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Autumn decoration do it yourself: Craft pumpkin from exhaust hose incl. instructions and ideas for decorating

Have you ever wondered what you can do with an exhaust hose? Okay, maybe not, but you can make a pretty little pumpkin out of it for fall decorations around the house. We’ll show you how to do it!

Beautiful pumpkins homemade from exhaust hose

These homemade pumpkins not only look super cute, they are fun to craft ! Create an afternoon craft session with friends or with the kids and make your own beautiful fall decorations for the home. What a great activity for a rainy afternoon in the fall!

Craft pumpkin from exhaust hose: Here’s how

Crafting aluminum exhaust hose

The first thing you need to do is gather the necessary materials and tools. Depending on how many pumpkins you want to make, you may want to adjust the quantity.

Materials & Tools

  • flexible exhaust hose made of aluminum, 10 cm in diameter
  • primer and spray paint in orange and beige
  • Ribbon
  • wine corks
  • artificial autumn leaves (or other decoration of your choice)
  • hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters

Exhaust hose pumpkin craft: Instructions

  1. Now you are ready to craft the pumpkin. To do this, cut a 60 centimeter piece of the exhaust hose with scissors. If necessary, also use the pliers to cut through the wire easier.
  2. Fold the ends inward.
  3. Wrap the exhaust hose into a circle and glue the edges with hot glue. Hold the glue in place for about 30 seconds.
  4. Spray paint the outside of the hose on a piece of cardboard and let it dry. For this step, we recommend that you go out into the garden. You will need to spray the top first and let it dry before moving on to the bottom.
  5. Hot glue on some fall leaves and a wine cork for the pumpkin stem.
  6. Tie a bow with ribbon and glue it on to embellish the pumpkin.
  7. Craft as many pumpkins as you want. When they are finished, you can display them.

Instructions pumpkin from exhaust hose tinker steps

More ideas to embellish the pumpkins.

Now that you already know the basics, you can embellish and personalize the homemade exhaust hose pumpkins to your liking. We’ll give you a few more ideas for inspiration.

Craft pumpkins from exhaust hose for fall decoration outside

For the stem of the pumpkin, you can use other materials instead of wine corks. A small tree branch, for example, can also work well. And cinnamon sticks can also be used for a fragrant decoration.

Craft pumpkin with vines and leaves

If you want your pumpkin to have vines and leaves, you can easily add them. You can also wrap some thick floral wire around the stick to make tendrils. Add some moss around the stem and use hot glue to attach some green paper leaves to the ends of the tendrils.

You can also use real fall leaves to decorate the pumpkins. They are a free craft material that you can use to recreate many creative projects.

Decorate house & garden with DIY pumpkins.

And where can you use these cute pumpkins? The answer is wherever you like them. DIY autumn decorations are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Still, we would recommend that you don’t leave the crafts outdoors, where they can be damaged by rain and wind.

Decoration for the entrance to the house

Decoration for the entrance to the house with homemade pumpkins

If you are looking for beautiful fall decorating ideas for outside, then this DIY project for simple pumpkins may come in handy. Since the pumpkins are not weatherproof, we would recommend that you use them only under a canopy, for example, in the area in front of the front door. Think about combining them with other fall decor elements, such as dried flower arrangements and cozy textiles, to create an entire outdoor ensemble.

Even if you live in an apartment instead of a house, you can beautify the area in front of the front door with a cute homemade pumpkin in autumn.

Craft table decorations yourself

Pretty DIY pumpkins from old exhaust hose

If you need pretty table decorations for the autumn season, you can also craft and decorate such a pumpkin so that it will look great on your table. Choose a suitable color and also add other decorations such as autumn leaves garland. You can arrange the whole thing in a pretty bowl to make it easier to display and remove the decorations.

Decorate the mantel

Colorful homemade pumpkins from an exhaust hose

Another wonderful way to display your new decorations is on the mantel or a higher wall shelf. There, the colorful pumpkins will certainly stand out and make a beautiful focal point in the interior.

Tip: for a luminous decoration, you can put a thin battery-powered string of lights in the exhaust hose before you craft the pumpkin. You can simply hide the battery compartment under the pumpkin.