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Advent calendar to fill do it yourself – Creative craft ideas with bags, little bags and tins to hang up

One of the most beautiful periods of the year is approaching: the Advent and Christmas season. And now that Halloween is also over, you can fully concentrate on the preparations for this beautiful time. Of course, what must not be missing is the Advent calendar, which both young and old will enjoy. And for those who find the classic models with chocolate too boring or impersonal, simply make it yourself! Many have long resorted to the DIY variant and have made it a tradition during the pre-Christmas period to prepare a calendar for loved ones. Would you like to try it this year too? Don’t worry, there are really easy ways to make an impressive Advent calendar to fill yourself and we present you some.

Simple little bags for a free wall or wooden box

Advent calendar to fill tinker - hanging bags or in the wooden box

Just looking at this DIY idea, you immediately realize that this is a really simple project. For the finished calendar, it’s best to choose a free wall, because that way you’ll promptly get a nice Christmas decoration as well. This is what you need if you want to make this Advent calendar to fill yourself:

  • Bags in any size or pieces of fabric
  • Branch, stick or similar to hang the bags
  • Yarn or parcel string
  • Cardboard or ready-cut labels/gift tags
  • sharpie or number stickers
  • other decorations such as Christmas balls and eucalyptus branches
  • Hole punch, scissors

Cut tags from cardboard and label them with the numbers from 1 to 24 (or label ready-made tags directly). Then punch holes in them and thread string through them.

If you are using just pieces of fabric, place the intended gift on top of the fabric and take its edges up to make a bag. Tie it at the top with a labeled tag. Fill all the fabrics/baggies in this way. Once you have finished creating all the little bags, tie longer string to them so you can hang them on the branch. Tie each bag at a different height so that the Advent calendar looks more diverse when filled. Here and there, add some of the other decorations as additional ornaments.

Create wooden box with little bags and chain of lights

Instead of hanging the bags on a branch, you can also get a wooden box and arrange the gifts in it – of course, best mixed up and not in the order of the numbers, so that the recipient has to search first.

Hangers to hang filled bags for the Advent season

Tip: A simple coat hanger is also suitable for hanging. This is a wonderful alternative if you want to craft a calendar last minute and don’t have time to take a walk to find a suitable stick. In addition, the hanger is compact and can be hung directly thanks to its hook.

Advent calendar bags to fill and string lights.

Advent calendar to fill for the wall with LED light chain as a fir tree

Get simple bags that you label with the numbers (or use stickers) and also design them with other things if you want. Then simply string a string of LED lights on a free wall. You can choose the shape of a fir tree like in the example, or just several straight rows. You then use wooden clothespins to hang the bags on this string of lights after you have filled them. Of course, you can also implement this Advent calendar for filling with fabric bags.

Do not use gifts that are too heavy, otherwise the chain of lights will not be able to hold the weight.

Shape fir tree with chain

Shape fir tree with chain on a wooden board and glue bags to it

A good alternative is also this pretty Christmas tree created with a chain on a large PDF plate. The bags were attached inside the tree with double-sided tape. However, you can stretch string again instead and use boxes or sachets instead of bags.

Use an old wooden ladder

Decorate wooden ladder for advent season

If you don’t want to drill the wall or tape anything down, come up with a stand. A wooden ladder, for example, is perfect and can be freestanding or leaned against the wall, depending on the model. By the way, when the Advent season is over, it turns out to be very useful for decorations of other kinds. You can thus redesign it for each season. And if you make an Advent calendar to fill yourself, hang bags, sachets or bags on the rungs or stretch string between the bars (parallel to the rungs) and attach the gifts to them.

This idea is also very suitable if you want to make your own Advent calendar to fill large bags. In contrast to the above variants, the ladder is significantly more stable and can also hold larger weights.

Tins as Advent calendar for filling

Advent calendar to fill do it yourself with cans, black paper and chalk markers

The company Edding has presented this simple, yet original idea for all who want to get really creative. Collect cans , gladly also in different sizes. Then cut strips of black paper whose length is slightly more than the circumference of each can (width = height of the can). Then wrap the paper strip around the can, apply glue to the edge and tape the other end to it.

You can then use markers (sharpie offers suitable among other things) to write on the black paper and paint it however you like. Then fill them and set them up. If you like, you can also put LED tea lights in the smaller tins to light them up pretty. Or stuff parchment paper inside to cover the contents.

Small boxes with printable templates

Advent calendar to fill do it yourself with template to print out

You can easily make boxes yourself, or you can buy templates that you just need to fold. Then you can label and design the boxes as you like, or you can pick out designs from the printable templates, cut them out, and then glue them onto the boxes.

You can find a few ideas for interesting little boxes in this article .

Templates for printing