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Alpaca craft with paper plates, paper, bread bags and balloons – Happy craft ideas

The cute alpacas can now be seen everywhere – sometimes as a cuddly toy, sometimes as a motto for a party, as a motif on clothing or other accessories. Without question, the animals have conquered the hearts of many people, which is why we would like to dedicate an article with cool craft ideas to them today. Funny finger puppets, figurines made of paper plates and even a piñata – with us you will find such a few creative crafts with which you can make an alpaca and which will be great fun for children. And admit it… you too, right?

Alpaca craft with children from paper and balloons - Simple instructions

Alpaca craft from paper plates

Alpaca craft from paper plates - whole animals and heads with pom-poms

There are several ways to craft alpacas from paper plates, three of which we’d like to share with you. In the end, you’ll be spoiled for choice – or just try them all right away! First, we’ll show you how to craft a whole alpaca, and then two variations for alpaca heads.

Make whole alpacas from paper plates

Alpaca craft from a paper plate and acrylic paints

  • 1 paper plate
  • Acrylic paints
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun and glue

If you would like to craft an alpaca like this, take a plate and cut it in half. While one half is used for the body, the other is for the legs, head and tail. Draw the llama head with neck on the plate and cut it out. Then cut out the other elements from the rest of the plate half. The legs are simple strips that you round off on one side. You will then glue these elements to the other half of the plate, with the side that curves outward forming the front.

Cut paper plates in half and cut out head, legs, tail and ears from one half

You can then use the acrylic paints to create the rest – face, a colorful blanket and, if you like, a collar. Instead of acrylic paints, you can use simple felt tip pens for this purpose, which might be the easier option, especially for kids. Then you just need to let the colors dry and the first alpaca is ready. Not only white plates you can use, because after all, there are not only white alpacas. Also you can use small pom poms , glitter stones and other materials for decorating.

Alpaca head with colorful pom-pom garland

Craft alpaca from a paper plate - decorate head with wool and pom poms

  • 1 paper plate
  • colored wool
  • small pom poms
  • felt tip pens
  • adhesive tape
  • Glue

Cut off a small part of the edge of the plate on the right and left. From the two cut parts you can then make the ears for the alpaca. For this, color one part in the middle pink. On the other part of the plate, draw faces – how about a winking face or a dreamy one with closed eyes? Then use scissors to cut the edges on the sides and top wavy to imitate alpaca fur. Glue the ears to the head.

Cut off the edge of the plate, wrap with wool - Cool idea for kids

Now take the wool, tape one end to the back of the head and wrap it around any number of times. The other end you also tape to the back, after which you can continue with another color of wool. Then glue some more pom-poms to the threads on the front side and decorate the head as you like with other decorations (for example, paper hearts ).

Alpaca head with headdress

Create llama face on a paper plate and decorate with pom pom ribbons and tassel ribbons

  • 2 paper plates
  • Colored paper in the desired fur color and in pink
  • Pom pom ribbon
  • tassel ribbon
  • black felt pen

This tutorial to make an alpaca is also really simple and perfect for a craft afternoon with kids. Leave one plate as it is – that will be the head. From the other, cut out two ear shapes and glue them to the whole plate. The side that is curved outwards becomes the front. From the same plate also cut out a circle for the nose. Then you still need the face, the shape of which you can determine yourself, as well as two pink circles for the cheek blush. Glue all the elements on the head, draw the eyes, nose and mouth and decorate the forehead area with the tassel and pom-pom ribbons .

Colorful llama with pom poms from a paper plate

Craft alpaca from paper – make finger puppet yourself.

Making alpaca finger puppet with holes for fingers

Finger puppets can entertain not only parents, but also the children themselves can play with them. And how easy it is to make an alpaca finger puppet out of paper! If you want to make this alpaca, all you need is sturdy craft card in white and any other color for the blanket (in the example, mint green), a circle punch with a large enough diameter so that the fingers later fit through the holes, markers, scissors and glue. You can also use a few pom-poms to decorate. Cut out a rectangle with rounded corners, as well as the head with neck, two small ears, a tail and a colored semicircle for the top. Punch out the four holes for the fingers and glue all the elements to the body. Then you can paint the alpaca and start playing.

Original greeting or invitation cards

Alpaca craft as a creative greeting card with colorful felt pom poms

Would you like to make alpaca invitation cards or just greet someone on a special occasion with this cute animal? Then this original greeting card would be a great option. Simply draw an alpaca on craft cardstock or print out the animal using a template. The actual card is then hidden in the blanket. Cut out a colored rectangle and fold it in half. Write your greeting inside and then glue the blanket to the alpaca. After that, you can use other things when you craft the alpaca. For example, you can use felt tip pens to create patterns or you can use pom poms to create collars and decorate the blanket.

Cute head as alpaca card craft

Alpaca craft for Valentine's Day or anniversary in pink - make romantic greeting card yourself

These card ideas are not only suitable for a greeting. Also if you would like to craft an alpaca voucher (give away for example an alpaca tour?) you can use such a card. Therefore, we show you another cute variant. You can use any color for the craft cardboard when you craft the alpaca. First, cut out a wavy circle for the head from white paper. Use this as a template and transfer it to the colored paper. To make a fold-out card, place the template against the head you’ve already drawn and trace it one more time. Then cut out the design, but without separating the two parts of the head. Instead, fold them where they touch.

DIY alpacas with personalized greeting for different occasions

Now cut out another wavy rectangle for the neck and a circle for the face. Glue this circle on the head, the head on the neck and draw a face. Then you need a wavy semicircle for the alpaca’s bangs and two ears that you glue to the back of the head. You can now use the felt tip pen to add wavy patterns all over the fur. Open the card and label it. As you can see, such a card can be used in many ways. You are invited to a children’s birthday party? Then you could craft it as an alpaca birthday card!

Make your own alpaca with bread bag

Alpaca craft from a bread bag for a kid-friendly craft project

If you like the alpaca craft idea above, but don’t necessarily need a greeting card, you can also modify the instructions a bit. By using a bread bag, you also make the work a little easier and save time. You don’t need to cut out a rectangle for the neck, just use a ready-made bread bag for this purpose and the head doesn’t need to be hinged either. Just cut out a wavy circle for the head, slightly larger in diameter than the bread bag is wide. All other steps are the same as for the card.

Paper bag design for a cute llama

Make an alpaca piñata

Alpaca pinata craft for parties with and without a template

A piñata like this is really a fun thing to make and especially (but not only!) great for a Mexican party. If you have this theme planned for a birthday party, for example, you can make an alpaca piñata yourself for the birthday . For this purpose, below you will find an alpaca craft template to print, but if you do not have a printer, you can instead craft the alpaca without a template and draw it freehand. This is because you only need the rough outlines. The pinata from the example is for stashing and handing over invitation cards, but of course you can fill it with candy instead. Get the following things:

  • thin cardboard (e.g. from a cornflakes wrapper)
  • scissors
  • Adhesive tape
  • Tissue paper
  • hot glue
  • black felt-tip pen
  • Decorations like tassels or pom poms, string for the dishes

Recycle cardboard

Transfer template onto thin cardboard, cut out and glue together to make a box

Print the template, cut out the elements, transfer them to the cardboard and cut out the alpacas again. You will also need a strip that is about 68, 6 cm long (you can measure the exact length with a tape measure) and 1.2 cm wide. You probably won’t get this length from a cereal box, so you can just glue two shorter strips together. Once you have cut out all the elements, tape them together. However, before you close the piñata completely, don’t forget to fill it yet). It doesn’t have to turn out beautiful and perfect, since you’ll be covering the alpaca with tissue paper afterwards anyway.

Design pinata with fringed tissue paper and tassels

Then you can make the strips of tissue paper for the alpaca and “dress” it with them. So for this you cut strips from the tissue paper and cut them to the middle to get fringes. Then glue these strips onto the alpaca box one by one. Start at the bottom of this and work your way up step by step, each new row overlapping the previous one. Feel free to make tassels out of the tissue paper for the ears and as additional decoration. Use the string to create the harness and use a felt tip pen to draw on the face.

Alpaca template printable .

Alpaca decoration for parties with balloons

Handicrafts with balloons for cheerful party decoration - Llama from an orange balloon

For this simple alpaca DIY, blow up balloons , cut strips of crepe paper, fringe them and glue them in several rows on the bottom half of the balloon. Cut another oval out of paper and draw the mouth there. Then you will need two more eyes (you can alternatively draw these on with a sharpie), two ears, and a rolled up fringed crepe strip for the bangs. Glue all the elements to the balloon in the places provided. By the way, you can also make an alpaca lantern by using a paper party lantern instead of a balloon. The result is a party decoration with alpaca, which is both funny and cheerful.

Cool idea for parties - turn balloons into alpacas