this article .

Autumn decoration to hang – pretty wooden frame tinker with leaves

Autumn decoration to hang up with wooden frame and leaf of leaves

If you make a wooden autumn decoration yourself, you will get a piece of jewelry with rustic charm – perfect for autumn, that is. All you need to do is to press and dry any leaf of leaves (the more colorful the better, of course) and then place it in a frame with two glass plates. To complete the rustic look, the best way to hang it is to use parcel string or another natural material, which you glue to the back of the frame with hot glue. If you like, you can also inscribe the glass for this autumn decoration for hanging with an autumnal greeting or saying.

Frame with glass, dried leaf and writing

Tip: You can print out the chosen lettering in any font and then place it under the glass to trace it with a suitable pen.

Autumn decoration to hang with flowers – decorate balcony or entrance.

Autumn decoration to hang for the balcony with branches, flower pots and flowers

For this beautiful autumn decoration with flowers, collect some of the materials yourself. You should choose the branches well: You need those that are not only sturdy, but also have branching. Then in them you put a straight stick, on which you hang your flower pots – preferably with natural yarn. You can use the autumn decoration for the balcony, or decorate the wall next to the front door, if you prefer a decoration for the entrance to the house outside.

  • Sticks you cut if necessary: 2 forked, one straight, long
  • Yarn
  • screws and drill
  • planters (e.g. woven and preferably with handles)
  • at will, other decorations (in the example, wooden beads).

Hang autumn flowers on the wall of the house with these materials

Screw the forked branches to the wall parallel to each other and with the open side of the fork facing up. Make sure that the distance between them is not greater than the length of the straight branch, but slightly smaller. Then place the branch in the fork. Now you can tie the planters to it and put pots planted with autumn flowers inside. Decorate as you like with other accessories.

Screw branches to the wall and tie hanging pots with autumn flowers

And the best part? It’s the flowers that set the atmosphere, so you can use the decoration for other seasons as well. How about now in autumn with chrysanthemums, for example? Of course, other flowers in autumn colors are also perfectly suitable (like in the example geraniums in orange).

Make cool decoration for the apartment itself – Autumn origami maple leaves.

Craft autumn decoration to hang with origami maple leaf

Maple leaves impress with their vibrant colors in autumn. But instead of collecting real leaves for your autumn craft ideas, you can also make them yourself from colorful construction paper. For this you can use the popular origami technique . The leaves can then be further processed as desired. So you can conjure up a wreath from the maple leaves and decorate the entrance with this autumn decoration for the front door. Or simply attach a piece of yarn and hang them anywhere (for example, on the lamp above the table). The leaves are also suitable for garlands. How to make:

  • Origami paper or regular craft paper cut into squares (1 pc. 8 x 8 cm; 2 pcs. 6.5 x 6.5 cm; 2 pcs. 4.5 x 4.5 cm; 1 pc. 4.5 x 2 cm).
  • glue
  • possibly scissors as well as other materials, depending on the purpose

You can see how exactly you should fold the individual elements in the video instructions. First you get the individual elements, which you then glue together. Then you can add a piece of yarn to the finished leaf for hanging, or glue several leaves on a cardboard ring to get a wreath that you can use as an autumn decoration for the entrance to your house. You can also get a simple autumn decoration for hanging if you simply glue the leaves on yarn and then use them as garland to create, for example, an autumn decoration for the window.