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Why sex can help with period pain

From a slight pulling sensation in the back to painful cramps in the lower abdomen – every woman experiences her period differently. Tikbow knows the best tips to ease menstrual pain.

1. lend a hand!

A gentle massage, preferably with therapeutic oils such as soothing chamomile or lavender, can provide relief from period pain. By the way, the monthly days are also a good opportunity to let yourself be pampered again with a full-body massage – this ensures improved blood circulation, relaxes and has a pain-relieving effect.

2. warmth helps with abdominal cramps

For many women, a hot water bottle or a cherry pit pillow is a constant companion during the period. And for good reason: warmth relaxes and relieves pain. A warm shower or bath and occasional sauna sessions are also recommended.

3. relieve stress!

Are your period symptoms more severe in some months and less severe in others? If so, you are one of those women for whom stress affects the (critical area under the) stomach. Try to exclude restlessness factors, do autogenic training or meditate. Anti-stress programs offered by health insurance companies and adult education centers are also highly recommended.

4. exercise helps with period pain

Sitting for hours on end restricts blood circulation in the lower abdomen (and the rest of the body), so the stress hormones that cause period pains cannot be sufficiently reduced. The result: the pains get worse. It helps to exercise regularly – ideally in the fresh air, which is also good for the head. But please don’t overdo it, as physical exertion can aggravate the symptoms.

5. eat right

Foods rich in magnesium and calcium work great against cramps. Therefore, you should eat vegetables, nuts, sunflower seeds, spinach and hard vegetables, which contain a lot of minerals, as well as dark chocolate. Vitamin B6 suppliers such as bananas, fatty fish and whole grain products should not be neglected during the period, as they stabilize the nervous system.

6. women’s mantle tea for period pain

Lady’s mantle, chamomile and ginger cinquefoil make a hot potion against period pains. One tablespoon of each herb is poured over hot water and left to infuse for 15 minutes. Drinking a lot is good anyway to prevent hormone-related water retention. You can also ask at the pharmacy which other tea supplements provide relief and take a little magnesium with you.

7. reach for the medicine!

If all natural measures do not work, there are fortunately various over-the-counter medications available in pharmacies that effectively put an end to abdominal pain and cramps. If you prefer to stay free of chemicals, you can also find homöopathic remedies – let us advise you!

8. avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Nicotine can intensify cramps. So if you are a smoker, you should avoid tobacco at least during the certain days of the month. You should also refrain from drinking if you are taking painkillers. They do not mix well with alcohol.

9. sex helps with period pain

If you feel like it, go after it – Sexual intercourse and masturbation are probably the best measures against period pain. The endorphins released during climax are known to make you happy and also relieve pain. In addition, sex relaxes the muscles in the abdomen, which counteracts cramps.