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Advent calendar 2021 for 3-year-old boys and girls craft and fill: Here are the best ideas!

The Advent season is getting closer and closer and the excitement is growing with each passing day. In a few weeks, the Christmas countdown will begin and both children and adults are looking forward to it immensely. For the very young, who certainly have no memory of the previous year, this time is even more special. At 3 years old, children already have a greater understanding of the world and can better grasp the idea of Advent. Therefore, from this age, it is high time to familiarize the toddler with customs such as the Advent wreath and the Advent calendar. We have collected here many ideas for the Advent calendar 2021 for 3-year-olds – from crafting to filling. Get inspired and make the first preparations for this year’s Advent season!

Advent calendar 2021 for 3 year olds: what to fill the compartments with?

Advent calendar for 3 year old boys and girls what to fill it with

Advent calendars come in different shapes and sizes. Before you buy the right model or make it yourself , you must first clarify what you want to fill the calendar with. As a rule, small gifts, sweets, Christmas decorations and other small things that should inspire the child for the coming holiday.

If you fill the Advent calendar with larger gifts or gifts with irregular shape, then you should also plan somewhat larger boxes. Therefore, it is worth getting the filling first and then buying or making the calendar. Otherwise, finding gifts that all fit in the same boxes would be much more complicated.

Advent calendar idea for contents in different sizes

Advent calendars filled with chocolate and other sweets are everywhere in abundance right now. However, there are so many nicer things to hide in those little boxes. We’ve made some lists with more filling ideas that are super suitable for 3 year olds.

One tip beforehand, so the advent calendar doesn’t cost a fortune: Set a budget. Since you need a total of 24 gifts, determine a maximum price per day, for example, maximum 5 euros. Of course, on some days (for example, Sundays in Advent) the gifts can be a little bigger and more expensive, but try to make up the difference on another day with a smaller gift.

Edible filling for the Advent calendar for toddlers.

Advent calendar for 3 year olds womit fill edible fillings

There doesn’t always have to be chocolate behind the doors of the Advent calendar, especially for toddlers. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo some Advent calendar treats altogether. Here are some ideas for other edible fillings:

  • Cereal bar
  • Fruit bar
  • small bag of dried fruit
  • fruit jam in a squeeze bag
  • pretzel sticks or pretzels
  • Christmas cookies, gingerbread, cinnamon stars and other Christmas pastries
  • mini cookies
  • one tangerine
  • fruit gums
  • Dextrose lollipops

But that’s only part of the possibilities. You can, of course, put a surprise egg or a little chocolate Santa here or there in the calendar if you want. The most important thing to remember with edible fillings is that everything is individually wrapped and cannot spoil in the box or bag. More quickly perishable contents such as fruit or homemade pastries you fill in the first calendar days.

Christmas filling ideas for kids 3 years and up

Simple advent calendar for 3 year olds make with small bags

To get the whole family in the Christmas spirit, you can also hide little Christmas-themed gifts behind some of the doors. Some ideas that 3-year-old girls and boys will look forward to include:

  • Christmas socks
  • Shirt with Christmas motif
  • Christmas hat
  • Accessories for making Christmas cookies such as sugar decorations, a Christmas cookie cutter or small rolling pin
  • Christmas tree hanger
  • Christmas balls to decorate yourself
  • Christmas hair ornaments for girls like hair ties, barrettes or hair bands
  • Glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling
  • Christmas decorations for the children’s room

Advent calendar for 3 year old girls and boys to fill with toys

Advent calendar 2021 for girls 3 years ideas for filling

This is without a doubt the best filling for the calendar for 3 year olds. The little ones will feel like they have a birthday every day. Because for toddlers, the gift doesn’t have to be big at all to bring joy. Here are a few examples:

  • Accessories for the children’s kitchen or store such as wooden fruit or vegetables, kitchen utensils, calculators, wooden or felt food, children’s dishes, cutlery and the like.
  • Play figures such as animals, dinosaurs, popular characters from children’s movies or series such as Peppa Wutz, Paw Patrol, etc.
  • racing car or other play vehicle for boys
  • small soft toy
  • colorful spinning top
  • musical instrument for children, e.g. rattle or flute
  • mini puzzle or puzzle cube for 3-year-olds
  • Lego or Lego Duplo figure or pieces
  • Memo game
  • Magnets with animals or other figures
  • Soap bubbles
  • Bath animal
  • Flummis
  • Fidget game
  • Radio play on CD

The variations are simply endless! When choosing, pay attention to the interests of your child and the smile on his face is guaranteed. So the toy must not merely fit into the calendar compartment, but also really come into use afterwards.

Mini books for the Advent calendar for 3-year-olds

Advent calendar 2021 for 3 year olds fill with small books

Books in small format are a great filling for the Advent calendar! You can choose from short Christmas stories, mini coloring books, books for learning numbers and letters, puzzle books and many more. The main thing is that the little books are interesting, age-appropriate and fit into the Advent calendar.

Small gifts to get creative

Advent calendar content ideas 3 year old kids

At 3 years old, the majority of children are fascinated by crafts and painting. So why not encourage these popular activities with some appropriate gifts? After all, the pre-Christmas season presents itself as the perfect opportunity to try out different craft projects together with the kids and make some atmospheric Christmas decorations. Here are a few odds and ends with which you can fill the 2021 Advent calendar for 3-year-old craft enthusiasts.

  • Crayons or wax crayons
  • Eraser with a fun motif
  • Puffing pencils
  • first child scissors
  • Stamps
  • Plasticine
  • sticker book
  • glitter glue stick
  • Motif punch
  • Adhesive tattoos

Advent calendars with joint activities instead of gifts

Advent calendar for children fill with common experiences

In recent years, Advent calendars with vouchers for joint activities have become very popular. For children who don’t play with toys that often, this can also be a good idea. The joint activities are also very well received by young children, because often all they want is to spend more time with mom and dad. Here are a few ideas for fun experiences you can hide behind the Advent calendar doors.

  • Make window pictures for Christmas
  • Visit a Christmas market
  • Bake Christmas cookies together
  • Build a gingerbread house
  • Sing Christmas carols
  • Making tree decorations out of salt dough
  • Painting with finger paints
  • Making and sending Christmas cards
  • Sledding
  • Build a snowman
  • Drinking hot chocolate
  • Reading Christmas books
  • Visiting an indoor playground
  • Decorating the Christmas tree

Since toddlers can’t read yet, you should read the activities to them. The little ones will still get a huge kick out of taking the little slips of paper out of the Advent calendar and figuring out the next activity.

Whether you choose a version with shared experiences or with small gifts is up to you. Another cool idea would be to mix the two and make an Advent calendar that has a lot of variety.

Craft Advent calendars for 3 year olds: Cool ideas to try

Mug advent calendar for children craft

If you would like to craft a very special Advent calendar for your three-year-old, then we have some great ideas for you. For this, you can use simple household materials such as empty paper rolls as well as special boxes or packaging to creatively wrap the gifts. Let us inspire you!

Do it yourself Advent calendar

Advent calendar craft from toilet rolls

Among the simplest and most fun ideas for DIY Advent calendars are those made from toilet paper rolls. The empty toilet rolls can be wonderfully upcycled and made into pretty little bags or fans for the Advent calendar. In this article we have provided some exciting DIY projects with instructions for you. However, this Advent calendar has one drawback – only small gifts fit inside.

Advent calendar 2021 for 3 year olds craft with boxes.

DIY advent calendar for 3 year olds from small boxes mini houses

Another super simple idea would be to buy 24 boxes and make an original Advent calendar out of them. The boxes can all be the same or have different sizes, the main thing is that they can be decorated as you like. For example, how do you like these colorfully decorated mini houses? You can also reuse the cardboard boxes after Advent or simply store them until the next Advent season.

Simple Advent calendar for children craft from bread bags.

DIY idea for advent calendar for toddlers in basket

It probably doesn’t get any simpler than this. For this idea, all you need is a basket and several bread bags, which you fill with the chosen contents and then number. Somewhat larger gifts simply wrap them in matching boxes and add them to the basket as well.

Simple ideas for Advent calendars 2021 for 3 year olds to make yourself

For toddlers who love animals, you can decorate the bread bags to match. These cute owls, for example, are very easy to make: fold both ends of the bag down to create a triangle, then fold it down again. Glue on a round piece of pattern paper for the body and two large paper eyes and you’re done!

Advent calendar made from cones – Enchanted Forest or Secret Santa.

Enchanted forest as a motif for Advent calendar for 3 year old children

If you make some cones in different sizes from green clay cardboard, you can make this original Advent calendar yourself. The small gifts, treats or notes are then simply hidden underneath.

Advent calendar pixies from cones make your own for 3 years child

Another cool idea would be to make imps or little Santas out of the cones for the Advent calendar.

DIY Advent calendar for toddlers from paper cups

Advent calendar for children 3 years craft from cups

You can also use paper cups, baking paper and some string to make the 2021 Advent calendar for 3-year-olds. To do this, poke two holes above the bottom of each cup and thread them onto a string. You then put the contents into the cup and close the opening with a round piece of paper and a rubber band. Finally, you hang the finished Advent calendar on the wall. And the Advent season can come!