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15 easy ideas to craft Easter with toddler – Easter bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs & more

Trying out all the many materials and colors, gluing, tinkering with the still inexperienced fingers and hands and maybe even already cutting a bit – simple craft projects really inspire the very young and are not only a wonderful idea for the afternoon as a pastime, but also to train fine motor skills , stimulate the imagination and learn a few new things or activities. Easter is one of many beautiful celebrations that delight young and old with their motifs and colors. In keeping with the occasion, we’ve put together some great ideas for crafting for Easter with toddlers. Toddlers do not have too much patience yet. For this reason, the projects are not only very easy to implement, but also do not take much time.

Easter crafts with toddler - bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs and carrots

Easter crafts with toddler with prepared materials

Easter bunny craft with toddler from paper plates and pipe cleaners

Gluing with a glue stick is one of those things that most toddlers are already pretty good with. Show it off a few times and it works itself out. That’s why our first project is perfect for Easter crafting with toddler. Depending on the age and ability of the child, you can prepare and cut the elements yourself so that all that’s left to do is glue, or you can let kids who already have practice using scissors cut out the elements themselves.

Crafting for Easter with toddler - bunny mask made from paper plate ring and absorbent cotton

Paper plates are a great base for crafting Easter with toddler, as their round shape is perfect as a head shape. Add a few bunny ears, pipe cleaners for the whiskers, a pom-pom for the nose and wiggle eyes that just need to be glued on, and you have a beautiful and simple craft suitable for Easter. A great idea is also the variant for a mask. Here, the bottom of the plate is cut out and the remaining ring is glued with pom-poms or cotton balls. A popsicle stick serves as a handle to hold the mask in front of your face.

Bunny eggs

Easter bunny craft with toddler - painting Easter eggs and adding bunny ears

Take for crafting Easter with toddler as you like white or brown eggs, which can be boiled (then use only edible colors), as well as blown out. From paper, you or the children cut out small rabbit ears. Use a felt tip pen to draw the bunny’s face and then glue the ears to the back. Of course, you can come up with other animals . A beak and some yellow feathers instead of the bunny ears and you have a chick!

Sensory Bottle times differently in the form of eggs

Sensory Bottle craft for Easter with toddler in transparent plastic eggs

You know those clear plastic Christmas tree balls that you can open and fill any way you want? Well, they also come in the shape of Easter eggs! Children can fill them themselves and create their own material and color combinations. It is important that an adult closes the eggs with a strong adhesive so that they do not open later and no swallowable small parts can fall out.

For crafting Easter with toddler is best to use objects that make interesting sounds (for example, small buttons or colored rice ) or that move back and forth inside the egg in an interesting way (confetti with Easter motifs, tiny pom-poms, glitter, carrots or chicks). The finished Easter eggs can decorate an Easter bouquet when they are not being analyzed by toddlers and are also suitable as a gift for babies who have already begun to explore the world with great interest.

Crafting for Easter with toddler and bubble wrap.

Easter crafts with toddler and bubble wrap to create Easter eggs

Apply paints to bubble wrap and wrap a hard-boiled egg in it. Then remove the foil again and the dot pattern of the foil is transferred. It is best to use harmless finger paints. Such you can also make yourself .

Easter bunnies from wooden spoons

Crafting for Easter with toddler - bunnies or other animals from wooden spoons and pipe cleaners

Not only wooden spoons are suitable for such craft ideas for Easter with children, but also plastic spoons. However, the latter are more fragile and, accordingly, do not last as long. By the way, the finished bunnies can be wonderfully used as flower sticks. All they need to do is paint the outward curved side with a bunny face and form ears from pipe cleaners, which you then glue to the back. Or you can choose other animals when you craft this idea with wooden spoons for Easter with toddler.

Carrots from balloons

Simple ideas for Easter crafts with toddler - orange balloons turn into carrots

Balloons, so popular with children, are the basis for this craft project. Get orange balloons and blow them up. On the balloons, draw the carrot patterns with a felt-tip pen. Cut wide strips of green paper (crepe, tissue, or construction paper, if you like) and cut in one side. Then roll and glue each strip together to form a tube, and glue the non-cut side to the rounder side of the balloon with a dab of glue. You can now pull the fringe apart a little more.

Small figures from wax crayons

Easter crafts with toddler with wax crayons - melting wax for Easter motifs

This idea for crafting for Easter with toddlers is wonderful for using up leftover wax crayons. However, you can of course buy meue crayons especially for the project. You will also need a baking tray with Easter motifs or cookie cutters for cookies . Cut the pencils into small pieces, which you then distribute in any color combinations in the baking pan (or in the cookie cutters, which you previously place on baking paper). You can also soak them in warm water beforehand. Then bake the wax in the oven at about 90 degrees for about 24 minutes or until the wax is melted. Then let the wax cool well. If you like, you can add small holes and string to hang the figurines or arrange them in an Easter basket.

Easter eggs with lace and watercolors craft for Easter with toddler

Easter eggs craft with toddler from paper and lace with watercolors

With a little help from an adult toddler can also make such beautiful Easter eggs out of paper. The back can be gladly inscribed with Easter greetings, turning the eggs into a beautiful greeting card. Depending on the age, pre-cut the egg shapes and lace or let the kids cut them out themselves. Then the little ones can add color to the lace. For Easter crafting with toddler you will need:

  • Colored paper
  • Cake lace
  • Watercolors or water-soluble markers
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Carpet pad

Cut out eggs from colored paper and color cake lace with the kids

Cut out egg shapes from the colored paper. These should be no larger than the lace you provided. Then place the lace on a surface and let the kids paint it with watercolors. If you are using water-soluble markers, paint the lace here and there with the markers and then smudge the colors with a brush dampened with water. Let the colors dry. Then you can glue the lace onto the eggs and trim off the excess around the edges of the egg.

Crafting for Easter with toddler – footprint in the form of a carrot.

Carrot from a footprint and paper with toddler craft for Easter

At the very beginning of toddlerhood, the child may still be too small to properly craft, paint and be creative. However, this does not prevent them from still crafting something beautiful together for Easter with toddler. Using finger paints, you can make a footprint on white paper and roughly cut out the shape after the paint dries. You will get a slightly curved shape that resembles a carrot. While you wait for the paint to dry, you can prepare the carrot greenery. To do this, simply cut out strips of green paper. A piece of green paper with a jagged side is also suitable. Come up with something. Then glue the green paper to the back of the footprint. Done!

Painting egg cartons

Egg cartons colorful painting with acrylic or finger paints

How fun it is to experiment with colors, paint patterns and get really creative! Without a doubt, drawing and painting is a favorite activity of children of all ages. So it is for toddlers, too. Egg cartons can be used for a wide variety of craft projects. And they’re also popular for storing or giving away the Easter eggs you’ve painted and designed yourself, and as an alternative to the classic Easter basket. So use them as a canvas and let toddlers design them with acrylic or finger paints – solid colors, dot patterns, zigzag lines, wavy lines or a motley mess, crafting for Easter with toddlers couldn’t be easier!

Get creative with pom poms

Draw typical Easter animals on a sheet of paper and design them with small pom-poms

Think about many typical Easter motifs and sketch them on a sheet of paper (some of them, your toddler may even be able to draw on his own). Easter bunnies, chicks, little sheep and spring flowers are just a few of the possible motifs. Then the child can get creative and design the pre-drawn pictures with pom-poms – while you’re at it, practice the colors: What pom-pom color should the chick have? And what color is the sheep? You are also welcome to use other materials. Buttons, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners and even confetti are just a few of the possibilities. An activity and idea for crafting at Easter with toddler, which will certainly captivate little rabbits for a long time!

Greeting card with hatching chicks

Easter greeting card with chicks and eggshells made of paper

For this project, you can also divide the tasks – you cut the eggshells and cards, and the child makes the chicks. You will get a pretty homemade Easter card , which would surely please not only grandma. For this purpose, you will need the following materials:

  • Craft cardboard for the card and eggshells, gladly patterned.
  • yellow paper for the beaks
  • pom-poms
  • clothespin or other staple
  • yellow acrylic, craft or finger paint
  • scissors
  • glue
  • Felt tip pen

Make your own Easter card with pom poms as chick stamps

Make a small card from a rectangle that you fold in half lengthwise. Then the child can stamp the chicks on the front. To do this, clamp a pom-pom in a clip, dip it in yellow paint, and use the homemade stamp to dab the paint onto the paper. Meanwhile, you can craft the eggshells. Draw ovals on patterned paper and cut them out. Then cut the obtained eggs in half with a zigzag line. In this way, you will get the eggshells for two chicks.

Create little chicks on a card with homemade stamps

Fold yellow paper once and cut out small triangles for the beaks on the fold. Once the paints are dry, glue the eggshells and beaks onto the chicks and use a felt tip pen to draw dots for the eyes. By the way, not every chick has to get an eggshell. You can add legs to some of them instead.

Colorful Easter eggs with pompoms

Craft idea for original Easter eggs - glue plastic or styrofoam with pompoms

Plastic or Styrofoam eggs can again be designed with small, fluffy pompoms. For example, starting at the top, apply a blob of glue and have the child glue on the pom poms. Then move on to the next row, working your way in a circular fashion. You can combine any pom pom colors and create great patterns this way.

Decorate hard boiled or blown out eggs with small pom poms

Or how about decorating real eggs with some pom poms? For this you can use both blown out and hard boiled eggs. With the blown out ones, the kids just need to work a little more carefully so as not to break them.

Crafting for Easter with children free – Easter bunny from paper rolls

Make your own Easter bunnies from paper rolls or loo rolls

Make rolls of paper and glue them on each other. You get the body and head of the bunny. Then you just provide them with bunny ears and legs, wiggle eyes and painted mouth with nose. Alternatively to the paper, you can also shred a toilet or kitchen paper roll and use two rolls of it. They can also be painted wonderfully in the desired color beforehand. Also, this way you can make different animals for Easter with toddler – for example, chicks and sheep (decorate it with white pom-poms or absorbent cotton and the chick with a few yellow feathers).