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Advent calendar fill with craft items: Make gifts as filling yourself with our ideas

This joy every day from the first of December, when you can open a new door of the Advent calendar in the morning! And as beautiful (and especially delicious) as a calendar filled with chocolate is, if instead it is homemade and filled with unexpected things, a nice surprise awaits you every day anew. Would you also like to evoke this excitement in your loved ones? Then you can fill the Advent calendar with craft items that you have made yourself!

Advent calendar filled with craft supplies

Advent calendar with handicraft things from salt dough - Christmas tree decoration tinker

No matter if you also made the calendar completely by yourself or bought a ready-made one to fill – if you also fill it with homemade things, it will be really unique. What is most suitable depends not only on the preferences of the recipient, but also on how much space you have available. For example, boxes or sachets can be filled with larger items, while Advent calendars made of matchboxes offer less space. Accordingly, you should choose your Advent calendar filling ideas.

Of course, you can make different things for each of the 24 days. But that would probably take an unnecessary amount of time and effort, especially if you are crafting something for several people. Therefore, you can make several copies of each craft idea for Advent calendars and distribute them evenly in the calendar.

Make your own Christmas tree ornaments as a filling

Make Christmas decorations from fabric and plywood or papier-mâché

To fill the Advent calendar with craft items, get uncreated tags made of plywood or cardboard and use them to customize them using the napkin technique. You can recycle fabric scraps in this way, or use napkins with Christmas motifs for the classic version.

Carefully remove the top layer of the napkin (the one with the motifs) and cut out the desired motifs. Get napkin glue (or Mod Podge) and coat the ornaments with a thin layer of the glue. Place the motifs on top and coat with another layer of glue to seal them. It is best to make several such ornaments and place them in several doors of the Advent calendar, so that the recipient can collect a small collection at the end of Advent.

Craft gifts with salt dough

Advent calendar with handicrafts - decorations for the Christmas tree make from dough.

Also with salt dough can make beautiful ornaments easily and inexpensively. For the molds, you can use simple cookie cutters or try it freehand with a sharp knife.

Cute felt dogs for the Christmas tree

Make cute dogs out of felt fabric as a Christmas gift

Is the Advent calendar of craft items for someone who loves dogs? Then these tags are just the right idea. Felt is really easy to work with, so you should have the Christmas tree ornament ready in no time.

Cut out elements from felt fabric and glue them together for the pendants

Just cut out the individual elements and glue them to each other. For the eyes, you can also use funny wiggle eyes. Glue a ribbon in the form of a loop to the back. Done!

Making dog pendants for the Christmas tree from felt

Advent calendar with craft things – individual parts for a garland of salt dough

Advent calendar with handicraft things - elements for a garland from salt dough

Or how about hiding such a salt dough star with a hole and a long piece of yarn in a little door and then keep adding new stars so that the presentee can make a beautiful Christmas garland out of it? Of course, you can make the stars different. But instead of putting a star in every little door (that would be boring and expected in the long run), rather put several pieces in a few little doors and come up with other craft items for the other days in the Advent calendar.

Small, homemade candles in cookie cutters

Advent calendar with handicraft things - making candles in cookie cutters for cookies by yourself

How about homemade candles for the Advent calendar with craft supplies? Gather up leftover candles or buy candle wax for DIY candles and make cute candles like these. For the molds, you can use simple cookie cutters that you spread on baking paper.

Melt the wax in a water bath. In the meantime, spread wick on all the molds. You can also use the wick with the metal plate from tea lights for this and also melt the wax from the tea lights. Then carefully pour the liquid wax into the molds and let it harden. You can now remove the cookie cutters and just give the homemade wax candles as gifts, or leave them in the molds so the recipient can use them in the future as well.

Bookmarks for small Advent calendars with craft items.

Make small bookmarks from paper clips and buttons for mini Advent calendars as gifts

Simple paper clips to which you glue buttons or other small decorations for DIY jewelry for example – so simple and yet so cute and beautiful. Browse once in a store for craft supplies for interesting beads and accessories for jewelry. You’re sure to find suitable motifs for the occasion. Buttons are also perfectly suitable for designing. And the gift is compact that you can use it to fill even the smallest Advent calendars themselves.

Make small things yourself with self-drying craft clay

Advent calendar with craft things - jewelry for girls and women from craft clay

Whether jewelry, small decorative figures, coasters or Christmas tree ornaments – with craft clay you can make a variety of small gifts yourself, which you can use as Advent calendar fillings and about which your loved ones will be delighted. Especially earrings and pendants for necklaces are very popular here, because the metal small parts (hooks, plugs, eyelets and Co.) can also be perfectly incorporated into the clay. You can play with the colors and shapes and make really great accessories.