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What to do about weather sensitivity – tips that can help deal with and prevent the discomfort.

Many people are familiar with this, when weather changes affect our well-being and cause headaches or migraines without warning and limit our performance in everyday life, then it could be weather sensitivity. But what to do about weather sensitivity? Are there ways to prevent it, counteract it and reduce the suffering? We have compiled for you what you can do yourself to feel better and possibly reduce and shorten the occurrence of this condition. So that you can quickly feel better, cope with everyday life again and enjoy life pain-free.

Possible causes

What to do about weather sensitivity air pressure changes

The phenomenon of weather sensitivity causes throbbing and pulsating migraine-like headaches, as well as a feeling of tension headache. Suddenly, everything is like veiled for the sufferers. Possible causes are, on the one hand, changes in air pressure during weather changes, which are invisible to us but can be perceived by the body.

Weather sensitivity migraine medication

On the other hand, stress and insomnia can also cause or contribute to our suffering from weather migraine. Even cheese, yes cheese, is named in this context and considered as a possible trigger of the malaise. In migraine research, scientists have also discovered that certain protein messengers make nerves more sensitive and could figure as a trigger in some sufferers.

Get rid of weather sensitivity: What you can do yourself

What to do about weather sensitivity tension headache

Following doctors, it is not advisable nor optimally effective if you rely solely on medications to combat headaches. There are many things you can do yourself to get relief and improvement.

Headache diary – self-monitoring to spot triggers.

What to do about weather sensitivity pain diary

Start keeping an accurate headache diary. Record when, what pain occurs, what you ate beforehand and what the weather has been like or how it has changed, how much sleep you had and how to classify the current stress level in your life.

What to do about weather sensitivity enough sleep

This can help tremendously in identifying any personal triggers so that you can respond and prevent more quickly or differently in the future. It is also a valuable resource for your next medical consultation. This way you can be more specific, not forget anything, and help your doctor find an effective treatment method for you faster.

Enough sleep helps against severe weather sensitivity

What to do about weather sensitivity get enough sleep

A good, sufficient night’s sleep also helps prevent malaise caused by weather sensitivity and migraines. You are generally stronger and it is easy on the nerves when you are well-rested. The immune system works more effectively and you reduce your susceptibility to these and other illnesses or malaise. At the same time, you should make sure to aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night.

Drink enough water

What to do about weather sensitivity Drinking water

Although it may sound trivial, the deficit of hydration is more often than you think a reason or a trigger for headaches and migraines. Make sure you take in enough fluids each day, and perhaps use your diary or an app that reminds you to drink water. The amount of fluid you need will depend on your physical requirements, such as height and weight, as well as your activity level. However, a good guideline is about 2 liters of water or unsweetened or lightly sweetened tea.

Exercise and relaxation

Tai chi in the park Prevent migraines

Make sure you get enough exercise in your life. Sign up for your favorite sport or make a date with your friend to take regular walks in nature or the park. The fresh air and the sounds and colors of nature work wonders to heal the soul. Also, the endorphins released through exercise and fun will lift your spirits and immunity. Relaxation exercises like yoga, tai chi or qigong have been proven to reduce stress levels and make you more balanced and resilient. Give it a try, you may be surprised.

What to do about weather sensitivity: peppermint essential oil.

What to do about weather sensitivity peppermint oil

If you are not a fan of medications with possible side effects and interactions, but rather rely on natural healing methods, peppermint essential oil could prove to be very useful for you for quick self-treatment in headache situations. Since time immemorial, peppermint essential oil has been considered beneficial for headaches. Its cooling effect and its peppery, fresh clear scent quickly reach the headache and can make it fade away or alleviate it. It is especially recommended for tension headache and migraine.

Tips for using peppermint oil

What to do against weather sensitivity

Even though it is a natural product, you should be very careful with it and talk to your doctor beforehand. This is because it is very potent and can also cause harm in excessive amounts. You can also get small rollers of organic peppermint oil in stores at a concentration of 10 percent, this is the recommended concentration for treating headaches. If you have peppermint oil in a small bottle, use no more than one drop, rubbing it in your hands and then rubbing it on your temples and forehead.