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Autumn decoration with metal ring do it yourself – Beautiful DIY ideas with flowers, twigs, pumpkins and beads

Discreet and romantic at the same time – these are the pretty metal rings decorated with flowers, which decorate more and more homes. Suitable for any season, they can be designed and attract all eyes with their puristic beauty. Are you still missing such an accessory in your home? Then get started right away and make your own model suitable for autumn. We have collected instructions and inspiring ideas for autumn decoration with metal ring for you.

What is the best way and with what to decorate metal rings?

Green branches and flowers for an autumn wreath

Metal rings are beautiful in themselves. That’s why it’s best to decorate only part of it, leaving about half, or better yet, two-thirds visible. Too many flowers and decorations could make the wreath look cluttered, yet it is precisely the purist look that makes autumn decorations with metal ring so special.

You can use everything that you associate with autumn – leaves, decorative pumpkins, berries, autumn flowers or those in autumn colors and a bit of subtle greenery. For a durable beautiful autumn decoration with metal ring, it is best to choose artificial materials or dried. Especially dried flowers are very popular for creating decorative rings. How about the following variant:

Autumn decoration with metal ring do it yourself

Autumn decoration with metal ring, pumpkins and artificial flowers

For this beautiful specimen, the following materials were used:

  • Metal ring for crafting
  • Wire pliers
  • floral wire
  • any flowers and other decorations, such as artificial pumpkins
  • Autumn garland
  • Hot glue
  • ribbon or string for hanging

First, attach the larger elements to the ring. For this purpose, wrap both with the floral wire. The decoration should not stick out too much, but follow the arc of the ring. Use the pliers to shorten the decorations if necessary, or remove unnecessary parts. Work in the same way more greenery or flowers. Very pretty is the arrangement in the example, where from a common center, the decorations point in the two opposite directions. But you can also come up with something of your own.

DIY autumn wreath with orange flowers and white decorative pumpkins

Before you tie the elements, just lay them out for now, so that you can change the position or the element itself if necessary. Experiment with the arrangement until you are happy with it. Finally, add the smaller decorative elements to finish off the fall decor with metal ring and cover gaps where the wire can be seen. Add a loop for hanging and the autumn decoration with metal ring is ready!

With wool and peonies

Subtle autumn decoration with metal ring, orange peonies and wool

Peonies are not typical autumn flowers, but you can find and use artificial models in matching autumn colors. Alternatively, you can also choose other flowers. However, this fall decoration with metal ring is about using large flowers and instead keeping the rest more simple with just a little greenery. Eye-catchers are also the wool threads that you simply tie to the lower part of the ring. Only then add the other decorative elements.

Decorate metal ring with dried flowers and grasses

Autumn decoration with metal ring, colorful dried flowers and ornamental grasses

As already mentioned, dried flowers in autumn look just wonderful, and besides, they can be quickly found in meadows. If you do not have the opportunity to dry them yourself, you can also buy them in the flower store. Combine the flowers with some grasses to play with texture. Then let the grasses or even wheat stand out from the dried flower bouquets.

Color contrast for an autumn door wreath.

Autumn decoration with metal ring in contrasting colors - eucalyptus, colored leaves and peonies

Combine warm fall colors with natural cooler specimens: Branches with autumn-tinged leaves on a backdrop of silvery-green ones like these. For example, a metal ring decoration can be created with eucalyptus . Donkey’s ear (woolly zest) is also perfectly suitable. If you want the wreath to consist not only of leaves, you can also choose branches with red or orange berries.

Autumn decoration with metal ring, flowers and beads.

Autumn decoration with metal ring with flowers and leaves in autumn colors and wooden beads

In addition to flowers and autumnal materials, add other sympathetic decorations to the door wreath made of a metal ring. Further above we already had the woolen threads, which you can also replace with leather straps, for example. But also the idea from the example above is really very nice. The free part of the ring was decorated with some wooden beads. For this, you just need to find beads whose hole is big enough so that you can thread them on the ring. Furthermore, you need to cut the ring. After that, you cover the cut with the flowers.

Idea for fresh or dried flowers

Puristic autumn decoration with metal ring and stretched yarn for sticking flowers

You would like to use fresh cut flowers, but you don’t want to change the wilted flowers every few days and make a new arrangement? That’s understandable! And that’s why you can reach for this alternative instead. Stretch a few rows of twine around the ring and then use them to simply stick flowers or even twigs in between. You can then remove them at any time and replace them with others or add to them.

More ideas for fall decorations with metal ring

Decorative metal ring with pumpkins and beads

Metal ring flower wreath with lush arrangement

Lush arrangement on a decorative ring for the entrance area

Anemone as a centerpiece

Idea for an autumn door wreath with white anemone

Use fronds of ornamental grasses

Do-it-yourself autumn decoration with dried flowers

Yellow accents with flowers at the door

Autumn decoration with metal ring in green and spicy yellow for the door

Subtle arrangement and wooden beads

Decoration for the front door or inside with dried flowers and grasses

Metal ring with flowers and macramé

Autumn decoration with metal ring, anemone in white and macramé