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What do the white half-moons on the fingernails mean?

The small, white arches at the lower edge of the nail bed are more visible in some people, in others less or not at all. Why is that and what is actually behind the crescents on the fingernails, the so-called lunulas? Tikbow asked experts about their meaning.

In fact, everyone has these lunulas, but in some people the crescents on the fingers are hidden behind the fine nail hairs, and the white arc is usually most prominent on the thumbnail. In Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, the arch is said to have a positive effect on the energy supply of the body when it is strongly pronounced. If, on the other hand, one does not see the semicircles, this is said to be a bad sign and to indicate potential toxins in the body – Assumptions that German orthodox physicians do not share on Tikbow s request.

Where do crescents on the fingers come from?

According to the dermatologist Dr. med. Timm Golüke and the internist and Ernährungsmediziner Dr. med. Matthias Riedl say visible half moons on the fingersägeln nothing üabout the health condition of humans. Conventional medicine is convinced that the extent to which the white crescents are pronounced depends solely on genetic predisposition, – comparable to whether people have a larger or smaller nose.

White spots = calcium deficiency?

In addition to the described lunula, sometimes small white spots or lines appear on the nail pink, behind which a calcium deficiency or a general nutrient deficiency is often suspected. The nutrition expert consulted would, however, only interpret such abnormalities as an indication if other complaints of the patient also point to a lack of vitamins or trace elements.

Other case than crescents on the fingers: Neurodermatitis

Dermatologist Dr. Golüke adds that "the white spots can often appear for no reason at all, for example in atopics". Atopics, including neurodermatitis sufferers, are prone to inflammatory skin diseases, eczema or extremely dry patches. Because their immune system does not function properly, the natural skin barrier is impaired. In this case, the white patches should not be interpreted as a symptom of the disease, but merely as a completely normal side effect.

Nail fungus as a cause of discoloration

If the spots are discolored, however, one should look more closely. Behind yellowish-white discolorations with frayed borders and changes in the nail surface can be a nail fungus,” explains the dermatologist. And further: "If this has spread to the nail wall, the therapy is extremely difficult" In the case it could happen that one gets rid of the nail fungus only very difficult or in the worst case not at all.

Craters and cracks on the nails

If there are constantly small mini craters on the nail, this could be a sign of psoriasis,” says Dr. Riedl. This is an inflammatory disease (technical term: psoriasis) that manifests itself in various parts of the body with spots and flaking of the skin, among other things. If, in addition, the joints hurt, a doctor should be consulted, according to his assessment.

Dark spots on the nails

Dark discolorations are usually bruises as a result of bruising – so quasi small hämatome – and usually grow out together with the nail. "If not, that is, if the spot remains in place, a doctor should be consulted", warns Dr. Riedl. In the worst case, skin cancer can hide behind such a dark discoloration.